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This Mod aims to add dynamic combat animations for various weapon types with both 1-handed and 2-handed animations depending on weapon grip.

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Dark Souls Animated Armoury aims to make combat animations for specific weapon types more dynamic by adding separate animations for each weapon type and will change bases on either 1-handed or 2-handed grip similar to Dark Souls combat. Dark Souls Animated Armoury is a module for the mod "Dynamic Animation Replacer (DAR)" by Felisky so it is a hard requirement for the animations to work. The mod will also need the mod "Combat Gameplay Overhaul (CGO)" by DServant to be able to use the 1-handed and 2-handed animation variations of each weapon type. Make sure you uncheck the Fixed 3rd Person Attack option in it's MCM to enable all directional attack animations. For version 1.1.7 and up of my mod you will need to have the mod "Attack Behavior Revamp (ABR) for CGO (LE)" by BOTuser999 and NickNack for the new animations to work properly because now your character will move forward every time you attack just like in Dark Souls and most modern AAA games. And you will also need "Additional Attack" by Loop to use extra power attacks and sprint attacks for version 1.1.7 and up of Dark Souls Animated Armoury. Remember to manually download the Additional Atttack mod file first, then unzip the file and delete the mesh folder so that they do not overwrite my animations, zip them back up and manually install in MO2, NMM, or Vortex.

NOTE for FNIS USERS wanting to use Nemesis:
I am able to use both the FNIS animation engine with the new Nemesis animation engine for Combat Gameplay Overhaul (CGO) and would like to say THEY ARE COMPATIBLE WITH EACH OTHER, despite anything else you may have heard otherwise. You DO NOT have to get rid of FNIS to install Nemesis to use CGO. Now that being said, for anyone that is new to installing both Nemesis and CGO please follow JDM's tutorial video at the top. This will also work for anyone still using Nexus Mod Manager, and can install these mods mid-playthough.       

The weapon types this mod includes as follows:
- Sunlight Spear
- Daggers
- Maces/Clubs/Axes
- Straight Swords
- Greatswords
- Ultra Greatswords
- Fist/Claw Weapons
- Great Axes
- Great Hammers
- Pikes/Spears/Lances
- Halberds
- Glaives
- Scythes
- Katanas
- Curved Greatswords
- Scimitars and Shotels
- Rapiers
- Sideways Shields 
- Twin-Blades
- Weapon Buff Spells

This mod will give special "weapon art" type animations to some weapons. For example, the Greatsword of Artorias will have a special jump flip attack animation on attack power forward sprint. 

To install the animation pack you will need to have installed Combat Gameplay Overhaul (CGO)Nemesis, Dynamic Animation Replacer (DAR), and Attack Behavior Revamp (ABR) for CGO (LE). It's also required to have the mod Additional Attack to use the extra power attacks. When you install the Additional Attack mod it is strongly recommended you manually download the file first, then unzip the file and delete the mesh folder so that they do not overwrite my animations, finally zip up the file then install it via NMM or MO2 or Vortex. You would then set up your Additional Attack button via MCM menu. It's also strongly recommended to use antimicro-2.21-win64 to remap your game controller to your keyboard to use the Additional Attack mod for game pad users (see installation and control mapping). Instead of having the 1st person button "F" mapped to the Right Stick Click button that will become your sheath key "R" instead and your "X" button on your game pad will be mapped to whatever you want your Additional Attack button to be (mine for example is the "V" button on my keyboard mapped to my "X" button on the game controller to use the Additional Attacks).

This mod is compatible for all of the vanilla weapons in Skyrim and the all DLC weapons. This mod will mainly covers animations for Dark Souls weapons and other weapons for the following mods:
- Dark Souls Remastered Pack HDT-SMP by DKnight13: or
- They are also compatible with my other Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Elden Ring mods please look at Lover's Lab and Patreon profiles ;)
- Dark Souls Sunlight Spear by mvpv5:

- Dark Souls Weapons: an add-on for the leveled list:
- Dark Souls 3 Weapon Pack by Nameless God:
- Dark Souls 3 Shield Pack by Nameless God:
- Dark Souls Item Pack by Team  TAL: Google it, If you can't find than join my Discord ;)
- Animated Armoury by NickaNak: or
- Unslaad by Vicn:
- Vigilant by Vicin:
- Darkend by JKrojmal:
- Akavir - The Curse of the Immortals by stalker992:
- Beyond Reach by razorkid1:
- Rigmor of Cyrodiil by Rigmor:
- Hammerfell - Shadows of Dragonstar by ArogueModder or X:
- The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal by MannyGT:
- World of Rudra by Bee9999:

