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AFK_Weye completely revitalizes the village of Weye outside the Imperial City, adding new buildings, new NPCs, and a Cyrodiil-spanning questline that faces you off against enemies new and old.

Permissions and credits
Version: 2.32
Date: 11/24/2011
Author: Dwip

French translation of Version 2.3 by Sita

TES_Nexus File of the Month #5, August 2010
Featured in RPGWatch article "Oblivion - The Unoblivionated Version" by VoxClamant, September 2010

Version 2.32 released 11/24/11
Version 2.31 released 8/27/11
Version 2.3 released 7/30/11
Version 2.2 released 11/17/10
Version 2.1 released 8/3/10
Version 2.0 released 7/2/10
Version 1.21 released 8/17/09
Version 1.2 released 7/9/09
Version 1.1 released 3/25/09
Version 1.0 released 2/27/09

Walkthrough version 2.3 released 7/30/11
Walkthrough version 2.1 released 8/3/10 (removed after 1074 downloads)
Walkthrough version 2.0 released 7/2/10 (removed after 299 downloads)
Walkthrough version 1.1 released 10/3/09
Walkthrough version 1.0 released 5/26/09

1.x versions removed after 11,902 downloads



  • New, player ownable and upgradable house in Weye, with the possibility for outdoor gardens, trainers, guards, and more
  • New stores in Weye, including a bow shop and general merchant, with the possibility for even more via quests
  • More than 25 new NPCs - grow Weye from a sleepy hamlet to a bustling suburb through your actions
  • Thousands of lines of partially voiced dialogue
  • 18 new quests both in and around Weye and spanning the face of Cyrodiil, including 5 in the main quest line
  • Save damsels in distress, reuinite lost lovers, and right ancient wrongs - or take their treasures for yourself
  • Enemies and treasures both new and old, from daedra lords to master swordsmen, from amulets to deadly new weapons
  • A bard who will tell tales of your adventures to one and all
  • A dungeon unlike any you have seen before

New for 2.0:

  • Well over a hundred major and minor bug fixes since 1.21
  • Many cosmetic changes to Weye and its manor, including several completely new meshes and many more retexures
  • New and rearranged furnishings in the manor, including the choice between a cozy sitting area and display cases, a new guest room for companions, and a revamped alchemy area
  • Fireplaces and lighting in the manor that can be turned on and off manually, or automatically by the maid. You can pick and choose room by room
  • Better equipment for some NPCs, including custom armor retextures and a few other surprises. New equipment in Weye shops
  • Fallout 3 style companion management for Weye guards and companions, with equipment sharing, multiple AIs, and variable follow distances
  • Several new quests, including A Wolf In the Fold, Shiny Things, With A Hungry Heart, Elemental Arrows, Goods For Thalonias, and more
  • Heavily reworked older quests, including new paths to completion for Death and Taxes and All That Glitters, changes to Property Rights, better wrapup after When You Wish Upon A Star, and a proper ending to Zombies In the Mist
  • Much, much more

COBL Support for 2.0:

This is very much a beta feature, and I welcome feedback from COBL users.

  • Outdoor wells now give water
  • Luggage support in the manor entry
  • Larder and home plate in the manor dining room
  • Water barrel in the manor kitchen
  • Alchemy sorter, grinder, and static alchemy equipment in the manor alchemy room

AFK_Weye completely revitalizes the village of Weye outside the Imperial City, adding new buildings, new NPCs, and a Cyrodiil-spanning questline that faces you off against enemies new and old.

At the start of the mod, there are two new merchants in town. Thalonias is a wealthy traveling Breton for those players who like to recieve a reasonable price for their items. Lucius Decimus owns a bow shop, selling bows and enchanted arrows. In addition, there are several more new NPCs living in four other new houses in town. Through quests, you can attract even more NPCs to town, some of whom offer their own services and quests.

Over the course of the quests, the possibility opens up for a player-owned house, and the main questline explores the house, its inhabitants, and lets you grow and breathe new life into both manor and town. In addition, there are several other quests, revolving around Weye and its inhabitants.

Most Weye NPCs are quest related in some way - talking to people and paying attention to them and their actions can open up more options or entirely new quests.

Much attention has been paid to creating believable NPCs - Most are at least as interesting as vanilla NPCs, and they will react to your adventures and to other people in town, tell you about their lives, and more.


