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A cheat engine script with the function of artificially creating a third person camera view.

Permissions and credits

This script will force the game's camera from its first person view to one that is behind the player character and to the right giving the game a bit of a closer feel to the other entries in the series as of late.

It is completely functional from the beginning of the main game through to the end. There are several options available to adjust such as how far behind or to the side the camera is. A more thorough explanation of each option is in the README.

The script includes the option to automatically disable third-person in situations that would be better suited to first person. It can be assigned hotkeys as well to toggle third-person manually during game play.


Basic instructions to use this script are in the README. Be sure to have gone through at least one load screen before enabling it or the game will crash. It is highly recommended to install a model mod such as alphaZomega/ZombieAli's Ethan with Head (pictured) for the best experience, otherwise Ethan has no head model. I recommend making sure the script is properly working with your game beforehand.

ZombieAli/AlphaOmegaZ's RE2 Leon replacement model is also another option available.

To use a model replacement, download fluffyquack's Mod Manager, set the game path of re7.exe, and drop the rar file in the Games\RE7\Mods folder. Unlike the Steam version of the game, the Microsoft Store version does not support model mods.

A quick tutorial on both using the script and installing these mods is available in the "VIDEOS" section.


Before enabling the script, make sure to be fully ingame where the player character can move around and not on the main menu or in a loading screen. The game needs to go through at least one load screen completely before it loads into memory everything the script needs to fetch in order to run.

After trying to click the box beside "Enable Manual Camera", if nothing happens after a few seconds, right click it. If at the top of the context menu the error message says "The array of byte ... could not be found", then the script is not compatible with your game.

If there is no error message and cheat engine has "No process selected" at the top, it means it is not attached to the game's executable. Use the flashing box button at the top left to do so.

Make sure to use the latest version of cheat engine (7.1 at the current time) to ensure the script's syntax is read properly.

I've had reports that there's a chance that the script will crash the game upon activation of "Enable Manual Camera." Even if it happens once, it might not be consistent. It's possible that that the chance of a crash may be dependent on having a PC with decent specs.

If using the Microsoft Store version of the game, be sure to use the "Process" tab then "re7.exe" when attaching cheat engine to the game. The "Applications" and "Windows" tabs have the game listed under them, but CE will not attach properly if they are used. The MS version seems to crash if the script is enabled while the game is in fullscreen due to the game's forced pause on loss of window focus. Use windowed mode to enable, then switch back to get around this.

Known Issues

  • None of the playable characters have heads. They weren't given any as they would only get in the way of the first person view. Mods are needed if they are to have one.
  • Ethan is the only playable character with model mods at the current time. In the VHS sections, on the ship, and in the DLCs, player characters will be headless.
  • Animations the player is not normally supposed to see can be stiff or semi-broken. These include how weapons are held and the character's arms when opening doors.
  • The third-person camera has no collision detection. If it runs into a wall or under a floor, it will simply go through it.
  • If the camera goes outside a room while an NPC is talking, their lip syncing will stop until it returns.
  • Loading screen crashes are rare but possible. If playing on Madhouse, be sure to save before any loading screens.
  • The flashlight shines through the player character. It's coded as a floating ball of light that has lighting priority over all objects obstructing it. Even though it may look like it does, it does not shine on their back but through their front making it difficult to do much about.

Latest Update

  • Saw a comment asking about FOV changes, so I've added an option to change FOV to any custom amount.
  • Added an option to change FOV only when aiming.
  • Added an option to change brightness to any custom amount.
  • Added an option to change brightness only when the flashlight is used.
  • The defaults for manual flashlight and all the added options can be changed in the "Set Script Defaults" script.

Past versions are kept in case of bugs in the current one. The logs for past versions can be found near the top of this page under "Changelogs".