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  1. Alexandr1983
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Please update to 1.0
  2. Swordsguy2010
    • member
    • 642 posts
    • 4 kudos
    Please update this to 1.0!! DX
  3. gessie
    • member
    • 12 posts
    • 0 kudos

    I have a problem with this mod's premise - that colonies would bother to create medieval-age design when guns, and the knowledge of gunpowder, are already in reach.

    Sorry, but it just isn't realistic. It wouldn't be viable, and guns shoot right through clunky metal armor.

    Blunt weapons - which realistically would include longswords and heavy projectiles - would require rigid structure to defend against, but there's still no sense in falling back to medieval-era designs. We understand physics (to some degree) now, these Glitterworld guys would be far ahead.

    It's a shame I can't play this mod as a result, because it does look polished and promising.
    1. twinCatalyst
      • member
      • 10 posts
      • 0 kudos
      .. the mod removes guns tho. They're not in reach, you can't get them with this mod lol.

      Also longswords aren't blunt weapons; you can half sword and hit someone with your hilt but that's not really the primary way to use it against unarmored or armored opponents. Just because something hits hard doesn't make it blunt.
    2. saint909
      • supporter
      • 150 posts
      • 2 kudos
      I almost forgot that people like the OP actually exist.
  4. ModranethPT
    • member
    • 55 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Any chance of get this awesome mod for B18?
  5. ready0055
    • member
    • 66 posts
    • 0 kudos
    you updating this? love this mod and would like it to work with latest build. thanks!
  6. edgor12
    • member
    • 1 posts
    • 0 kudos
    what version?
  7. Darkestshadow13
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    The only major gripe I have with this mod is that occasionally I'd see factions selling guns, and that it doesn't actually remove the buildings and electrical it says it removes, it just adds a scenario where thats disabled.
  8. Sompari
    • supporter
    • 215 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Is is possible to restrict tech and guns only? I don't want new items/buildings because I got that covered with Medieval Times.
    1. TheyCallMeSibs
      • member
      • 2 posts
      • 0 kudos
      Hopefully not too late - just disable the buildings in the scenario editor.
  9. Skattman91
    • premium
    • 22 posts
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    Thank you for taking the time to create this MOD. It brings a lot of the game alive and would love to see more. Keep up the good work, and know that there are many people who appreciate what you spend so much of your time doing.