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Rimworld: Medieval Edition, removes all of the industrial and above tier tech and research. No Guns, No Power and No Mechanoids! All factions and traders, are limited to Neolithic and Medieval weaponry. In its place? New Swords, Buildings, Research Topics and Factions (Picts, etc.) each with their own unique items.

Permissions and credits
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This mod removes the following;
- Player Made Guns (i.e. PDW's, Pistols, Rifle, etc.) 
- All NPC Guns (Raids, Travelling Merchants, etc) 
- All Grenades (i.e. EMP, Frag) 
- Mortar Seiges 
- Drop-Pods (Resource Drops, Space Refugees, Raids, etc.) 
- High-tech Research Bench (Which Electicity Now Requires) 
- Auto-Turrets 
- Solar Generators 
- Batteries 
- And All Other Electricals (Electical Stoves, etc) 

The mod alters the following;
- All Factions now have Neolithic and Medieval weapons only 
- All Traders that trade weapons only trade Neolithic and Medieval Weapons 
- Most Incidents/Conditions to provide a more 'Medieval' theme (typically involving gods or something) 
- Psychic Drone, now called Madness. Etc. 
- Fibrous/Sensory Mechanites, altered to Fibrous/Sensory Morbus 
- Tribes are now Pagan tribes. 
- Outlander Towns now Medieval Towns. 
- Pirates now Barbarians. 

The mod has added the following;
- Steel Longsword, B'stard Sword, Carolingian Sword, Sabre, Falchion, Claymore, Rapier & Schiavona. 
- Battle Axe, Warhammer, Pike, Quarter Staff & War Axe. 
- Coat of Plates, Hauberk's & Tabard's with three varients Plain white, Red & Quartered Pattern. 
- Embrasures, Palisades, Improved Smithy 
- Improved Smithy Research Topic 
- The Picts, a neolithic tribe historically located in medieval scotland. Includes names from their actual deities, places and commonly used names i.e. 'Tattooed Ones, Painted One's, Beasts, etc.' 
- Pictish unique armour and 'Tattoos' which they will don when travelling to or raiding your settlement. 
- Medieval Towns (was Outlander towns) are generated with historically accurate city/town names from around europe i.e. Parha, Gainborough, etc. 
- Norman Casque, Open-Sallet Helm and Nasal-Sallet Helm. 
- Round Shield (Quarted Pattern & Half Pattern) and Pictish Shield [MORE TO COME] 

-------- Additional Info --------------------------------------------------------------------- 

- The mod will include technologies and weaponry from the entire Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. I will also attempt to maintain historical accuracy. 
- All Clothing, Armour and Weapons can be crafted though either use of the Fuelled Smithies or the Hand Tailoring Benches. 
- Artwork will be made to coinside with original Rimworld artwork, to provide fluidity throughout. (In some cases just slightly altering original artwork) 

-------- Future Updates to Include --------------------------------------------------------------------- 

- Buildable Cover 
- Siege Equipment 
- More Shields **WIP** 
- New Factions i.e. Arabic, Gaelic, Vikings (with custom weapons) **WIP** 

-------- Compatibility List & Load Order --------------------------------------------------------------------- 

To ensure that Rimworld: Medieval Edition works with mods such as; 
- Medieval Times 
- EbD Prepare Carefully 

Please alter the load order of the mods, as followed; 
- Core 
- Medieval Times 
- Rimworld: Medieval Edition <------ This Mod. 
- EbD Prepare Carefully 

In Additon any mod that alters the items spawned in raids, outlanders, etc. should be placed above Rimworld: Medieval Edition. If there are any other issues please comment in the Bug Report Discussion. 

-------- Updates -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

A16 stable update has been released, the mod in its current state works correctly (please notify me if anything goes wrong) there are so 'Red Errors' appearing but cannot find any effect, but will continue to try and fix them. Enjoy and please provide some feedback.