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Major Overhaul of Antioch08's Undeath Mod.

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Undeath Overhaul

Undeath Immersive Lichdom 3.6 Core Features

8 New Perks specifically designed for those who embrace Lichdom added onto the Conjuration Perk tree

Visage of the Dead : Strike terror into the hearts of mortals when they gaze upon your undying visage, causing them to flee in terror.

Magical Aptitude : Augment your magical casting abilities, permanently reducing spell costs.

Dark Sacrifice : Gain the power to sacrifice your reanimated minions to heal yourself.

Worm Enthrall :  Flood a mortal's mind with dark magic forcing them to your side while slowly rupturing their lifeforce.

Ice Coffin : Icy Spear has 50% chance to encase your enemy in ice. Blizzard has a 25% to do so.

Magicka Flood : Dark Resurgence now grants you 150 magicka points.

Lich Barrier : You have a 20% chance to absorb incoming spells as magicka.

Unholy Conduit : Channel your essence through a staff, increasing the damage you do in lich form.

- 24 Spells available to the Lich that they can make of use of ranging from destructive spells to summoning spells -

Icy Spear
Lightning Storm
Conjure Flame Atronach
Conjure Frost Atronach
Conjure Storm Atronach
Conjure Boneman
Conjure Mistman
Conjure Wrathman
Mass Reanimate
Command Undead
Soul Trap
Necromantic Healing
Absorb Magicka
Dark Flare
Greater Ward
Detect Aura
Frost Armor

- New Passives that grant both Strengths and Weaknesses to make you truly feel the Power and Plight of being an undead Mage -

-Assigns The ActorTypeUndead keyword during the lich ritual; game now treats you like the undead being you are-

- New Mesh, Textures and abilities for the Staff of Worms and placed somewhere out into the world for you to find -

- Overhaul and placement of a couple of Lich enemies out into the World (there are 2 of them in total) -

Perkus Maximus & Ordinator Patches -
Path of Sorcery Patch -

Undeath, and by extension Undeath's dependencies - are required.