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IE Mod is a collection of optional mods that aim to bring you closer the old Infinity Engine games feel through UI and game mechanics modifications.

Permissions and credits
Supported Game Versions:

Mod ver.        Game ver.          Game rdt.          Game extension name           3.07.0 1318       2017-12-19    3.07.0 12802017-11-15Definitive Edition PX1 PX2 PX4 12542017-06-14The White March - Part II (±PX1 or PX2) (ALL OS)
5.0.3beta2.01.0 07212015-09-03
5.0.0beta2.00.0 07062015-08-25The White March - Part I
4.6(b)      1.00.3 05262015-04-04

IE Mod is a collection of optional mods, most of which aim to bring you closer the old Infinity Engine games feel through UI and game mechanics modifications. You can toggle them directly in game in Options -> IE Mod, or by configuring keybindings.

Here is an updated screenshot of the options menu (older version):

Latest Features

- Added a toggle to unlock all inventory slots. This allows you to give everyone a grimoire, helmets for godlike characters (although there will be clipping) and have your own travelling zoo by equipping pets on companions. Also gives you acces to 4 weapon sets and 6 quick items. Note that this does not let you learn wizard spells from grimoires, it just allows you to equip one. If you want to ''Multiclass'' you'll have to add spells manually through the console commands.

- Fixed Screen scrolling in what should have been locked conditions. This also took care of the voice line issues at character creation.

- ''Fixed'' friendly AOE spells not affecting the caster. This was a strange one... This is still not optimal but it's the best I could come up with without doing a massive rework.  As of now, the friendlies will still be targetted, but damaging spells will always miss on them.

- The latest version adds cheat keys similar to the old IE games. Here is a list of currently implemented combinations:
Ctrl + J : Teleport to the location of the cursor, if it's a valid location
Ctrl + Y : Inflict 50 000 damage to whoever is under the cursor (Party included, be carefull with that one)
Ctrl + R : Restore Health, Endurance and takes away afflictions (This takes everything bad away, but sadly also gets rid of resting/food bonuses)
Ctrl + T : Advance time by 8 hours and Stronghold turns by 1
Ctrl + L : Unlocks containers (May break quests if you needed a key, use responsibly)
Ctrl + S : Restore Spells and ability uses

- UnlockSoulBound command is now working as intended. Select the character to which the item is bound, then open up the console and type UnlockSoulBound. It will progress ALL the currently bound items for that character, so if you have two weapons and the armor, they will all go up. Again, you need to bind the item before using this, otherwise it will do nothing.

Known Issues

- The first time the IEMod options menu is opened, some text may still be resolving. Switching to another menu tab and back to IEMod options should get rid of this.


IE Mod is now bundled with a launcher called PatchworkLauncher. Using it is pretty straight-forward. There is a readme too. The mod file in this case is called IEMod.pw.dll.

Before using the launcher, make sure you have the original Assembly-CSharp.dll file. The application can't detect it if you have a 
modified file there.

Extract the launcher in an empty folder. It will ask you for your PoE folder. 

Known Issue: The launcher is supposed to display your game version, but it only works on Windows. I haven't figured out how to find it in other OSes.

You still need to put the 'iemod' folder in the Managed folder, as described below. This requirement could be removed in the future.

The DLLs are still provided for backup purposes.

You can report any problems with the launcher here too. When reporting, make sure to include the log.txt log file. If you're reporting a crash, make sure to include the game's log file.

Thanks to the people who helped me test it out :)
Roquentin, SkidNailo, AndreaColombo, prodigydancer, aegorsuch.

Important Announcements/Answers

Before using the launcher, make sure you have the original Assembly-CSharp.dll file.

Please post bugs in the "Bugs" section, otherwise we may not be able to fix them
(because they will get lost in the comments)

The mod will probably cause serious errors if used with versions other than what it was made for, including save corruption.
However, if you really want to try, go ahead. Just make sure to use the launcher and not the DLLs. The DLLs just won't work.

If you're using Steam, the game updates automatically, so take note if that happens.

Installation Instructions
This mod requires 3 different install steps to work properly:
1. The iemod folder (essential for custom stats and UI) 
2. The patchwork launcher program
3. The modified DLL 

iemod folder:
1.1 Extract the iemod folder from the Bundle zip to the Managed folder of your pillars of eternity install.
The  path should be something like this: 
Steam > steamapps > common > Pillars of Eternity > PillarsOfEternity_Data > Managed > iemod(extracted file).

For the Launcher
2.1 Create an empty folder in the Managed folder of your Pillars of eternity Install.
Again, It should look something like this:
Steam > steamapps > common > Pillars of Eternity > PillarsOfEternity_Data > Managed > YourFolder
2.2 Extract all the contents of the downloaded bundle to your newly created folder. 
2.3 You will have to launch the mod from the patchworkLauncher.exe found there, if you would like to create a shortcut now is a good time.

 For the mod DLL

There are now two DLLs, to accomodate players who have the DLC and those who don't. The only difference is the support for soulbound items, which will be missing from the DLL called IEMod_No_DLC. Make sure to pick the right one for your situation. USE ONLY ONE, NOT BOTH!

First time Run:
Run PatchworkLauncher.exe
Point it to the folder named Pillars of Eternity
Active Mods > Add > Mods > IEMod_DLC.pw.dll OR IEMod_No_DLC.pw.dll> Close
Test Run (A script should run, the log will not be blank, but you should get no error popups.)
You must launch Pillars of Eternity with the Patchwork launcher. The mod won't launch if you use Steam.

(Optional step, if you want to launch through Steam for the overlay and achievements)

Once the game has been launched using the patchwork launcher at least once, you will find a file called
Assembly-CSharp.dll.pw.modified in your Managed Folder, which should at this path
Steam > steamapps > common > Pillars of Eternity > PillarsOfEternity_Data > Managed

Make a backup of the vanilla Assembly-CSharp.dll by renaming it or copying it somewhere safe.
Then rename Assembly-CSharp.dll.pw.modified to Assembly-CSharp.dll

You can now launch the game as you would have in the past.

4. Updates with just the DLL

If you downloaded the IEmod DLL on it's own, you will need to erase the old version and replace it with the latest version. The actual mod DLL is found in the Mods folder. If you followed the steps so far, it should be found at this location:
Steam > steamapps > common > Pillars of Eternity > PillarsOfEternity_Data > Managed > YourFolder > Mods
In order for Patchworks to reapply the patch, you will need to go to your Managed folder and erase the Assembly-CSharp.dll.pw.modified file. 

There's no full list of features at present. Most of the features are visible in the options menu (see image above), or the key bindings menu. There are also special console commands.

Versions 5.0.0+ offer additional features. There have been improvements to UI customization. It is now enabled through the options menu.
You can stay up to date with development by going to the most recent IE Mod repository. It also includes a partial list of new features.
(Original repository: link)

For a partial list of PoE's console commands go here.

For some info about what has changed in the newest version of the mod, see the CHANGES tab above.

UI Customization
If enabled in the options menu, a UI Customization button will appear after area transition/reload. Pressing it will cause various buttons, dropdowns, and checkboxes to pop up in the middle of the screen. The following video shows some of what you can achieve with this feature. It is somewhat outdated.


Bester, Sensuki, Karkarov, Brandon Wallace (bwallace), Pacman7654, SiliconMage, Springwight, tjayharvey, Alakabon, others.
(feel free to add yourself if you've worked on the mod and your name doesn't appear here).