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unlock cutscenes, game freeze, custom player cam, improved aim assist, new camera modes and a lot more new features in version 5

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  • NEW setting to disable the fade-in effect when first person camera is activated or deactivated
    (open the ini-file and set FirstPersonCameraSwitchingEffect to Disabled to turn off the effect)
  • insert, move, delete, enable/disable and edit cameras ➔ tutorial (v2.0)
    (up to 300 cameras can be created)
  • automatic camera naming with configurable name template to determine how new cameras are named
  • camera modes: Follow, Look at, Same angle and Free angle
    can be combined as desired and configurable presets for frequently used combinations
    Hint: To create a custom player camera set the camera mode to 'Follow + Look at + Free angle around' ➔ tutorial
  • camera transitions ➔ video
  • camera properties (zoom, shaking, duration, smoothness, ...)
  • camera blur strength and focus ➔ video
    (Hint: The blur strength differs in the light and in the dark. Use smaller values in the dark.)
  • photo mode filters per camera
  • weather per camera
  • daytime per camera
  • selectable ped per camera
    (setting to determine whether the camera should prefer dead or alive animals)
  • free camera to explore the whole world in high details
  • activate player camera
  • cutsecences unlock to use cameras in cutscenes (auto, manual, ...)
  • camera auto switching
    (Hint: set a key for KeyCameraAutoSwitchingStartStop to start and stop auto switching)
  • hide hud and prompts
  • hide/show letterbox (cinematic black bars)
  • grid
  • camera markers
  • camera transition progress bar
  • game freeze
  • time scale
  • daytime freeze
  • clouds control (freeze, move and more precise settings in ini-file)
  • aim modes to determine in which direction the player will aim (player heading, camera direction, ...)
    Hint: To create a custom player camera use the aim modes CameraDirectionI or CameraDirectionII ➔ tutorial
  • aim target highlightings
  • aim assisttutorial
  • aim assist animals ➔ video
  • aim assist targets (humans in combat, animals, certain model, certain ped, ...)
  • aim assist body parts (head, arm, hand, leg, foot, ... , left arm, right arm, ...) ➔ video
  • aim assist snap modes (soft, medium, hard, ultra hard)
    (Hint: hold [C] while amining)
  • instant kill
  • invincible player and horse
  • hide unused menu items and change the fontsize
  • different keyboard and mouse input modes
    (if keys don't respond then change KeyboardAndMouseInputMode in the ini-file)
  • ini-file with configurable settings, customizable lists and shortcuts ➔ tutorial
  • support of ScriptHookV2
    (ScriptHook by Alexander Blade is still recommended)


  • Install Script Hook RDR2 by Alexander Blade
  • Download Cinematic Camera
    Unpack the Zip-File
    Copy J10CinematicCameraRDR2.asi to the main game folder
    Default Rockstar: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\
    Default Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Red Dead Redemption 2\

How to use

  • Edit
    Press [F8] to open the menu and
    create, place, edit or delete cameras.
  • Use
    Press [F8] again to close the menu.
    Press [PageUp] or [PageDown] to trigger a transition to the next or the previous camera.
    Press the key for CameraAutoSwitching to automatically switch from camera to camera.
    (To use CameraAutoSwitching set a key in the ini-file for KeyCameraAutoSwitchingStartStop)
  • Config and Help
    Open the ini-file to configure Cinematic Camera and to get further help.
    Tutorial basics (v2.0) ➔ video
    Tutorial enable aim assist ➔ video
    Tutorial change the ini file without restarting the game ➔ video
    Tutorial create a cutsom third-party player camera ➔ video
    Discord ➔ discord