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Not much of an overhaul, but its a collection of mods that tweak and improve the experience of oblivion from AI, to crime to speechcraft to QOL.
This brings all my mods that were originally separate into one simple configurable package and includes hundreds of fixes, stability, performance and polish improvements to my mods.

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SupreMe Overhaul

Not much of an overhaul, but its a collection of mods that tweak and improve the experience of oblivion while respecting vanilla design from AI, to crime to speechcraft to QOL.

This brings all my random mods that were originally separate into one simple configurable package
But it includes hundreds of fixes, stability, performance and polish improvements to my mods.

# Default Features

All features are configurable with the ini(+LINK support) and you can mix and match which features you want to use.

Below are the features that are on by default.

### Lock Bashing
An alternative for warriors now you can power attack any locked item and there is a chance you will damage the lock. Each time you damage the lock reduces the lock level of the item.

The stronger you are the easier it is to break the lock.

2 handed weapons are more effective at lock bashing, but all weapons take damage on attack.
Bare fists are the worst and will harm your own fists in the attempt.

This is an alternative if you have neither lockpicks or spells so it is alot harder to use.

### Harder Lock picking
Speaking of lock picks its very hard to run out of lockpicks in the game and you run around with 80-90 for the whole game.

To counteract this there is now a chance to lose a lockpick when you first attempt to lockpick an item. The chance increases the stronger the lock is.

### No Psychic Guards
Guards can no longer see crime beyond realistic distances but the distances they do notice increases based on your bounty as more people are aware of you and your crimes.

If its raining this reduces the distance further.

### Regional Bounties
Crime in the different cities (only in tamriel) is now kept separate.
Crime in the wilderness is always global as the patrols report back to the cities they visit.
A bounty report is added to your inventory so you can see your individual bounties in cities.
If your bounty in a region gets too high it will be reported globally.
Thieves guild will pay off your bounties across every region.

The grey cowl is not affected and is always a global bounty.

### Tamriel Guard knockouts
If you resist arrest with guards in Tamriel they will no longer strike a killing blow against you and instead take you to jail. If someone gets in the way of that you may be able to recover and escape before that.

Note if the killing blow is from any other non guard character you will die as normal. There are some exceptional cases where some people look like guards but actually are not, these npcs will also kill you.

Jailors will kill you after a jail break.

This will not occur in the shivering isles.

### Combat Hide
Its now slightly easier to stealth while in combat. If you can avoid line of sight combat will end and the enemies will begin searching the area for you.
If they find you while searching they will immediately initiate combat with you, otherwise you can make your escape.

### Health Regen
If you use the wait function it heals all your health, but if you stand around for the same amount of time your health never recovers. Now this inconsistency is fixed and you will slowly regain health while you are not in combat.
You gain more health per second the larger your max health actually is. This only affects the player.

Configuration options available if you want to regen health even during combat.

Alternatively if you want the game to be harder you can keep it disabled but additionally disable health gain when you use the wait function. In this case only sleeping restores your health.

### Persuasion
You can use the speechcraft mini game to gain disposition but there is no real use in the game apart from cheaper shops and a few quests.

Now there is new persuasion dialog options (fully voiced) to gain opinion with the ultimate aim of receiving a gift.
Gifts are only eligible if the disposition of the npc is over 65 and it is more likely based on your luck.

The default racial opinion prejudices make this easier or harder.

3 options are available as alternate ways to improve opinion and try to get a gift.
"Admire" is most useful for those of the opposite sex.
"Exaggerate" is most useful for those of the same sex.
"Jest" is most useful against intelligent characters or not very responsible characters.

"Intimidate" is used to increase opinion and try and shake characters down for money. But this is not very useful against strong and confident characters.
The money you gain is strictly based on the npcs wealth so a noble is going to give you more than a beggar.

"Taunt" reduces opinion but can also be used to force characters to initiate combat with you, so you are not committing a crime. This is more difficult against unconfident characters.

It can be difficult to remember all of these so to help the "chat" option lets you just talk and you may pick up hints on whether there is an option that will be successful this round or provide a gift.