- Colorful Magic by 184Gesu:
- [LE] DM BDOR Berserk by Team TAL:
- Ordained set and Antiquated Plain set by full_inu:

Making a patch:
If you want to add in your own patch to make these animations work for your specific weapon mod simply open up the mod and go under: DAR - Dark Souls Animated Armory\Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\DynamicAnimationReplacer\_CustomConditions. There you will find various folders with different numbers and a .txt file. If you open up the .txt file you will see a list of weapon types corresponding to the folder number:
10000 - Sunlight Spear
10001 - Daggers
10002 - 2H Swords and Daggers
10003 - Maces/Clubs/Axes
10004 - Greatswords
10005 - Ultra Greatswords
10006 - 1H Axe Slash Attack Power Forward
10007 - Great Axes/Hammers
10008 - Great Hammers
10009 - Katanas
10010 - Pikes/Spears/Lances
10011 - Scimitars and Shotels
10012 - Halberds
10013 - Curved Greatswords
10014 - DW 2H Swords Idle Pose
10015 - Berserker Jump Attacks
10016 - Sideways Shields
10017 - Greatweapon and Sideways Shields
10018 - Non-Greatweapon and Sideways Shield
10019 - Rapiers
10020 - Scythe Animations
10021 - Glaive Animations
10022 - Heavy Slam Weapon Art
10023 - DW Daggers
10024 - Jailor Lantern Animations
10025 - 2H Greatsword Spin Slash Attack
10026 - 2H Greatsword Slam Attack
10027 - Twinblade and Quarter Staff Animations
10028 - HeavyBlade Attack Power Forward
10029 - DW Spin Attack
10030 - Spinning Halberds
10031 - Artorias Weapon Arts
10032 - 
10033 - 
10034 - Weapon Enchant
10035 - Black Knight Sword 01
10036 - Black Knight Sword 02
10037 - Black Knight Sword 03
10038 - Black Knight GS 01
10039 - Black Knight GS 02
10040 - Black Knight GS 03
10041 - Black Knight GS 04
10042 - Ashina Elite
10043 - Sakura Dance
10044 - Shinobi Animations
10045 - 4-Hit Battle Axe Combo
10046 - Guns
10047 - Berserk Boss Rush Attack
10048 - 1H Sword Attack Combo
10049 - 2H Greatsword 4-Hit Combo
10050 - 2H Greatsword 4-Hit Heavy
10051 - Morihaus Boss Attack
10052 - Umaril 01
10053 - Umaril 02
10054 - Great Hammer 3-Hit Combo
10055 - Dral Khan 01
10056 - Dral Khan 02
10057 - Death Bringer 01
10058 - Death Bringer 02
10059 - Unarmed 01
10060 - Unarmed 02
10061 - Unarmed 03
10062 - Regal Roar
10063 - Artorias Boss 01 (Leap)
10064 - Artorias Boss 02 (Thrust)
10065 - Artorias Boss 03 (Spin)
10066 - Artorias Boss 04 (Overhead)
10067 - Penetrator 01
10068 - Penetrator 02
10069 - Penetrator 03
10070 - Radagon 01
10071 - Radagon 02
10072 - Radagon 03
10073 - Radagon 04
10074 - Radagon 05
10075 - Radagon 06
10076 - Radagon 07
10077 - Radagon 08

11001 - Dual Wield Swords*
11002 - Dual Wield Daggers*
11003 - Dual Wield Maces/Clubs/Axes*
11004 - Dual Wield Greatswords*
11005 - Dual Wield Great Axes*
11006 - Dual Wield Great Hammers*
11007 - Dual Wield Rapiers*
11008 - Dual Wield Katanas*
11009 - Dual Wield Ultra Greatswords*
11010 - Dual Wield Spears*
11011 - Dual Wield Claws 01*
11012 - Dual Wield Claws 02*
11013 - Dual Wield Claws 03*
11014 - Dual Wield Scythes*
11015 - Dual Wield Curvedswords 01*
11016 - Dual Wield Curvedswords 02*
11017 - Dual Wield Curved Greatswords*
11018 - Dual Wield Heavy Thrusting Swords*
11019 - Dual Wield Halberds*
11020 - Dual Wield Whips*

70030 - Wolong DWS 01
70031 - Wolong DWS 02
70032 - Wolong DWS 03
70033 - Wolong DWS 04

WeapTypeRapier [KYWD:0x000801]
WeapTypePike [KYWD:0x0E457E]
WeapTypeSpear [KYWD:0x0E457F]
WeapTypeHalberd [KYWD:0x0E4580]

