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Make fair and honest money by taking on various legit jobs - a complete remake of the Jobs mod by Bolmin with brand new mechanics and jobs!

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Jobs - Expanded & Enhanced
If you're familair with the existing Jobs mod by the legendary modder Bolmin, then you're gonna like this one!
Bolmin and myself collaborated and after about four months of developments, here it is:
A complete remake for the original jobs mod, with new mechanics and new jobs!


  • Close the game.
  • Download and extract the mod files
  • Drop everything in the main folder - JobsRe.dll, JobsBase.dll and the Jobs folder.

Taking on a job
Every major town is now going to have a job posters board. They are all marked with an icon on the map:

When you get close enough, you'll notice a prompt that lets you view the job posters. Then you can select one of them and the job will start!
Watch this video for a step by step guide:

Currently there are 6 different jobs available, and some dummy announcement posters for immersiveness.


Simple taxi mod - take some passengers from A to B, and protect them if needed

Ranch Hand

The job involves doing chores around ranches to earn money, highly inspired by the work  the player can do around beechers hope.

Pest Control

Some ranches need your help dealing with animals that are causing damage to their propeties and livestock. You need to get a shotgun and do the dirty work...

Wagon Protection

Get your shotgun and hop on the wagon - your job is to make sure it gets to it's destination safely.


The post offices need your help delivering letters to people at town. 

Dock Worker

The docks in St Denis and Annesburg need more working hands. This job was introduced in the original jobs mod and was built from the group up for the remastered version!

  • If there are jobs that you don't like, you can go to the game main dir -> Jobs/JobConfigs and simply delete any of the job configs that you don't like.
  • You can tweak the job parameters in the config files - from the salary to the text.

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