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Standalone necromancy magic spellframe, based on Ordinator's conjuration.

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BoneMaster Necromancy

This mod is based on Ordinator's Bone Collector perks, which allow the player to use a "magic spellframe system" of summonable skeletons that last for hours and dont count against the summon limit.
After I changed my perk mod to Vokrii by the same author of Ordinator, all the bone collector perks weren't there anymore, and they had become essential to my necromancer character build. So I decided to device an Ordinator extract that has the same features, but works as standalone, and is compatible with other perk mods.


  • A conjuration spell "Raise Skeleton Construct", which should be found in the world, the same as any other conjuration spell.
  • The spell allows the player to use 11 types of bones to construct a skeleton minion.
  • Skeleton minions come in 3 types: Warriors, Archers and Mages. Mages come in 4 types: Fire, Ice, Shock and Poison. You can choose which one you want at the time of casting the spell.
  • Skeletons can be commanded to an extent, and given items which they'll drop on death.
  • As of V1.2 I've added a calling function and an unsummon function to the spell menu.

Differences, Gains and Losses from Ordinator:

  • No need to go to an altar, skeletons can be constructed anywhere in the world as long as you have peace of mind and the required bones.
  • There's 2 less types of skeleton mages in my mod: "Telekinetic" and "Damage Armor"
  • To make up for it, there's the new Archer skeletons, not present in Ordinator, they come with 75 arrows at summoning, and can be given more if they ran out. (They only ran out if you have the NPC ammo option in Skyrim ini)
  • Skeletons' inventory can be accessed by activation menu. However, you can only give them weapons and arrows. Everything you give them, should be dropped from them when they die.
  • I've improved the way friendly damage works, as much as i could. So you should be less worried about hitting your own skeletons and killing them by accident in battle. This also probably means less self-fighting in your ranks if you also have followers.
  • Some aspects that were controlled by perks in Ordinator, are now controlled by conjuration level (IE how many bones skeletons return when they die or how many you can summon) - Past conjuration 80 you should be maxed out on benefits.
  • One big loss is the extra things you could do with the skeletons in Ordinator, like burrowing them, or doing the fire ritual to increase their stats, or puppeteering one of them.


Shouldnt have any problems with most stuff.
(I think) Ordinator itself is not strictly incompatible, But it's redundant and messy, since both bods have the same feature and it would be duplicated. There's always the option of not choosing the ordinator perks and using this mod's insteadif you still want to use both for some reason.


Me, Myst, obviously. I worked a lot on this.
EnaiSiaion is of course, the man, the myth, the legend, and the almighty creator of Ordinator, the mod from which this feature concept and most of the mechanics on this mod originate from. All credits for that, go to him


Q: How do I start the mod?
A: The bone harvester feature should be added immediatly, and automatically, to the player. Which means you will find bones as loot in humanoid NPCs and corpses as soon as you have the spell, but the spell, needs to be learnt from the book, which should be available as random loot, or sold at conjuration merchants. A shortcut is always using AddItemMenu to get the book right away.

Q: Can you do it again but how I want it?
A: No. I dont take requests unless they're something that interests me as well. Feel free to leave a suggestion, but If I dont really really want it, it's probably never going to happen. I make mods for me and my friends occasionally, to have the stuff I want, in my game. So if you like it, that's awesome, and I'm glad you do, but if you dont, well, that's so sad for you, it's a tough life.