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This mod attempts to bring more historical accuracy and realism into the game economy.
Changed most of item prices and effects of consumables. Reduced ammo limit.

Permissions and credits
Historical accuracy combined with the game balance.

Based on WhyEm's DLC version for Red Dead Offline. Requires it.

Short description:
  • Realistic price correlations.
  • Realistic hunting economy (no more pricey rabbits and cheap bears).  
  • Realistic hotel and bath prices.
  • More realistic and reasonable weapon and ammo prices.
  • More realistic ammo limits.
  • More profitable horse selling.
  • Balanced effects of consumables.

Price numbers are not absolutely historical like 1$ in 1899 = 1$ ingame. No, for technical reasons. Realistic are not prices itself, but price correlations.

Buying price formula: historical *6 or *5 (x6 for provisions, x5 for the rest).
Selling price formula: historical *3.

You may ask why not just set historical price without multiplier? - because far not every price can be changed; because some mission rewards are too high and cannot be edited. So, as you can understand now, multiplier is necessary for the game balance.

Exceptions from formulas:
Medicines: can be more expensive than in historical reality (because its usefulness is much higher).
Horses: bying prices are mostly default (balance reasons, because in the game world they are much easier to acquire than in reality, and it naturally makes them cheaper).
Clothes: unchanged, they are close to formula by default.
Barber services – unchanged.
Bounty hunting rewards – unchanged for technical reasons.

Weapon price formula: historical price *5. Uncommon weapons would be more expensive.
Scopes are x2 more expensive.  Detachable for sniper rifles.
Ammo is much more expensive.
Ammo price formula: historical *5. Special ammo is more expensive.
Ammo limits: reduced to realistic amounts.  (40-60 units of each type of revolver cartridges, little less for rifles and so on).
Changed amounts of buyable ammo (20 cartridges instead of 60 for revolver\repeater\pistol). 
If you buy ammo from catalog then ammo amount will be displayed wrong=vanilla, so be better to buy it directly from gunsmith customization menu.

Not much changes.
Sell price for common horses increased by 50%. 
Some uncommon breeds became more expensive (ardennes, dutch, andalusian).

Hotel services are more expensive
Bath  2$ instead of 0.25$. With woman’s help +1.50$.
Hotel room 6$ instead of just 1$.
Some saloon food became cheaper, some - more expensive. 

VALUABLES: silver items are about the same; golden items are more pricey; platinum items are just a little pricier than golden (according to that time currency correlation).

Provisios and medicines are generally cheaper to buy\sell.
Food price is forming by formula: historical price*6. Fresh fruits price is considered as per pound.
Deadeye cores restoration is almost only by smoking\drinking\eating in saloons. So cigarettes are not such a junk now.
Cigarettes restore more deadeye core. They became more useful.
Opened medicines restore 20-30% instead of 100%.   (% from maximum possible amount with all upgrades. For early game it will restore about 50%). 
Chewing tobacco restores 20% deadeye circle instead of 100%. 
Moonshine now works like opened health cure +negative effect. 
Horse food. Common fruits restore less cores. For greatly restoration use special horse meals.
Recipes: increased material cost for some recipes.
Generally meat restores less health and stamina, much less deadeye.
Stringy meat, gamey bird meat -  less HP and ST restoration, no deadeye restoration, damage to deadeye core (because it stinks and tastes bad).
Butcher's raw meat is much more affordable, so probably you would like to buy it and cook yourself a steak.

Hunting economy reworked to historical realistic correlations. Some animals are more valuable for pelt, some - for meat, some – for nothing.

Bear pelts are much more pricey.
Sheep & Goats.  Hides are cheaper. Carcasses (skinned) are more pricey.
Wild dogs. Carcasses are much cheaper.  Pelts are more pricey.
Wild cats. Cougar is cheaper.
Deer & Antelope. Most pelts are cheaper. Carcasses (skinned) are more pricey.
Rodents&Vermins. Carcasses: generally much cheaper. Pelts: more pricey for beaver\badger\raccoon\skunk;  cheaper for the rest.
Cattle hides are more pricey.
Pigs. Domestic pig’s carcass is more pricey; hide is cheaper. Boar and peccary unchanged.
Reptiles. Carcasses are cheaper. Skins unchanged.
Amphibians:  toads are cheaper (toxic, almost non-edible); frogs unchanged (delicacy for SaintDenis frenchfolk).
Seabirds & Waterfowls. Generally cheaper. Carcasses in 2-3 times (tastes bad, but looks good); feathers 30-50%.
Domestic Fowl  is cheaper.
Raptors. Feathers are generally 2 times cheaper. Carcasses 2-4 times heaper.
Corvids. Carcasses are cheaper in 3-4 times.
Songbirds  x2 times cheaper.
Exotic Birds unchanged.
Game Birds.  Feathers are mostly cheaper.   Carcasses are almost unchanged.
FISH - unchanged.

Unpack lml folder to game folder, confirm overwrite.

FAQ, Possible questions
Can you make a standalone version of this mod? – No.
Can you separate some features into several mods? – No, because all of this features use one file.
What about a loot? –Unchanged. Maybe I will create separate mod for loot.
Where did you get historical prices? – from old post catalogs and magazines such as Sears&Roebuck,
Montgomery Ward, Hibbard&Spencer, Fur trade review.

Known bugs
Some missing images of clothing in catalog pages (bug of WhyEm's DLC for RDO).
Some skinned animal carcasses have vanilla prices despite I changed them in the file (hope to fix it later).  It’s not a big problem, you just don’t sell non-edible animals such as skunk, wolf or crow.

Special thanks, Credits
  • WhyEm – for permission to make this mod based on the catalog.ymt file from his great mod WhyEm's DLC.
  • Bolmin70 -  for his great mod RDR2 Enhanced Edition, from which I used some decrypted lines of code, and some features that teached and inspired me to make this mod.
  • Red Dead Offline team – for the mod that serves as a base for many mods including this. 

My other mods:
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