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Modified the Gauntlets of Swift Action from 15% Attack Speed to 95% Attack Speed

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Hello all, 

I always hated the recovery time mechanic and I decided to do something about it. I took the Gauntlets of Swift Action and increased the Attack Speed that it grants from 15% to 95%. This practically removes Recovery Time penalty from whichever character you give the gloves to. No more sitting watching your guy swing, then wait. Then swing. Then wait. 

You can use the command "AddItem gauntlets_of_swift_action" from the command console (Use IEMOD to activate the command console) to add one copy of the glove to your inventory stash. OR you can wait until you find a copy of the gloves from a random drop since I don't think they are sold in any stores. 

Now, of course, this can be extremely unbalancing. To achieve this attack speed you would normally need to build specifically for it by quaffing potions of Alacrity, using enchanted weapons, and stacking other equipment with Attack Speed % boost. These gloves give it to you all in one little item. They will also let you explore some interesting what-if builds and have some incredible fun with monks. 


  • Find your Pillars of Eternity installation folder. I bought mine through steam and it's in my Steam Library/Steamapps/common/Pillars of Eternity folder. 
  • Find the assetbundles/prefab/objectbundle directory. 
  • Find the file gauntlets_of_swift_action.unity3d and COPY it somewhere else and back it up in case something goes wrong. 
  • Unzip the file from this archive you downloaded into the assetbundles/prefab/objectbundle folder and overwrite the existing file. 
  • Start your game and either use AddItem, or hopefully find the gloves in a chest or other loot drop.
  • Enjoy constant attacking madness with your character 

I don't know if you already have a copy of these gloves whether the stats will change, I think they should. 
If you move while your character is recovering (although it's so fast that will be rare) the game extends the recovery time. So stand in one place and whack away to test (or fire a spell). Also note that Attack Speed is Additive. That means that although this is 95%, if you are wearing massive Plate Armor that slows you down by 50%, then these gloves will only speed your character up by 95 + (-50) = 45%.