  • Oblivion patched to the latest version. Shivering Isles is not required.
  • An optional COBL version is included. This version requires COBL 1.72 or above.
  • Due to the excessive file size issues, silent voice files were not included. You will need either Elys Universal Silent Voice, which requires OBSE, or you will need to generate silent voice files via TES4Gecko).


Installing with BAIN (preferred):

  1. Uninstall any previous version of AFK_Weye. READ THE UPGRADING NOTE BELOW BEFORE DOING THIS.
  2. Move the AFK_Weye 2.x archive to your \Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\ directory.
  3. Open Wrye Bash, and click the Installers tab. Select AFK_Weye.
  4. Make sure the 00 Core sub-package is selected.
  5. Select either the 01 COBL or 01 Non-COBL sub-package, depending on if you want COBL support or not. Make sure the proper AFK_Weye.esp is selected.
  6. Select the 02 Compatibility sub-package and select any patch esps you want for compatibility with either RTT 3 or Region Revive: Lake Rumare 1.3.
  7. Right click the AFK_Weye package in the packages list and click Install.
  8. In the Mods tab, make sure AFK_Weye.esp and any patch esps are selected.
  9. Make sure everything is in the proper order either manually or by using BOSS.
  10. Use of TES4LODGen is recommended if you want Weye to be visible while distant.
  11. Rebuild your Bashed Patch.

Installing Manually:

  1. Uninstall any previous version of AFK_Weye by deleting AFK_Weye.esp and AFK_Weye.bsa from your Oblivion/Data directory. READ THE UPGRADING NOTE BELOW BEFORE DOING THIS.
  2. Open the AFK_Weye 2.x archive.
  3. In the archive, in the 00 Core directory, find AFK_Weye.bsa and copy it to Oblivion/Data.
  4. If you want COBL support, copy AFK_Weye.esp from the 01 COBL directory to Oblivion/Data. Otherwise copy AFK_Weye.esp from the 01 Non-COBL directory to Oblivion/Data.
  5. If you want the compatibility patches for RTT 3.0 or Region Revive: Lake Rumare 1.3, copy those files from 02 Compatibility to Oblivion/Data. Close the archive.
  6. In your mod manager of choice, make sure AFK_Weye.esp and the esp files for any patches are selected.
  7. Make sure everything is in the proper order either manually or by using BOSS.
  8. Use of TES4LODGen is recommended if you want Weye to be visible while distant.

Upgrading to 2.x From Previous Versions

Unfortunately, upgrading from any 1.x version of AFK_Weye to 2.0 is not as easy as dragging and dropping. Upgrading to 2.x without performing the following procedure may result in quests not working, buggy NPCs, or other unpredictable results including game instability.

Be aware that upgrading from 1.x versions of AFK_Weye to 2.x will require a clean save (see below), and you will lose all quest progress. Unfortunately, there is no way around this.

To upgrade from a 1.x version of AFK_Weye to 2.x, please:

  1. With your 1.x version still installed, load any saved game. If you have items in the player-owned manor, you will need to get them out of the manor and to another location, or else they will be lost. Make a new save and exit Oblivion. Repeat this for all applicable saves.
  2. In Bash or OBMM, deselect AFK_Weye.esp and delete all AFK_Weye 1.x files (AFK_Weye.esp and AFK_Weye.bsa).
  3. Load up your save in Oblivion. You will be presented with an error message about missing content. This is ok. As soon as possible, save again and exit Oblivion.
  4. Download and install AFK_Weye 2.x using the instructions above. Make sure to re-run BOSS and TES4LODGen if appropriate.
  5. Play as normal. If you need storage space for equipment evacuated from the manor, there is a hollow rock located next to the main signpost near the manor that is safe for player storage.


As of this release, AFK_Weye is compatable with:

  • All official mods (including Deepscorn Hollow)
  • The Unofficial Oblivion Patch
  • All current UL mods (Arius Creek requires an included patch)
  • Region Revive: Lake Rumare 1.3 via included patch (thanks, Arthmoor!)
  • Ruined Tail's Tail 3.0 via included patch (thanks, Arthmoor!)
  • Ruined Tail's Tail versions below 3.0 do not require this patch

The proper order for RR:LR, RTT, AFK_Weye, and the patches is:

RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp
Region Revive - Lake Rumare.esp
Rumare-AFK_Weye Patch.esp

BOSS may or may not change this exact order from time to time. When in doubt, go with the BOSS order.

