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Makes several changes to the way lichdom works in the mod Undeath by Antioch08, including the addition of new Lich gear, female liches and an MCM.

Permissions and credits
Undeath - The Ascension

First of all whis is an expansion mod for Undeath, so it wont work without it. What it does, is improving the way the lich transformation works adding new features to it, while also inheriting features from previous Undeath patches (Which are also required)

SSE Version Here. I do not maintain that mod though, any bugs related to SSE, belong there.

Among the list of changes, it's included:

-Female Liches: now there are custom models for female necromancers who wish to walk the path of transendence.

-More variants for Lich gear: In previous versions and patches, only one outfit was available, with color variations. I've kept the color variations system, and added an intuitive mechanic that equips a different outfit upon transformation depending on what is your character wearing as a human. So there's a lich heavy armor, a light one, a robe/clothing one, and even a dragon priest one that will be equipped with certain robes (Mostly cultist gear). Miraak Robes also have a special appearance on Lich form.

-All dragon priest masks can be carried on to a Lich transformation, including Miraak's. Most dragon priest masks also can be changed on a tanning rack to a hoodless version of them.

-The transformation spell has been optimized: No longer will it forget your equipped weapons if you transform, making you return to fists when changing to human, but instead it remembers your last weapon and which hand it was on. It also keeps the capacity to equip staves in lich form.

-No longer will you be be stuck forever in whatever combination of Lich fetures you chose during the quest. If you went through Undeath choosing one elixir or the other, and found out later that you didn't want to be a skeletal lich but a corpse one instead, you can change it by MCM now, same with robe colors.

-The MCM carries an option to customize your spell selection key, which on the original Undeath, depended on an animation that was slow and could be problematic in combat. Now, it's a customizable key that works instantly. The animation still works, but it's not related to the spell change.

-Perks added by Undeath Immersive Lichdom, can be bought on the same MCM, provided you have available perk points. This is to ensure compatibility with mods that change perks such as Ordinator, Vokrii, SkyRe or SPERG. I may still do a patch for at least some of these in the future to add them to the visual perk tree, but it's not a priority.

-The transformation spell now has a levitation animation for visual effects, and it's duration has been made decent (I think I was using Classical Lichdom and it made the transformation script lag for about a minute before the change happened)

-I've made it so that everything is carried to one single patch plugin, so no need to have 12 plugins for a single mod.

V 1.2
Important update since it now includes support for my Vision mod. It allows a toggleable "night eye" type power that comes with a perception enhancement filter, and a detect life spell that distinguishes the living, from the dead. It also highlights corpses to tell your undead character about the best corpses around to raise.
Those who are already liches have Vision and want the new power, might need to add the new toggle power manually with the AddSpell command, since the quest that was supposed to add it already passed. The code is (XX35DD5E) with XX being the index of UtA in your Load Order. Removal code of the old power (RemoveSpell) is (XX0BBFF8)

Not much has changed since the last update (functionally) but I tried fixing some minor details. Mostly, the difference is V1.3b, unlike the previous one, requires Immersive Lichdom as an ACTIVE plugin, since I could not continue on the same design line if I wanted it to be compatible with Classical Lichdom.
Classical Lichdom is nearly extinct, but some people still have it. Last version I evr dowloaded from nexus was 3.Something, and then I found out some people had up to 6.66, which ended up being the version for which this last update was designed for.
Note: Mod doesn't require C.L, but I designed it so it could cooperate with it. It still needs the compatibility patch and load order would be as follows:

Undeath Immersive Lichdom V3.esp

Undeath Ascension.esp
Undeath Ascension - Classical Patch.esp
Other Patches (ZIM, Ordinator etc...)

It's still advisable to merge plugins since it's more than 5 files taking up mod slots.

For more info on further updates, check the logs section.


Requirements and Installation:

Undeath by Antioch08
Undeath Immersive Lichdom V3.6 by tx12001
Install both mods, one on top of the other, mine on top of the other two, let it overwrite whatever it needs, REMOVE Immersive Lichdom's esp, activate mine.
Load Order: Undeath on top (lower priority), Ascension below (Higher priority, loads LAST)


I recommend using TES5Edit Merge Plugins to merge any patch into the main plugin. I even merged my personal Ascension esp into Undeath itself. It saves space, is cleaner and has less load order issues.

-ZIM Immersive Artifacts: As I made some changes to Dragon Priest masks, this makes sure changes from both mods can coexist.


BoneMaster: My other necromancy mod to add a skeleton construct spell that creates durable skeleton followers that last for hours. (Original feature exists in Ordinator as well, credits to EnaiSiaion, but I've isolated it, and made my own tweaks and improvements)



There are many mods that alter Undeath, this is probably not compatible with some of them, but it does what many of them do in one single pack. Other changes may vary on a case-to-case basis depending on wether they mess with the same records/scripts I did, or not.

Some features of Classical Lichdom have been recreated in this, but since I didn't have the latest version at the time of that mod's removal from the internet, the absolute latest version that anyone ever saw (which I think was v6.0), is currently incompatible. (You can try to load Ascension after Classical, and try your luck, but I can't promise it will work and I can promise every Classical feature will be there.



"It doesnt work, transformation does nothing" - You
You probably have a wrong load order. READ THE INSTALLMENT INSTRUCTIONS AGAIN. How hard can it be to sort 2 mods?
Alternatively, you may be trying to use this with a bunch of other Undeath mods, and IT WONT WORK because they overwrite each other.
Again I say, and I can't possibly emphasize this enough; LOAD. ASCENSION. LAST.



Antioch08 as he creator of the original mod
tx12001 for Immersive Lichdom, and many of the ideas I carried on to this.
Linnsanity for Classical Lichdom, a mod that has been gone from the internet for more than a year at the time I released this, but I still had it, and was able to rescue and recreate some of its concepts.
Wooty for Undeath - No spell change animation, since I saw that mod lying around and decided to code my own version of it for this.

This is an expansion project that adds more features to the Undeath series. Despite that, I still tried contacting as many people as I could, but some of the old projects seem to be abandoned, especially on Legendary Edition. All credit from previous mods goes to the previous authors, and as an expansion, this mod requires their stuff to work.

There is my Twitter where I post most of my stuff
And I'm now launching my brand new modding Discord. Feel free to join.