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Backer Memorials overhauled to remove all non-lore friendly entries. Such as; Gamebanshee.com, Dumb Ass Dave, Don't make a mobile version, or n-Space.

Permissions and credits
  The following is a Mod for Pillars of Eternity to change almost every backer memorial to more a Lore-friendly version. In this opening I'd like to give special Thanks to Bester, Sensuki, and Karkarov. For without their IE Mod; this mod wouldn't be possible.


  As it stands nearly all Backer Memorial entries have been changed (Well over 500). Most area map memorials  have been edited to be Lore Friendly; as well as reduced in size. If you have a idea for a contribution post it in the comments; you'll receive a mention in the credits as one of the Mods authors.

 An additional mod is also available that disables memorials all together; this version 1.02 in the download section. Due to an error in a previous version I discovered having a Marker Name over a certain number of characters makes the memorials unselectable ingame. Since this had no adverse effect to the game; no
stability errors or bugs from my experience. I've included the file for download for those who would like the removal of memorials altogether.


  Having been a Gold Backer of Project Eternity on Kickstarter; I wish the memorial stones had been treated with better care. Obsidian allowed all the backers to basically treat in-game tombstones as mere Graffiti that is continually painted throughout the game. Much like adolescents tagging rocks with their names along a hiking trail, It ruins what would have otherwise been a beautiful afternoon stroll.

Some backers took great care in their entries; and I applaud them. Their effort is all the more jarring since out of over 580+ entries only they didn't require editing. Following is an excerpt of a few;

Marius Westbø
    "A man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry."

    "Our bodies are prisons for our souls. Our skin and blood, the iron bars of confinement. But fear not. All flesh decays. Death turns all to ash. And thus, death frees every soul."

 Little Bird
    "We were supposed to be your guardians. We failed our duty, but you paid the price. May your soul rest with the gods."
Thank you, and the others I didn't mention. For taking the memorials for what they are; an integral part of the game that appear in many area maps.

Installation instructions:
This Mod Requires IE MOD 4.6+ be installed in your game folder;
Please place the MemorialEntries.xml, into the IE Mod folder.

The internet has enough vitriol and I won't add to it. Any comments along the lines; "I paid for a memorial don't remove it". Will be ignored; I don't care; don't download the mod if it bothers you.


Additonal Contributors;
Uren - Proofing


1.Dryford Ruins memorials changed. 3 panel; area zoned as Skaen burial catacombs. All panels reduced to match alcoves and coffins in the immediate area.

1.Od Nua Endless Paths LV3 memorials changed. 6 Panels; area zoned as burial catacombs for excavation workers. Secret area memorials zoned as burial site of Erl of Yenwood. All panels reduced to match alcoves and coffins in immediate area.
2.Raedric's Hold Dungeon memorials changed. 4 Panels; area zoned as burial catacombs of Raedric family.
3.Heritage Hill memorials reduced. All panels reduced to 10 slots; rather then full 18.

1.Esternwood memorials changed. Area zoned as Gilded Vale Burial site. Area includes 4 panels.
2.Woodend Plains memorial changed. Previous hollowborn memorial moved to Esternwood; rezoned as burial site for two farming families. Abandoned farms in area map and nearby areas makes this a lore friendly change. Only small grave plot; also several hours from any city or township.
3.Corrected few minor errors, found by contributor Uren.

1.Copperlane Catacombs memorials changed. Area is zoned as Abandoned Catacombs, that were up kept by the Woedica Temple priests. Some memorials have now been written as burial sites for worshippers of that god.
2.Slots removed on memorial panels, Copperlane Catacombs vary from 4-10 slots per panel, rather then the full 18. Special thanks to Delfosse for the information.

1.Heritage Hill Edit complete; Area zoned as Dyrwood "War of Defiance" Loyalists. Four Panels.
2.Second Pass on Woodland Plains; Area zoned as Hollowborn memorial. Single Panel.
3.Corrected minor errors.

1.Error in the naming convention of line 2241 of previous release fixed. Problem caused by total number of characters in the name string. Added benefit of enabling a total disable MOD of memorial monuments for interested parties. Will be included as a separate download in the files section.

1.Woodend Plains Memorial edited; appears in area's upper right corner.
Memorial is now dedicated to lost Hollowborn children.
2.Some minor name entry changes. Some were missed on previous pass, or new more appropriate names occurred.
3.Additional Author contributions added.
4.Edited area entries include a surname.

V1.00; Included Changes to:
1. All Memorials Edited to Ensure more Lore-friendly names and Entries.
2. Most Text Formatting Removed. (The intended purpose is to ensure shared formatting throughout all memorials. Future version will have all entries having matching formatting for the area they appear, less letters inscribed for poor areas, more elaborate entries for rich monuments.)