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Realistic animal loot. More options for clean kills. Firearms as alternative to small game arrows.

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  • Did you ever realize how stupid it is to hunt sparrows with a bow? In XIX century people already shot small birds by airguns, flobert guns and .22 caliber guns (which is ingame varmint rifle). So here's the deal: lets consider varmint rifle as small game rifle! And .22 caliber as alternative to small game arrows. Now small birds, squirrels etc can stay in perfect condition if killed from a varmint rifle. Because again, hunting sparrows with a bow is a business for retards (or perverts)!

  • Who said that revolver is bad for hunting?! Not so bad if you are good in aiming. Pistol too. Now a one shot kill medium sized animals from revolver or pistol is equal to a clean kill from repeater. So grab your good old schofield (or fancy new mauser) and go hunt some coyotes or beavers.

  • Large animals, such as deer, now can be clean killed from revolver, repeater or shotgun slug.

===Optional ===    Pistol, Revolver and Two Smoking Barrels     ===Optional ===
Want to diverse your hunting experience? Okay, lets see what else I can offer.
Pistol&Revolver (optional). In that times revolvers was sometimes used to hunt small game for pelts, and now you can do it too without any penalties (even birds).
Shotgun (optional). You know what, lets have a party! Hunting birds with a shotgun. Just admit, you wanted it! Now you have it.
Also added possibility to deal clean shots in body non-specified area (guts etc).

Clean kills detailed:

Small animals (sparrow, squirrel) - small game arrows, varmint rifle.                                                        Optional: +pistol, +revolver +shotgun.

Medium-small animals (beaver, raccoon, turkey) - varmint rifle, pistol, revolver (regular ammo only).     Optional: +shotgun.

Medium animals (fox, pig)
Head, Heart, Neck and Lungs: arrow, poisoned arrow, all knives, pistol, revolver, repeater, rifle.             Optional: +shotgun.                    
  Limbs and body non-specified area: poisoned arrows\knives;  (in vanilla - nothing).                                Optional: +shotgun.

Large animals (deer, wolf)
Head, Heart, Neck and Lungs: all arrows, poison knives, pistol, revolver, repeater, rifle, slug.
  Limbs and body non-specified area: poisoned arrows\knives  (in vanilla - nothing).

Very large animals (moose, grizzly)
Head, Heart, Neck and Lungs: rifle, slug, improved arrows, poisoned arrows\knives.
  Limbs and body non-specified area: poisoned arrows\knives (in vanilla - nothing).

Animal baits last +50% more. Predators baits scent radius +50% more.

Increased perception for some types of animals (mostly small). 
Decreased perception of lawmen at night (just because it's in the same file).


Short description:
  • More meat from non-transportable animals.
  • Changed meat type of some animals to more realistic.
  • Some animals dont contain any meat now. This meat is considered as non-edible and toxic for humans. 

Changed animal loot
  • Pigs contain more animal fat (1-3).
  • Boars contain more animal fat (1-2) and 5 pieces of meat for all qualities.
  • Bears contain more animal fat (1-3), and 5 pieces of meat for all qualities.
  • Mooses contain more meat - 6-8 pieces. 
  • Elks contain more meat - 6-8 pieces.
  • Oxes contain more meat - 6-8 pieces.
  • Bulls contain more meat - 6-8 pieces.
  • Buffalos contain more meat - 6-8 pieces.
  • Cows contain more meat - 7-9 pieces.
  • Alligators (large) contain more meat - 5-7 pieces.
  • Badgers in good+ condition contain 1 animal fat.

Changed meat type:
  • Beaver meat now is game meat.
  • Pigeon meat now is game meat (not gamey) because pigeons here are rather wild pigeons, people say they are tasty.
  • Pelican meat now is gamey (tastes bad).
  • Wolves now dont contain meat. Except legendary - their meat is stringy meat (for you could taste your stinky legendary trophy).

Removed meat
Vultures, Condors, Wolves, Toads  are not contain any meat (toxic, unedible).

Meat type changes may start working not instantly, but after a while (after game reloads few times).

Plumes for Algernon's quest (optional)  
Let me remind you, there are orders for 15, 20 and 30 bird plumes. So you will need to kill 65 birds for reward that is not worth your time. If you want to complete this quest without total bird genocide in Bayou, here's the solution.

Changes of plumes amount per bird:
  • Egret plumes: 2 pieces from perfect.
  • Heron plumes: 2 from good and perfect.
  • Spoonbill plumes: 1-3 depending of quality.

Copy the archive content into LML folder. 

FAQ,  Possible questions
  • Safe to install\uninstall.
  • Why did you remove X animal meat, it COULD be edible in extremal situations!1!1  - We do not have such situations ingame. Removed X animal's meat is not good even for predators bait, it smells bad even for them. 
  • Why not to set 10 pieces of meat from big animals? - for technical reasons.
  • Meat type is not changed for me! - Save your game with mod installed, quit to desktop, launch the game.
  • Why not to set perfect kill by bullet in body non-specified area? - Because it can spoil quality of pelt, aaand because it can spoil quality of meat by splashing shit from intestines inside the body! Yummy! 

COMPATIBILITY with another mods
Crime and Law   -  Set priority to one of the mods.
LAW  -  Set priority to one of the mods.
Hunting grounds - should be compatible.

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