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Not a update, only a esp whit removed cicadas-sound.
If you are peeved from this sound, go to the download section and download noCicadas 7Zip.

Best regards, stroti.

First minor update
This small update fixed the local-map bug thats the game-engine produced, if an mod alter something at the 3,3 cell. The local map is now working correctly. Reference for that problem: http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/Common_Bugs

It fixed also the bug -forgotten-to-add-firespell- for the sword Wrath of Ardah, that a brain-engine produced, if there is a wife with an frying pan standing between you and the monitor. Erm...

Surazal has added ardah to his Sensual Walks for Female NPCs.
Yum yum...

I have created a detailed walkthrough, look under downloads


After one year of building i am proudly to present you my mod Ardah, a desert dream.

It is a completely new world with a lot of new meshes made by my self.
Various known my as resource-modder here on tes-nexus. If you are not a modder but wants to see my objects ingame, this is the right place to do that.

Ardah has only one "Quest" and no Storyline. Its a land for explorer and adventurer, for merchants and people, who needs a good education. If you are sick of the dirty environs, the lousy weather and the eternal same lookout of tamriel, give you a try and make hollydays on ardah.

There are many residents on ardah, teacher, merchants, guards, and of course also useless people.
The locations: Harbor, Basar, City, Temple, Palace, Mageguild, Graveyard, the hidden scooma-cave, the boneshaker-cave and a working Prison.
Ardah has a lot of high detailed inter- and exteriors. There are chests and small outdoor-caves on the exterior like in Gothic, you can find gold, gems and other useful things if you, how i self, like to explore an region. Ardah has no adult content. Sexual content are not my association of the game oblivion. So if you need anything that are bouncing, you have to add it by yourself.


Download ardah 7Zip
Extract the archive, put the 2 files, (ardah.bsa and ardah.esp), in your data-directory and activate ardah.esp.

If you wants the update, download the file called -update 7zip- and replace the old ardah.esp with the updated ardah.esp.

Hint: If you get stuck with finding somewhat, download the walkthrough.


A ship in the harbor of anvil.


After you arrived to ardah, you find you on a harbor. OK, that was it. There came no NPC to you and say: Ah dammed, i need my lousy rusty sword, it is in a rotten cave with 50 leveled monsters, bring it to me and i will speak a prayer for peace for you...
No sir, nothing like this happens. Move your .... and explore the island.
After a while you came to a big palace, but... All the doors are closed. Congratulations, you have find your new unique player-home, all to do now is to find the key. Thats the "quest". To find the palace-key, you have to find 4 other Keys. Nobody will help you, simply use your brain. (In the download is a textfile called hints.txt)
To earn the keys, you can fight for it (HARD!), or, if you are an lousy fighter like my, search for an item in the near location of an place of your interest. With this items you became a friend for the matched locations and you can explore the place without any stress.


Known issues:
Ardah is high detailed, so if you have an rusty pc, it will slow down your fps.
Do it like me in the past, sell one of your kidneys and buy a new pc. ;)
(After the 11.11.11 you must do that anyhow...)
On my pc, build 2006, 4 gig ram, xp, ati radeon 5400, it runs without problems.

The startpoint is the harbor of anvil. If you have an mod that change this location, it will conflict with my mod. Thats hard, but like in the real live, you canĀ“t have everything.


Resources used:
All Ships, Market Resources, Bloomery,Seagulls, Raven, Treasureparts, Camels and Mr_siikas Miscellaneous Meshes made by the great mr_Siika
Alluring Potion Bottles by jbvw
Animated Flag Resource by Firespark
Armamentarium Staffs by Trollf

Booksets by Garak
Buddah-s Sample Pack by Buddah

Coffee Resource by Sam Lake
Canopy Beds by Lady Li

Desert Architecture Beta, Dune Part III and Al 'Jahar Rugs by Darkness Eternal
Diannes Magic Books by Dunmermaiden

Egyptian art urns by mystery05
Equipable Beards by taylorsd + madmole

Falling Stars by Phitt
Filled Bookshelf, Imp Statue, Filled Chest, Orc Skull by Hel Borne
Filled UpperWallShelf by JDFan

Gallow Modders Resource by Phitt
Glass Textures from Buddah-s Sample Pack by the Team at Storm Raven Library Productions

Koniptions ResourcePack by Koniption

Lauras Waterpipes by LauraCroft
Leopard and snow leopard textures by Buhay

Market Misc by Lutur
Medieval Ressources by Assassin_456 / OGM-Team
Meos Armors of Cyrodiil for Dummies by Meo

New World Landmass Modders Resource by Ranokoas

Old School Dungeons by Phitt

Pillow Resource by Snusmumriken
Potions and Bottles by Jannix
Pool and Globes by David Whitefang

Rock Resource by SachielMF

Skooma Pipe by McMuffin
Static scroll sets by Omegacron

Textures by cgtextures.com
Tiger textures by AlienSlof

Vendors Tables by EbeneezerSquid

If there anyone that i have forgotten in this credits, inform me please.


You may not republish or redistribute my work without my permission.
Do not host my work on other sites.


Use this mod at your own risk. Don't blame me, if it blows up your computer.


Last but not least
Thank you for downloading and have fun!