  • Storms & Sound via a patch by Foghorne available here.
  • Dragon Captions - A Saint's Tale will have minor pathgrid conflicts with AFK_Weye. AFK_Weye should load AFTER DC:AST to minimize these.
  • Insanity's Pet Shop Beta may have minor pathgrid conflicts with AFK_Weye but is otherwise compatable.
  • Oblivion XP Update via patch on its download page: here.

OOO, Fran's, and other rebalancing mods will work correctly with AFK_Weye with no problems or load order issues, although AFK_Weye uses its own monster leveling and balancing scheme that complements both rebalance mods and the vanilla game.

AFK_Weye should be compatable with almost any mod that does not make changes to the exterior Weye cells.

It is recommended that anyone using AFK_Weye use load ordering software such as BOSS to avoid conflicts.

AFK_Weye is NOT compatable with, and will not be made so, with:

  • Weye: The Imperial City Suburbs
  • Colourwheel's Sexy Bank
  • Oblivion Farmer's Market
  • MTC Expanded Villages

Known Issues

  • If applied to an existing game, wait 24 hours for the NPCs to properly settle in.
  • Sometimes, Weye NPCs will talk to each other, but there will be no sound. This is a side effect of the lack of voice acting.
  • The subtitles for assorted speeches (mainly Alyssan) may be cut off. This is a limitation of the lack of voice acting. Try again with fewer people around.
  • Bringing companions on the ship during With A Hungry Heart can cause the quest to fail. Leave the companions at home for this one.
  • In very rare and unknown circumstances, the first encounter with Gaius Verres can cause the game to crash. If that happens to you, do the following:
  • - When you are initially frozen (there will be a sound), go into the console and type "EnablePlayerControls" without the quotes.
    - Stand still and don't do anything. Some things will happen. Keep standing there.
    - Wait until you get a journal update. Once this happens, you can move around again.
  • There is currently a bug with the COBL version where it is possible for the static alchemy gear in the manor to appear improperly. To avoid the bug, once you acquire the manor, buy the alchemy area upgrade first thing. Until you buy that upgrade, avoid the basement. Do note that the consequences of this bug are fairly minor - the static gear should appear already filled. If you've run into this bug, it will appear empty, but can be manually filled.
  • AFK_Weye is cleaned prior to each release and does not need to be cleaned. However, if cleaned anyway, TES4Edit will display 35 ITM records as having been cleaned. These are false positives having to do with AFK_Weye's added worldspaces, and you can safely ignore them.

Licensing and Legal

Please DO NOT redistribute or reupload this mod without my express permission.

Please DO feel free to use anything in this mod you think is worth using as a basis for your own modding efforts. This includes using AFK_Weye as a base for your own mods (which does not include new versions of AFK_Weye!), or using resources from AFK_Weye.bsa, except where those resources are the work of someone else (see the credits above). If you have a question, please ask. In all cases I would appreciate being notified and being given credit for my work.


Bethesda Softworks Forums: Dwip
TES Nexus: afk_dwip


  • Texian - Texian's Static Water Meshes.
  • Ghogiel - Bonemold armor from Ghogiel's Armor Resource.
  • Meo - Meo's Modular Fireplaces.
  • Phitt and Keldorn - Ayleid Lich King from Loreless Creature Pack 1.
  • Puff - Invisible Activator Resouce.
  • The Weather All Natural Team - Resources used for Verres Manor.
  • Ancestral Ghost - Skeletons Helmets Resource
  • Mayang's Free Texture Library - Staff of Weyandir base texture.
  • WhoGuru - Voice of the King of Kerrach
  • Conner - Voice of First Mate and Spurius Pecuniarius (2.0-2.1)
  • chibi0roxas - Voice of First Mate and Spurius Pecuniarius (2.2)
  • The 2.0 Playtesting Team - Arthmoor, Hanaisse, and Pvan.
  • Arthmoor - Ideas, mesh and texture edits, _far.nif creation, patches for RR:LR and RTT, and epic amounts of playtesting.
  • Hanaisse - Ideas, commentary, and playtesting.
  • Pvan - Many of the ideas that went into 2.0 are his fault. Also playtesting and commentary.
  • The Original Playtesters - You know who you are. Thanks for sticking with it over three years.
  • Hawt06, WalkerInShadows, scarb, evanchristensen, Eolath, jklinger, doggydoo, jolsby, and everyone else at Bethesda or Nexus who reported bugs or offered suggestions.

