Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous
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A lot of Lann's dialogue for his romance is specifically gendered. This edit makes it so that the gender he mentions matches the PC's gender. Toy Box is required to romance Lann as a male. Compatible with both vanilla and DLC! Not compatible with any mod that modifies the enGB.json.

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2023-03-19: A new DLC dropped recently, but I won't be able to update this mod until I return home next week; I'm currently at a relative's to house-sit for them. In the meantime, as always, you can make the edits yourselves, or give Ulbrig's bi romance a whirl! Going by the leftover text in the file, he was originally going to be straight back when he was only in the devs' brainstorming stages, so thanks to the devs for thinking of the boys. Only wish they'd done that for Lann.
2023-02-14: There's a new patch! I'll update this mod ASAP, but the update may not come out until tomorrow at the latest. You can manually edit the enGB yourself using the lines in the "Docs" tab as reference with CTRL+F, if you don't want to wait for my update lol. Edit: Finally got around to editing the file, lol. Sorry it's a week late; currently addicted to Hogwarts Legacy!
2023-02-05: Special thank you to my generous benefactor! I'm running tests to see if DLC text works fine with the current version of the mod. So far everything appears fine (I believe the DLC text is already present in the vanilla enGB.json, even without having the DLC. Why do I believe this? My enGB file was never updated after the DLC was installed, and I did a quick CTRL+F of my most recently edited enGB for what little DLC text I've seen so far, and it was in the file; I will update if I find any errors)! Once I know for sure everything is compatible, I'll sticky a post in the comments section, etc. I will, of course, keep updating this as the game is updated and as more DLC is released, but for now, I think this edit is safe to use for everyone with or without the DLC. Again, use the mod at your discretion!
2023-02-02: The game has a huge patch, which means I'll have to update this, lol. Stay tuned! Edit: Update complete!

Hi, so I was really bummed out when the only romanceable male companion that was totally compatible with my PC was only available to female PCs specifically. Toy Box's "Love is Free" option is a real lifesaver, but only if you can stomach being referred to as a woman when your character is a man. I can't--really takes me out of it, among other things; so, after days of fruitless searching, I more-or-less accidentally figured out how to "fix" that. Took many hours, but it was worth it for the sake of being able to fully enjoy myself, lol. Thought I'd share this in case anyone else in the extreme minority of Lann-gay-romancers would appreciate this, too.

What this will/should do (it's mostly tested at this point, but I have not seen the epilogue in-game, yet):
  • Apply the {mf|y|x} function where appropriate (see screenshots for examples of this in-game), so that correct gender is used throughout the romance
  • Cover Lann's romance-specific camp dialogues when resting (e.g. where companions gossip with each other). *Update: I've discovered from playing farther into the game that such dialogue is voiced; thus, while I've changed the text, the voices may still reflect the wrong gender (Seelah chiding Lann for sparring with the commander as an example; Seelah says "her," but the text will read "him"). Muting your dialogue (not voice) will avoid the disparity.
  • Cover Lann's gendered romance lines in dialogue during his romance events. *Update: Some of Lann's later romance dialogue is indeed voiced (such as the date, at the very least). There's unfortunately nothing I can do about the disparity of the voiced dialogue with my simple text edits, so all I can do is suggest temporarily muting the dialogue in your sound settings. OTL
  • Cover Lann's romanced epilogue
  • Makes a few lines, including some player lines, a little more broadly worded to apply to either gender without sounding weird (see screenshots)

This does not replace all female gendered dialogue with male gendered dialogue. I used a specific function that accurately reflects the gender of the PC romancing Lann. Therefore, someone who enjoys playing as both genders but wants to romance Lann in both instances would be referred to as their respective gender. There are some lines that were made more neutral, so they would work seamlessly for either gender.
This also does not alter voice lines, so to avoid disparity between voice and text (if so desired), the only thing you can do is mute the dialogue in your sound settings (not voice). If I knew how to keep specific voiced dialogue from firing so as to enjoy the rest of the voice acting, I'd do that, but I'm still a novice, unfortunately. Hopefully one day!

Instructions for install:
  1. Back up your original enGB.json file! It should be located in \Pathfinder Second Adventure\Wrath_Data\StreamingAssets\Localization. Cut and paste or copy and paste the original enGB.json file to a new location, then optionally rename that backed up file to something like enGB_original.json, so you know for sure that's the original, if you need it.
  2. Download and extract the modded enGB.json to the aforementioned folder and replace the old file if present in the directory.
  3. Use Toy Box's "Love is Free" toggle to get full use of the edits.
Enjoy! And please let me know if you find any lines I missed, or if you find a weird error! A screenshot or the dialogue verbatim (so I can CTRL+F) is needed so I can fix any missed lines.

To uninstall, just replace the modified enGB.json file with the original that you backed up. Rename it to match the default file name, if necessary. Please note that I am not responsible if you choose not to back up your file. This is no different to replacing player voices.