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Spiritual successor to Predator Vision, this mod is a new take on the way perception powers work in Skyrim.

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Toggleable vision powers, designed specifically for vampires and werewolves
An MCM Menu to configure hotkeys
Fancier aesthetics, immersive ways to see the world as a supernatural predator.
A framework designed to make it easy for a modder to design and integrate their own vision filter powers into this mod.
Dynamic Vampire Appearance compatibility.
A system that allows smart headgear useage, provided a compatibility patch has been designed.

The Powers:

Heat Sense: Available to werewolves, designed as bright colors and high contrast, plus some blurryness and heat perception in orange tones coming from living creatures. Undead also glow in a softer blueish tone cause they're cold.

Blood Sense: Available to vampires, the tones look more greyish, in general, but living greatures emit a red glow that softly pulsates as the blood calls you. Other vampires can be recognized by their purpleish tones, and undead also glow in pale blue.

Night Eye: 100% Desaturated, but much brighter, available to both vampires and werewolves, but also khajiit.

The Patches:

DVA: Compatibility is already included in the mod. If you have DVA, my tweaked script will recognize Vision and integrate it with DVA's functionality. Still requires the full mod to work.

Undeath - The Ascension: As of V1.2, my Undeath expansion mod comes with native support for Vision, Vision, is not required for UtA to work, but if it is present, Liches will get a better night eye power than what was previously there.

Predators - The Lost Tribes: The first version of that mod was actually my first scripted mod released, but what I did there, gave me de idea to improve its scripting, and in turn create Vision, and now the final version of that mod, is made new, and now requires Vision, so the mod came full circle. It includes a bunch of fancy looking filters, specialized detect life mechanics for each, plus a bunch of other features including improved shoulder cannons and cloaking.

Other patches can/have/will be made, mostly upgrading headgear mods with abilities such as adding vision filters, toggling lights,giving zoom powers and being able to switch positions from/to worn goggles / headgear goggles.



Vampire Overhaul Mods: I'm using Better Vampires myself, but this mod needs to be loaded after it.
ENBs: Check the FAQ section.
Predator Vision: Incompatible, not to mention redundant.

Feel free to use this framework for your mods, In fact, I even encourage you to do so. Id' like nothing better than to standardize all mods doing the same under the same economic and safe scripting system. I've left more or less simple (at least I thought they were) explanations on the source coding and how to use my scripts on any mod that alters vision filters, it doesnt even need to be dependent on my mod, as long as the file is on the load order.
The mechanic is simple: any toggleable vision power is made out of 3 elements, the last one being optional depending on the power.

  1. The Toggle spell, which is a Fire and Forget spell that toggles the filter on and off
  2. The Controller abiilty: which is a Constant effect type spell, labeled as Ability. The toggle adds it by script, and it stays with the player until removed. It controls the visual filter and optionally, a pulsating detect life type spell
  3. The Highlighter/Detector: Which is also a Fire and Forget type spell, carrying at least one detect life effect. It is casted on pulsating short cycles by the controller ability, it paints targets as whatever colorthe modder designs.

Only bug I ever encountered, is sometimes I killed some enemy, and the shader didn't dissipate after death, but it's a rare happening, happens only when the game is stressed, and a cell reload will always fix it.


Predator Vision
Q: What's the difference between this and Predator Vision?
A: Predator Vision is awesome and I loved it. Used it for a long time though, but one day, it started giving me issues and it wasn't working. Blame my massive loard order and some kind of conflict I never cared to discover. I designed this with a more ordered scripting (I like my code, that's just how it is), so now I get more fluid use of vision powers, no script spam in my save, and it has never stopped working for me again, even in complicated modlists. It's safe, it's pretty, and it works.

Q: Does it work with them?
A: The very promotional screens were taken with one. Tetrachromatic ENB.
I'm not an ENB expert, and Predator Vision says it "might not work" with some ENBs, so that might be true as well for mine. But for the most, I dont see why it shouldn't. I'm just using vanilla mechanics filter effects called "iMods" So unless your ENB uses some fancy gimmick that nullifies that mechanic, the worst thing that could happen is that the colors look a little off. For me, even Tetrachromatic changes it a bit since the 100% desaturation is not such since the ENB itself increases it, so the effect is not absulute, but it still works.

Q: Can you...?
A: Short answer: No.
Long answer: Can't take requests. That's just the way it is, as I've had to say on every mod, I mod for myself and ocassionally my friends. Mostly because mods are a way of getting what I want, in MY game. If pple likes it, good, if pple doesnt, that's not my problem, as they can always use something else or nothing at all, like it probably was before ever knowing about my mod.
And sorry if this sounds harsh, but this isn't me being an a$hole, this is me being practical, since I can't be doing every request every mod user wants, that's a recipe for insanity. Besides, I have tons of other stuff to do.
The one thing I can do, is help a hit in pointing out directions on how to do it yourself. I support people who wants to learn to fix their own problems.
I've left a new picture on the images tab telling where to access the iMod record on the CK. Feel free to explore the options and design your dream filter if you dont like my design.

Q: Why?
A: Why not?

There is also my Twitter where I post most of my stuff
And I'm now launching my brand new modding Discord. Feel free to join.