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Did you ever want to work minimum wage jobs while enjoying the ambience of 1899 America? Well this mod can provide just that!

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Jobs mod
The mod with the most unimaginative name is here! It allows the player, to do various tasks for a bit of extra (legal) money! The currently added jobs include: the miner, bartender, hunter, shepherd dockworker and deliverer.

Various cities around the world now have blips with job giving npcs. Walking up to one of them, will give the opporunity of singing up for one of them. Jobs are similiar in design to camp chores, with some extra encounters, however they are not meant to be action-packed. The main idea is to have different ambient tasks that you can just kick-back and enjoy the world or atmosphere. 

Miner - The annesburg mines are now hiring! You can get there and well, mine for some honest cash. 

Hunter - If you are into looking for game, this might be the job for you. In Saint Denis, Strawberry and Annesburg there are hunters waiting for your services. The main task is to track and find a requested animal in perfect condition.

Bartender - In Saint Denis, Tumbleweed and Valentine you can be hired as the assistant bartender. This involves task such as cleaning glasses, preparing tables, delivering goods and solving brawls!

Deliverer - Saint Denis, Strawberry and Tumbleweed have outstanding deliveries to complete. Get there and transport goods, horses, wagons and even people! (wanted people to be precise).

Dock Worker - my personal favourite :) Annesburg and Saint Denis docks need more working hands. This job is based around fishing, parking boats and cleaning the dock.

Lumberjack (Update 0.7)
The job utilizes the random spots on the map where you can chop wood... and allows you to earn a couple bucks from it!

Train Conductor (Update 0.7)
As of now it is essentialy just riding the train from one point to another, I had this job in this early stage for some time so decided to release it as is. I hope in the future I'll have some time to extend on it.

Shepherd - pretty self explanatory, but in Saint Denis and Blackwater some sheeps need to be herded to one particular live stock town - Valentine! This is made based on the herding "mini-games" present in story mode, with shouting and herd mechanics.

currently shepherd job is removed, because it was causing many issues.

All of the jobs had much attention put to them, however they are not finalized, so some may be more flashed out than others! All of them, however are supplied with immersive elements like adjusted movement speed, quick time events and dynamic tasks prompts, which I added in an attempt to make them similar to other activities in story mode.

Extract the archive and put jobs.asi and scripthook rdr2 into the game folder. 

Special thanks
This mod wouldn't be possible without the support of my patreons!
Special thanks to:

Emmanuel Delgado
Enrique Pariente
Bob Fat
Jimmy Thibault
Ray Ray
Thong Trinh Buu
Jay S.

and everyone else that supports me on my patreon!

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