The Witcher 3

About this mod

Simply put it in the "mods" folder (if it's not there create it, without quotes) in your game directory

Permissions and credits

Credit goes to the original mod Brutal Face (Lore-Friendly) and it's author Andrey Harchenko (aka Vovanbaraban)
Also included bluestripes tattoo by Budong, and original Hos marks support by Feregorn 
A big appreciation goes to Chumichangy for similar thinking and implementation augmented toxic mask (besides fixing vanilla missing neck veins issue long before me) in his Geralt's Face Retexture mod which saved me a lot of time finding the vein placement on the other side of the neck. Great that I stumbled upon your mod, thanks!
Added slightly tweaked white chest hair from Chest hair for Geralt mod by rivianbleidd

Beware of counterfeits - I've never given permission to use my assets and upload it to Nexus as a standalone mod or port my assets to the other game.
I believe Nexus stuff should investigate ElectronicOldManPrime\Don_Kain's activity.

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