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Spawn trains, change switches, open doors, drive trains & trolleys with speed boost and reveal the secret of the ghost train.

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Don't forget to press    ------------------------->    👍ENDORSE


  • NEW blips for regular and spawned trains on map and mini-map ➔ video
  • 💀 the curse of the ghost train (ghost time 22:00 to 03:00) ➔ video
  • spawn trains, trolleys and handcars (over 50 different available)
  • menu (see screenshot)
  • train preview (for train spawner)
  • change switches / set the points / switch tracks ➔ video
  • cruise and remote control ➔ video
  • teleport ➔ video
  • drive trolleys and driving on trolley tracks ➔ video
  • speed and direction display (see screenshot)
  • improved forward speed ➔ video
  • rotate trains
  • delete trains
  • open/close train wagon doors
  • place horse on flatcar
  • configurable shortcuts
  • train settings
  • ini-file
    HINT: not all visible tracks are usable ➔ map


  1. Install Script Hook RDR2 by Alexander Blade
  3. Download Railroad Engineer
  4. Unpack the Zip-File
    Copy J10RailroadEngineerRDR2.asi to the main game folder
    Default Rockstar: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\
    Default Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Red Dead Redemption 2\

How to use

  • Control Trains
  • Wait for a train and enter the cab with [E].
    HINT: Some trains can only be controlled by remote. (e.g. trolley)
  • Change Switches
  • Inside the cab press [A] or [D] to set the direction.
    HINT 1: Not all visible tracks are usable.
    HINT 2: Change switches works better with self-spawned trains.
  • Teleport
  • Open the map with [M].
    Double-click to set a waypoint near a track.
    Close the map and press [W] to teleport the train to the waypoint.
  • Remote Control
  • Enter a train and the remote control will be started.
    Press [Up] or [Down] arrow keys to change the speed.
    Press [Left] or [Right] arrow keys to set the direction.
    Press [Delete] to disconnect the remote control.
    HINT: Remote control is only available if there is no engineer in the train cab.
  • Spawn Train
  • Go to a train track.
    Press [F7] to open the Railroad Engineer menu.
    Select a train with [Up] and [Down] arrow keys.
    Press [Enter] to spawn the selected train.
  • Delete Train
  • Go to a train.
    Press [F7] to open the Railroad Engineer menu.
    Select "Delete Train" and press [Enter].
    HINT: Entered trains and remote controlled trains will not be deleted.
  • Rotate Train
  • Go to a train.
    Press [F7] to open the Railroad Engineer menu.
    Select "Rotate Train" and press [Enter].
  • Open/Close Doors
  • Go to a train freight car with doors.
    Press [F7] to open the Railroad Engineer menu.
    Select "Open/Close Wagon Doors" and press [Enter].
  • Place Horse on Flatcar
  • Go to a train flatcar.
    Press [F7] to open the Railroad Engineer menu.
    Select "Place my Horse on Flatcar" and press [Enter].