Version History

Version 2.32 (11/24/11)

  • Multiple endings for A Wolf in the Fold were somehow still missing. These have been corrected.
  • During Goods For Thalonias, various merchants would talk about themselves when giving directions.
  • Many dialogue options in Goods For Thalonias, Family Ties, All That Glitters, and Weye Manor had somehow become corrupted, and that dialogue never showed. This has been fixed.

Version 2.31 (8/27/11)

  • Quill-Weave and Sakeepa somehow had bad edits. These have been removed.
  • Minor readme edits to discuss cleaning and load order.

Version 2.3 (7/30/11)

  • Moved Breakneck Lair for compatability with Reclaiming Sancre Tor.
  • Moved ship near Anvil to avoid conflicts with UL: Cliffs of Anvil.
  • Updated patch for compatability with Region Revive: Lake Rumare.
  • New patch for compatability with UL: Arius Creek (thanks Arthmoor!)
  • Added a stable area across from the Wawnet Inn due to popular demand.
  • New side quest: What Lies In Names.
  • Fixed small bugs with Ajee-Ma's AI.
  • Fixed large bugs with Mireena Dranilu's AI.
  • Fixed issue where Orlando was prevented from properly initiating duels.
  • During Goods for Thalonias, cash was not being deducted when deals were made.
  • Added a script for OBSE users to automatically fix legacy issues with companion equipment (thanks Arthmoor!).
  • If player was wearing the Star of Suran while using the Tomb of St. Dranas, it was possible to permanently gain some abilities.
  • Reach on Deerstalker set to 1 to fix a crash bug.
  • If Elahai was rescued without talking to Thalonias first, Down In A Hole would not complete.
  • Removed rogue pathgrid node in cell -2,18 that was causing issues with Verona Bay.
  • Slight quest icon adjustments.
  • Various candles around Weye were not lighting up at night due to a scripting bug.
  • Added a small number of mp3s to enable some voiceless NPC conversations.
  • All NPCs with default hair/eyes now have something set there to avoid Bash issues.
  • Path grid issues in manor basement were causing problems for guards.
  • Various quests that give skill increases now inform you what they are.

Version 2.2 (11/17/10)

  • Larder in COBL version wasn't connected to plate.
  • Fixed land tear issue with UL: Chorrol Hinterlands (thanks Arthmoor!)
  • Blood trail was persisting after A Wolf In the Fold.
  • Added Menus80, Menus50 icons.
  • Slight changes to the merchant stall mesh.
  • Fixed glow problems with Star of Suran.
  • Various typo and formatting fixes.
  • Added missing GetInCell checks to location-specific dialogue.
  • Fixed various SetFactionRank problems.
  • Aelwin Merowald's house is now owned by him (duplicates a UOPS fix).
  • Fixed Aelwin Merowald's misaligned back gate (duplicates a UOPS fix).
  • Various tweaks to Maxentius Alosius, Kalzi AI.
  • New patrol routine for Graz gro-Shulg.
  • Various manor pathgrid tweaks. Maxentius Alosius should behave normally now.
  • Maxentius' guards should no longer go berserk if Maxentius is killed.
  • Fixed creature faction issue with Elahai.
  • Elahai will no longer summon dremora during his daily spell practicing.
  • Fixed problems with manor guards losing equipment. Improved manor guard resurrection.
  • Fixed ownership problems with various items in Maxentius Alosius' bedroom.
  • Fixed issue where Thalonias' vendor chest wouldn't respawn.
  • Fixed issue where Lucius Decimus sometimes had a permanent sneaking animation after A Wolf In the Fold.
  • Fixed faction problem with Noam.
  • Fixed bug where A Wolf In the Fold wouldn't complete.
  • Fixed a variety of bugs related to Orvas Arethi. It is now possible to complete Family Ties without talking to Orvas Arethi.
  • New voice acting for sequence during With A Hungry Heart.
  • Priory of Saint Serranus now has its own map marker.
  • Revamped the catacombs under the Priory of Saint Serranus.
  • Cosmetic changes to Kerrach and Weyandir.
  • Fixed various sound issues in Kerrach and Weyandir.
  • Fixed issue with Waters of Anu being lost during combat.
  • Heavily revised Kerrach Storm Spire.
  • Fixed error with lich texturing.
  • Added better pathgrids and a way out of the pit in Kerrach Rending Spire.
  • New gear for skeletons in Kerrach based on Ancestral Ghost's Skeletons Helmets Resource .

