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Gangs and outlaws roam the world and attack other gang that crosses their path. Now with Bollard Twins, Walton Gang, Dutch Gang, Williamson Gang, and Treasure Hunters added as new gangs

Permissions and credits

To Install
Copy Ambient Gang - RDR Gang folder to lml
To install Compatible File, simply replace the conflicting file
To install New Gang Hideout, Copy the .ymt files to scenario folder, and copy the .asi script into script folder or the game directory

Gang Territories:
  • Lemoyne Raiders - Scarlett Meadows and Bayou NWA
  • Wapiti Warriors - Ambarino
  • ^Laramie - Big Valley and *Heartlands
  • °O'Driscolls - Big Valley and Heartland, sometimes in Valentine Saloon.
  • Del Lobos - New Austin and sometimes in *Heartland
  • U.S Army - Cumberland Forest and Grizzlies
  • The Grays - Scarlett Meadows
  • Murfree Broods - Roanoke Ridge
  • Skinner Bros -Tall Trees
  • Bronte Goons - Saint Denis
  • ^Walton Gang - New Austin, sometimes in Armadillo Saloon
  • ^Bollard Twins - New Austin
  • ^Williamson Gang - New Austin
  • ^Treasure Hunters - New Austin
  • ^Dutch Gang - Tall Trees and Great Plains
  • Night Folks - across Bayou NWA
*: Default spawn only
°: Default and 1899 spawn
^: Default and 1907 spawn

RDR Gang Addon:
  • Added the 5 gangs from the original RDRI
  • Added Bureau Agents in Blackwater
  • Added RDR Bill, Javier and Dutch as new peds, both as NPC and Playable (Playable version has working deadeye and fixed reloading)
  • RDR Bill can be spawned by spawning 'BILL_LEADER' for NPC, 'PC_BILL' for Playable on Rampage custom input
  • RDR Dutch can be spawned by spawning 'DUTCH_LEADER' for NPC, 'PC_DUTCH' for Playable on Rampage custom input
  • RDR Javier can be spawned by spawning 'JAVIER_BANDITO' for NPC, 'PC_JAVIER' for Playable on Rampage custom input

New Gang Hideout:
  • Thieves Landing - Populated by Bollard Twins
  • Twin Rocks - Populated by Walton Gang
  • Pikes Basin - Populated by Bollard Twins (Requires Project NA)
  • Removed Del Lobos from Twin Rocks and Thieves Landing (credit to SgtJoe for the script)
  • Pleasance House - Populated by Walton Gang
  • Colter - Populated by Outlaws, more specifically Micah's gang (This will cause issue with Chapter 1, remove Colter.ymt when starting a new game)

I don't recommend using New Gang Hideout on normal playthrough, best to use after finishing the game

Quality of Life Changes:

  • Gang will attack any other gang that cross their path
  • Special ammos can be looted from enemy gang and lawmen (most gangs drop high velocity and express ammo, Lemoyne Raiders and Lawmen can also drop explosive ammos and incendiary shells)
  • Increased Del Lobos loot value
  • Added unique names for Laramie Gang, Bronte Goons, Wapiti Warriors, US Marshall, and Saint Denis & Blackwater Police
  • Added poachers from Online (can appear everywhere)
  • Added female riders (can appear everywhere)
  • Added african-american gang (can appear everywhere)
  • Added high-class NPC as Saint Denis stagecoach passengers
  • Added stagecoaches around New Austin
  • Bounty Hunters can be seen driving prison wagon (sometimes transporting criminals)
  • US Army can be seen driving Army Supply Wagon (from chapter 6) and War Wagon (from Online)
  • 3rd Meteorite

These are mods that are compatible
If you have a conflicting mod that are not listed here, it's probably not compatible, you can request the mod author for compatibility

  • Redemptify for the suggestion on adding RDR gang
  • SgtJoe for the script
  • GuiCORLEONE for the Bureau badge
  • RDRMC & The Marstards for support and references

If you have any questions feel free to ask them over at our Discord