Dark Souls Item Pack by Team  TAL.esp

ABR Power Attack hold sequence Weapons:
1/2hm/w_WalkBwdAttackRight.HKX = charge-up
1/2hm/w_WalkLeftAttackRight.hkx = attack sequence
1/2hm/w_RunFwdAttackRight.hkx = 1-Hit Power Attack Combo
1/2hm/w_RunBwdAttackLeft.hkx = 2-Hit Power Attack Combo
1/2hm/w_RunLeftAttackLeft.hkx = 3-Hit Power Attack Combo
1/2hm/w_WalkLeftAttackLeft.HKX = 3-Hit Power Attack Combo 2H Sword Stab
1/2hm/w_walkrightattackleft.HKX = extra attack for bosses

Inside each folder you will find a _conditions.txt and a set of .HKX animations. Open up the .txt file and you will see a list of conditions like this for example:
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x01359D) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x013987) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x01398F) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x013997) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x01399F) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x0139A7) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x0139AF) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x0139BF) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x09F25E) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x0A3115) OR
IsEquippedRight("Skyrim.esm" | 0x10C6FB) 

To add in your weapon in the conditions file look for it's base ID in XEdit under weapons which is 8 numbers. In the conditions text file type:

IsEquippedRight("name of .esp or .esm" | 0x****** ) 

The ****** are the last 6 digets of your weapon's base ID. The first two digets must always be 0x followed by the last 6 digets of the base ID. 

If it works please post your patches updates under the "posts" section and I may add them in future updates.

For more information please see Felski's DAR forum:

Update Log:
Version 1.0.1: Added 1hm_walkbackwards/left/right animations for Greatswords, Greathammers, Greataxes, and Curved Greatswords.

Version 1.0.2: Added dual wield spin attack combo, 3 slash attack combo, and 2-handed greatsword slam attack.

Version 1.0.3: Fixed a typo under straight sword animations. Added new sword block animations. And added new scimitar animations.

Version 1.0.4: Fixed the dual-wield claw animation code.

Version 1.0.5: Animations are now compatible with Vigilant and Unslaad.

Version 1.0.6: Adds heavier vertical 1-handed swings to Greatsword animations.

Version 1.0.7: Added HeavyBlade Attack Power Forward move-set to certain Ultra Greatswords.

Version 1.0.8: Added unique Curved Greatsword and Scimitar animations.

Version 1.0.9: Added Glaive animations. Seperated Greatsword animations from Ultra Greatsword animations. Personally custom made and added Artorias Spin Slash Attack animation to 1hm_attackpowerforwardsprint.hkx animation.

Version 1.1.0: Added custom made Artorias Jump Flip Attack on 2hm_attackpowerforwardsprint.hkx.

Version 1.1.1: Smoothed out the transitions of the Artorias Weapon Art Animations.

Version 1.1.2: Fixed the distance teleportation on the Artorias Jump Flip. Added the Dark Souls Greatsword/Ultra Greatsword Block Idle, Bash, Power Bash Kick, and Hit Bashes personally custom made.

Version 1.1.3: Adjusted the Artorias' Weapon Arts animations. Added the Dark Souls Greatsword, Ultra Greatsword, Great Axe, and Great Hammer 2-handed Block animations. Added the Dark Souls Greatsword, Ultra Greatsword, Great Axe, and Great Hammer with Shield 1-handed Shield Block animations. Added the Black Knight Power Attacks. Added the Zweihander Hander Weapon Art on 2hm_attackpowerforwardsprint.HKX animation. Added unique Halberd animations from "Ture Spear Combat - Weapons and Animations". And added some unique Glaive animations.

Version 1.1.4: Added new Glaive animations from BlueLionHouse. Also added new Straight Sword animations from Niiruanpu.

Version 1.1.5: Adjusted the Artorias Spin Slash Attack animation to 1hm_attackpowerfwd.hkx to be compatible with CGO. Added the Dark Souls 2-handed weapon block animations for the Curved Greatswords and the 1-handed shield block animations where the weapon rests on your shoulder while blocking.

Version 1.1.6: Added Sister Friede's Scythe animations, added the 3-hit glaive animation combo attack, added a 3rd hit annotations the Berserk Jump Spin Slash attack, shortened the length of the Artorias' Jump Flip attack, added special dual-wield power attack by mofu. Mod is now compatible with Colorful Magic, Berserk Armor from Team TAL, and full_inu's Ordained set and Antiquated Plain set.

Version 1.1.7: Completely redid the animation system to work for the mod "Attack Behavior Revamp for CGO (LE)" and now all attacks move your character and NPC's forward when attacking. Sprint and power attacks are still available and as well as grip switch. Each weapon type has ther own uniqe combo move set and special attacks. Charge/hold attacks and Power Stancing are also available now! Many of the animations are backported from the SSE mod EldenRim.