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A cheat engine script with the function of artificially creating a third person camera view.

Permissions and credits

This script will force the game's camera from its first person view to one that is behind the player character and to the side, giving the game a bit of a closer feel to the over-the-shoulder entries in the series.

It is completely functional from the beginning of the main game through to the end. There are several options available to make more adjustments to how the camera's positioning is handled. A more thorough explanation of each option is available in the README.

The script also includes options to automatically disable third person in situations that would be better suited to first person. It can be assigned hotkeys as well to toggle third person mode manually during game play.


Basic instructions to use this script are in the README. It is highly recommended to install a model mod such as alphaZomega/ZombieAli's Ethan with Head (pictured) for the best experience, otherwise Ethan has no head model. I recommend making sure the script is properly working with your game beforehand.

ZombieAli/AlphaOmegaZ's RE2 Leon replacement model is another option available for Ethan. Additionally, if you want to disable screen blood from health loss, use SilverEzredes' No Blood on Screen.

To use a model replacement, download fluffyquack's Mod Manager, set the game path of re7.exe, and drop the rar file in the Games\RE7\Mods folder. Please note that neither the script nor mods currently function with the Microsoft Store version of the game.

A tutorial on both using the script and installing these mods is available in the "VIDEOS" section.

Until proper model mods are available for them, side playable characters will have their sections of the game default back to first person.


After trying to click the box beside "Enable Manual Camera", if nothing happens after a few seconds, right click on the text.

If at the top of the context menu the error message says "The array of byte named ... could not be found", then the script is not compatible with your game. This error could be caused by such things as the game not being a Steam copy, being a regional version such as the Japanese censored RE7, or the game being updated since the last script release.

If the error message says "module not found:re7.exe", it means cheat engine is not attached to the game's executable. Use the flashing box button at the top left to do so.

Make sure to use the latest version of cheat engine (7.2 at the current time) to ensure the script's syntax is read properly.

I've noticed that if the game hangs/crashes while the script is running, it will cause something in cheat engine to get "hung up" and from then on it will always crash the game upon activation. If the game is crashing on enabling the script, exit out of both cheat engine and the game completely and restart them both.

Known Issues

  • Bear in mind that the game was designed for first person. I highly recommend playing it as intended the first time around. This script is just a side project of mine and does not modify anything past what is already in the game. Fair warning that there will be a certain degree of "jank" as a result.
  • Crashes are rare but may be possible. If playing on Madhouse, I would recommend saving often.
  • None of the playable characters have heads. They weren't given any as they are unnecessary for a first person view. Model mods such as those mentioned in the Instructions above are needed if they are to not be headless.
  • Ethan is currently the only playable character with proper model mods available. Giving the other player characters models would require modifying the game's files.
  • Animations the player is not normally supposed to see can be stiff or broken. Fixing such animations would require modifying the game's files.
  • The third person camera has no collision detection of its own. Walls in-game lack programmed collision for the camera to reference, only entities such as the player character.
  • If the camera goes outside a room, the lighting inside may be darkened. Other oddities such as a lack of NPC lip syncing may occur if the camera goes out of bounds.
  • The flashlight shines through the player character. It also becomes dimmer than it would be otherwise when in darker areas. These quirks are because of how it's designed for first person. It's basically a lighting effect locked to wherever the camera is rather than being an actual object in the game world.
  • Some walls/objects are not transparent from the outside and will block the view if the player character's back moves too close. If the camera is blocked, any shots fired may instead hit these obstructions and be wasted.
  • Framerate-dependant features may bug the camera's positioning if large frame drops happen. Disabling and re enabling the script will reset it. To disable all framerate dependency, turn off both "Focused Aim" and "Running - Increase FOV". The script draws framerate information from the Steam overlay.
  • Lastly, if a bug is found that I haven't listed it may just be because I don't know about it. Leaving a comment will bring it to my attention. Certain bugs may only happen very rarely and sometimes just disabling and re-enabling the script will fix them.

Latest Update

  • Focused Aim now uses a blacklist of unneeded weapons. It will no longer affect any weapons that cannot be shot or thrown (melee & placed bombs) to prevent the player character's body from obscuring melee weapon's alt-fire. Joe's shotgun and throwing weapons now work fine with it without his fists causing issues. Toggle is in debugging.
  • Fixed guns being unable to do their normal aiming FOV reduction when Focused Aim was disabled. The Custom FOV option will still stop this reduction.
  • Fixed Running FOV and Focused Aim camera height not immediately adjusting itself back to its default when going back to first person from third.
  • Removed the custom FOV only when aiming option to get rid of several unnecessary FOV calculations.
  • The option to stop the script from touching FOV has been moved to debugging.

Past versions are kept in case of new bugs or issues in the current one. The logs for past versions can be found near the top of this page under "Changelogs".