Version 2.1 (8/3/10)

  • Fixed problems with COBL static alchemy apparatus not working correctly.
  • Added missing pathgrids in manor.
  • Added new meshes to fix hackish addition of manor guest room. Guest room reworked.
  • Re-added AFKskullgreen02 mesh to BSA file to prevent missing mesh errors in Kerrach.
  • Added BanditTestKey to Orlando to prevent issues with Reneer's Guard Overhaul.
  • Fixed problems with the topic Lost Sheep persisting after A Wolf In the Fold.
  • Fixed problems with the topic Lost Sheep not appearing during A Wolf In the Fold.
  • Fixed problems where declining Marcus Aratorius' offer could break A Wolf In the Fold.
  • Fixed problem with multiplying sheep after A Wolf In the Fold.
  • Fixed issue where followers sometimes wouldn't follow during Property Rights.
  • Fixed issue where it was sometimes impossible to progress during Property Rights.
  • Orlando now appears properly for players with high infamy.
  • Made previously off-limits areas of Alosius manor accessible.
  • New side quest: The Metal Box.
  • Internal changes to make COBL version creation easier.
  • Fixed possible VWD problems for people without RAEVWD.
  • Some manor furniture and items were not being enabled or disabled correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed problem where killing Maxentius while wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal led to strange results.

Version 2.0 (7/2/10)

  • Major new version

Version 1.21 (8/17/09)

  • Removed erroneous placement of Sigil of Kerrach.
  • Fixed bug where Sigil of Kerrach was causing permanent stat drain.

Version 1.2 (6/16/09)

  • Fixed idle animations for Zombies In the Mist.
  • Moved various things to script to stop crash problems with Zombies In the Mist.
  • Added AI packs to all Weye NPCs including Aelwin Merowald and Nerussa. All NPCs should now behave properly during Zombies In the Mist.
  • Changed start time for Zombies In the Mist to midnight to prevent massive zombie combat in the Wawnet Inn.
  • Maeron will now give the player a reward at the end of Zombies In the Mist. In games where Zombies In the Mist has already been completed, this reward will be given automatically.
  • Set The Fastest Blade in the West to mark as complete when finished. In games where Orlando has already joined the manor staff, this will update automatically.
  • Fixed bug where you could fight Orlando too early during The Fastest Blade In the West.
  • Restored missing silent voice files for Savesh Arem.
  • Added script checks to fix bug in All That Glitters where Savesh Arem would not travel properly.
  • Added barter gold and food to all Weye residents to help stop combative NPC problem.
  • Changed the end of Gaius Verres' script to stop bug where it was possible to attack him too early.
  • Fixed several bugs in the manor guard quarters where items were improperly enabling and disabling, as well as ownership issues.
  • Fixed bug where Nevos Urns' speech at the end of When You Wish Upon A Star ended improperly.
  • Fixed bug with manor guard AI packs.

Version 1.1 (3/17/09)

  • Fixed bug where Freedom For My People did not complete.
  • Fixed bug where Thalonias would not offer guard services during/after All That Glitters.
  • Fixed bad path node in Kerrach, Molag Garlas.
  • Fixed assorted dialogue errors.
  • Rebalanced Gaius Verres' spell list and powers to provide a (hopefully) more challenging fight.
  • Fixed loot issues with various Breakneck goblins.
  • Fixed issue where original and player versions of manor doors led to different places.
  • Changed Lucius Decimus' candle to only provide light at night.
  • Fixed bug with Lesser Frostarrow/Lesser Shockarrows not flying.
  • Fixed bug where When You Wish Upon A Star ended improperly.
  • Restored missing silent voice files for manor guards.
  • Fixed bug where Waters of Anu were unreachable.

Version 1.0 (2/26/09)

  • Initial public release.