Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous
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2 Saves, one just before interacting with wardstone and second before picking the 3rd mythic level. Didn't level up anyone throughout the entire playthrough.

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Ever wanted to replay the game, but didn't want to go through tutorial again or use a buggy respec?  

Here's a solution, a pack with 2 save games containing a female dhampir, with only 1 level in Arcanist, allowing you to build the character just as you wanted (except of that 1 level in arcanist.)

I used a custom avatar with a default folder, so you can put your own avatar for the character fairly easily.

This is a mostly clean save, I only used Toybox, Cleaner and Combat Relief mods to make the process possible and quicker. I've also spawned a dagger required for a secret ending since choice that enables Aeon path destroyed the dagger.

PS:I also picked up every item I could find, and didn't sell any magical items, so without ToyBox you will be Heavily Encumbered.
PPS: Lann.

What do you get?
  • Save that allows you to get into every mythic path and get the secret ending (assuming if you don't mess up anything later on.)
  • Save just before the Wardstone choices if you want to start a bit earlier.

Update 2.0

  • Do not contain Swarm That Walks mythic
  • Can Romance with Queen Galfrey
  • Completed using Enhanced Edition and imported saves from all Season 1 DLCs