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Extensive changes of law behaviour.

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Motivation behind the mod was in bringing more common sense to the original crime system.

Firstly, no this mod doesn't fix disguised character being identified by lawmen. Unfortunately. Though this mod does change the following:


• Law dispatch response does really depend on a distance from town now. Because regions of the map are divided into zones:

~ 500m 
Local ~ 1.5km 
Wilderness - untill the region / state border blends with other region / state or ends - if it's a map's end.

So no more instant lawmen in the middle of nowhere. Unless you're "lucky" enough to stumble on a random patrol group.
The chance of it spawning though is 15%. 

Beware both local and wilderness dispatch groups are now searching for you with dogs. In 1.0.2 update dogs are gonna be bound to a random chance.

• After witness reported a crime appropriate to severity dispatch group heads up to the crime scene. Depending on a wanted level more cops will arrive. Currently there's a flaw - additional cops only spawn if a witness recognized you. Will be fixed in 1.0.2 update.

• A random patrol group is always different, meaning the amount of lawmen. It can be 5 cops with 2 dogs or just 1 person. There're also regional random groups like army in Cumberland or wapiti in Grizzlies. They also can come up to a crime scene.

Low severity crimes won't bring law's attention in the wild. Though there're regions in the game now that won't get law's attention even if it's a medium severity crime. I wont spoil what exact regions are those but it's kinda easy to guess: the most distant and/or most dangerous in the game's story mode.

• If you nailed down the dispatch group in the local / wilderness areas - dispatch will end, untill the next witness. Rural lawmen will have reinforcements if you'll decide to gun them down. This is about to change in 1.0.2 update.

Bounty Hunter groups
are also changed.  Delete bountyhunters.meta from the mod's folder - currently there's a bug. 

• All regions have been changed, except:  Wapiti, Guarma, Aquasdulces, Elnido, Manicato, Sisika, Occupied Caravan Camp. Those will be added later.



• Each town got it's own treatment. Remember how Marshals just spawned outside of Valentine's saloon? Now they'll get into small towns on a wagon. Pinkertons, Army, Bloodhounds, Gatling wagons waiting for you out there. Bounty Hunters in 1.0.2 update.

• For now gatling wagons come in only to Valentine, Cumberland Forest and Saint Denis rural area as an ultimate response. For a proper experience it is required to use only GatlingWagons.asi file which you can download from >> Here

• Saint Denis's got increased amount of lawmen that can participate in an active incident. 



• Every crime is there, nothing has been disabled. It's just some of them now work a little different.

• Now you won't be sentenced for: Assault, Lasso Assault, Unarmed Assault, Disturbance if those were motivated by Self Defence reasons.

• Law is now pretty handy when it comes to helping the poor fellow out:

Unarmed Assault can be triggered if you started it, though you have time to change your mind. If you ended up knocking out a ped, law will make you a suggestion to leave. If you are a serial killer "boxer" they'll shut you. After 1.0.1 hotfix witness will report if there're 2 unconscious peds in the town.
Since the game can't differ man and woman ped I had to make some compromises.

Hassling isn't a crime untill the god law notice. It's kinda compromise too since R* binded a couple of different crimes into one here.

Intimidation can now be witnessed not only by law.

Train robbery vanilla behaviour was like - as soon as the crime proced you are spotted/accused as Arthur/John within 15sec. 

Vanilla train robbery (Time Stamp 2:26)


there'll be a bounty on your head if only they actually saw or heard you, so you can even hide from the lawmen if they already came on a crime scene.

Here are some examples:

Beware of dogs - they can smell you hiding!

Robbery.. well, the visitor guy is scripted, hard. Though a couple of things are changed.

• Law now reacts to Explosion, Arson crimes more adequately in towns. In wilderness witness must see you to take action. Respect nature.

• No one will snitch on your gun practicing in the wild now. Just respect you know.. private property.

• Remember those lawless regions I told you? Well, they say they even kidnap lawmen on breakfast there.

• Most of the crimes now actually oblige witness to see you, or whatever you're doing there to report on you. 



• Major changes to lawmen AI are coming in 1.0.2 update.
• Changed time of day and weather condition dependencies on ped perception.
• Changed ped groups weapon accuracy.
• Changed some prices for crimes. Nothing major just how I see it.



Not compatible with mods that use same files. I don't provide any help with manual code merging.



Drop the "LAW" folder into your lml folder.
Drop GatlingWagons.asi in your game's directory where the .exe is.



• Approved, feel free to leave any. Also notice me if you'll find any bugs or just smth odd or out of common sense issues.

• Though if there'll be no *steps to reproduce* in your reports you'll be with your issues on your own.









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