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CGO adds several features and fixes to combat and movement. It has responsive dodge rolls, procedural leaning, grip changing, mid-air combat, striking with staffs, dual-wielding two-handed weapons, 1st & 3rd person weapon animations, and more.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin

CGO Feature List

The big features are:
  • Dodge Rolls
  • Procedural Leaning
  • Smooth Grip Changing
  • Striking with Staffs
  • Mid-Air Combat
  • Wield 2H Weapons w/ Spells, Weapons, Shields, Torches, or Dual-Wielded
  • 2H Weapon Animations
  • Reworked Attack Animation Blending
The smaller features and fixes are:
  • A second swing for left hand weapons
  • Chaining attacks together from 1H and 2H grip
  • Attacks in 2H grip get sweeping hitboxes that hit in a 180° arc in front of your character (toggle-able)
  • Blocking Hotkey for dual-wielding, magic in left hand, and unarmed
  • Free movement while performing power attacks, sneak attacks, dual wielding attacks, attacks while casting spells, and bashes
  • Attack speed boost while standing still
  • Blocked attacks may glance off instead of bouncing back
  • Subtle first person camera movement
  • Dual-wielding animations are used on the upper body while turning
  • Changes the base animations to weapon animations when wielding a weapon in the right hand and a spell or staff in the left hand
  • Fixes the input buffer for several attacks and actions
  • Fixes attack speed for dual-wield attacks (now calculated as an average between left and right hand attack speed)
  • Fixes the desynced movement animations for battleaxes and warhammers
  • Fixes a bug in sneak movement where drawing/sheathing your weapon would put you in the wrong movement type


Dodge Rolls
The Player and NPCs can perform dodge rolls with and without weapons drawn
Dodge rolls have animations for 1st and 3rd person which work in 8 directions
Dodging uses modified sneak controls (dodge if moving, toggle sneak if stationary), which creates a no-lag input
NPCs will occasionally dodge attacks and may retreat with dodges when their health is low
There are MCM options to use a scripted hotkey, add i-frames, and remove stamina cost

Procedural Leaning
The Player and NPCs lean based on their acceleration and turning speed
Leaning is applied on top of your animations, it doesn't replace them
Leaning is a continuous element without jarring transitions, making animation more cohesive
There are separate sliders to adjust first person and third person leaning in the MCM

Grip Changing
Wield striking weapons with one hand or two hand grips, switching with a hotkey
One hand grip is precise, two hand grip hits all enemies in a 180° arc
Skills switch along with the grip -- affecting damage, perks, and where XP goes 
Change grip during an attack combo to make custom combinations
Attack speed changes when changing grip, you can adjust the amount in the MCM

Mid-Air Combat

Attacks and spells work while mid-air, for first and third person
Directional jumping is slightly changed, rotation is now done procedurally

Weapon Animations

Greatswords (1st & 3rd Person): Basic attacks, idle, walks, runs, turning, equip, and sheathe
Battleaxes/Warhammers (1st & 3rd Person): Basic attacks, idle*, walks*, runs*, turning* and equip (* - when left hand is filled)

Swords/Daggers/Axes/Maces (3rd Person Only): Idle Animation

Reworked Attack Animation System

Basic attacks are generated differently with CGO, the system was changed prevent a glitch in the attack animations related to changing grip
Normally there are 9 attack animations (1 in-place, 4 walking, 4 running) for each attack, with CGO the directional animations are generated in the behaviors using the in-place attacks
The upper body uses the in-place attack animation, the lower body uses the movement animations, and a rotation is applied to the whole body
This may allow for more advanced attack systems in future updates, with different animations for each weapon type and perhaps some new weapon sub-types

Unlocked Movement For Attacks

Move freely during power attacks, sneak attacks, dual-wielding attacks, attacks while casting spells, and block bashes
Power attacks are selected based on your movement direction at the start of the attack
If you continue to move in the same direction, the animation plays on the whole body
If you move in another direction, it will continue on the upper body and the legs will move in that new direction
In first person, the animations are unaffected and you can move around without any changes to the animation

Other Features

- Added a second swing for left hand weapons, to match the right hand behavior                                            
- Attack speed is boosted by 30% (non-stacking) while standing still -- adjustable in the MCM                           
- Attacks have a 50% chance to glance off a block instead of bouncing back, letting you attack again                 
- First person camera noise adds movement to first person view -- adjustable in the MCM                                 
- Fixes the sneak movement bug, drawing or sheathing weapons doesn't make you move faster                        
- Removed the strafe animations from the movement behaviors (runstraferight, runstrafeleft) due to redundancy
- Adds a blocking hotkey for dual-wielding, magic in left hand, and unarmed                                                  
- A 360° combat mode is included for basic attacks with vanilla races, it will be finished in future updates          


Mods that contain behavior files (found in data\meshes\actors\character\behaviors\ or data\meshes\actors\character\_1stperson\behaviors\) will conflict with CGO
If certain features are not working correctly, it's most likely a conflict between CGO and another behavior mod

Nemesis is a tool that allows you to use multiple behavior mods together, there's a patch included with CGO and instructions below

Modded staffs will not have sounds or hit particles, you can manually create a patch or use the zedit script (credit to cuyima) provided here

360 Combat requires changes to the vanilla races inside the esp. If you want to use this feature, you may need to create a patch with TES5Edit to fix a conflict with another esp file

Mods that change the directional attack animations (e.g. Every Attack Different) won't work properly, since CGO disables those animations

FNIS is not compatible with CGO

How to Install & Use Nemesis

Video tutorial by JDM: How to install 360 Movement Behavior + CGO with Nemesis

IMPORTANT: Nemesis should be installed manually if you're using Vortex mod manager

1. Download Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine Beta (make sure it's not the SSE version)                                                                                                         
2. Install Nemesis with your mod manager or manually extract the rar archive and place the "meshes", "Nemesis_Engine", and "scripts" folders inside your Data folder
3. Run "Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine.exe" through your mod manager or inside "Nemesis_Engine"                                                                                     
4. Click on "Update Engine" and let the patcher do it's thing                                                                                                                                                   
5. Check off any mods you want to use                                                                                                                                                                               
6. Click on "Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine" to generate merged behavior files