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alphaZomega and ZombieAli

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Gives Ethan a static head for use with the third-person-view script

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Ethan with Head

This mod gives back Ethan his head for use in camera mods. Normally, Ethan's head is not visible because it would just block the first person camera. At first, I attached his head model to his torso model, but ZombieAli found out that all this could be done by simply model swapping, so thanks very much to him! 

Install with fluffy mod manager!

Camera Script by cheezeit

Get the third person camera script in the video description, for Cheat Engine:

To use it, download Cheat Engine, open RE7 with it while RE7 is running, and open the table. Then check "Manuel Camera" and then "Third Person". When you go back to the game, it will be in third person view.