Red Dead Redemption 2

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Extensive firearms changes + new realistic ammo

Permissions and credits
  • French

Bolmin, Bob Ross and LMS for RDOffline
Bolmin for No Auto Ammo Pickup mod 
SgtJoe (for the help with the ammoboxes)
Space Timer for the firearm showcase

Throwable Normal Knife  
--> VIDEO <--
Mauser Full Auto 
 VIDEO <--

3.9.2 UPDATE:

  • Reorganized all the firearm gunsmith menus for smoother navigation, similar to ex:  --> VIDEO <-- Switch between menus by pressing Q/E (or the controller buttons)
  • Fixed some components that couldn't be purchased (Evans rifle is slightly bugged)
  • Added new sight for the LeMat (it's attached to the barrel)
  • Mission knife bug fixes

3.9.1 UPDATE:
  • Due to some mission breaking bugs related to NPC health I decided to return damage values to earlier versions
  • HealthStamina mod is no longer required, you can use the vanilla version if you want. It's recommend that you use Anatomical Damages but it's no longer a hard requirement either.
  • Removed some outfit honor requirements from the shops.
  • Update for PDO compatibility file
  • Other bug fixes


  • Compatibility for my Firearm Cosmetics mod (should also fix the grip problems). You can cycle through the grip menu as such: --> VIDEO <--
  • Misc fixes

  • New revolvers: Colt Walker / Model100 / S&W Model 10
  • New cartridges: .38 Special for the S&W model 10/ .44 conical for the Colt Walker (with new UI headstamps)
  • New grip materials for revolver & pistols: Antler / Bone / Ivory (not perfect at the moment) and Burled (from RDO). New unique grips are also coming soon in a  separate mod.
  • New accuracy which is completely based on the power of the cartridge & weight of the firearm model. Make sure to allow your aim to recover before firing again. Use the reticle bloom for reference until you get used to it.

  • Limited two handed firearms to only one slot (offhand on the left shoulder) so you can only carry one rifle/repeater/shotgun plus the bow
  • Added the 44 Henry cartridge to the Schofield
  • Tweaked fire rate of pistols and repeaters (ex: faster lever action for the Henry rifle)
  • Tweaked the sway based on weight (heavier firearms --> more sway)
  • Further tweaking of various power rates and skin penetrations rates
  • Reduced overall fire rate of NPCs
  • Increased the arrow damages
  • Added missing cartridge UI headstamps for the Bird shot and 20ga Slug
  • Animal skinning is now either perfect or poor
  • Fixed birds not being killed (make sure you have the updated requirments)
  • Catalog bug fixes and redid some of the available purchases in all regions
  • Other bug fixes

Yours truly,