At apprentice level chat can also provide a hint on what the worst or best options to use are.
At journeyman level the min disposition you gain on a success is increased.
At expert level the total disposition you lose is reduced.
At master level the gifts become much more extravagant and you get different gifts based on the character class of the person you talk to.

At low level of speechcraft it is hard to increase opinion or be successful in gifts so if you just want to increase disposition, the mini game wheel or bribes are still the fastest way.
Or you can use these new options just to roleplay and have more control of your dialogue.

### Item/Creature Leveling
Includes the commonly applied change such that item and creature leveling can include all lower level creatures or weapons instead of only those within 8 levels of your character.

### Resting
Sleeping in a bed will make your skill actions provide bonus xp for a period of time. You will gain less xp if you sleep in the wilderness.

### Movement and Encumbrance
Based on fallout/skyrim when you go over your encumbrance limit you will now be forced to walk and cannot jump instead of unable to move.

This adds a quality of life improvement so you can take your massive dungeon haul to a shop for selling. 

This works by always adding about 4-8 extra max weight so the inventory screen will not indicate how over weight you are. Only the "You are over-encumbered message" will tell you how much weight you need to lose to run again.

(Note mods that modify starting items can conflict with this, there is a configuration option to increase the weight buffer if you pick up items over your max and find you still cannot move.)

If you have issues with OBSE keys that can cause behaviour such as being unable to drop items, or jump is not being disabled, or you use a controller, there is a slow run compatibility mode option which works around keyboard controls.
Note: This will also slow npcs when you are encumbered so only use this mode if affected by these issues and/or cannot fix and do not mind the effect on npcs.

Additionally there is a key (defaults to X) you can use to sprint. This only works while running and going forwards providing a boost based on your athletics skill until you run out of fatigue.

### Bug Fixes
Provides a fix for the never ending combat bug where you are stuck in combat but there are no enemies near you.

Fix persistence of torch hotkeys. Previously the hotkey would be lost if the torch was dropped or expired or you run out of torches.
When you run out of torches a hotkey item is placed in your inventory which keeps the hotkey active until you either change the hotkey or you find more of the same torch.
This works for any torch not just vanilla torches. The hotkey torch item found in Drop Lit Torches is no longer necessary with this fix.

## Optional Features
These are not enabled by default. You must configure in the ini (or using LINK)

### Disable Speech Wheel
If you want to make the game difficult you can disable the speech wheel entirely requiring you to have successes in the persuasion dialog system or trainers to level up.
The wheel can still be accessed but it will not be able to increase opinion.

### Harder Combat
Now you can optionally reduce your magicka and fatigue regen during combat to make the game harder. This only affects the player.

### Essential Player
Based off my skyrim mod of the same name this allows to make your character essential instead of dying.

When you are killed you will a lose percentage of your gold and will also become invisible.
You will stay lying on the ground until you eventually recover.
The invisibility gives you a chance to escape and heal up.

You can optionally configure to lose skill points as well.

## Recommended Mod List and Compatibility

Overall compatibility with other mods should be high and every part of this mod can be turned off if there is an issue.

Has built in support for LINK so you can modify ini configuration in game.

### Overhauls
Most of this mod is scripted so compatibility is pretty high off the bat with actual overhauls, but there may be some parts either in this mod or in overhauls that need tweaking or disabling.

### My Own Mods
DLC Plugin Refurbish - Delaying the DLC quests and other fixes.
Supreme Magicka - Overhaul for magic skills.
Drop Lit Torches OBSE - Let you drop torches to the ground when you enter combat.
Most of my other collection of mods have been ported into this mod and have been re-written to be much more stable, and others not mentioned here are too unstable so do not use them.

### Improvements
Harvest Flora/Containers - So you can visibly see flora and containers have been harvested
Faster Sleep Wait - Make wait/sleep actions not take ages (I specifically make it a bit longer than the mod default)
Knights of the Nine - Improved Infamy System - Fixes infamy issues with the knights of the nine.
Real Retroactive Health - So you don't have to invest in endurance early to max/min health
Practical Training - Makes unused training sessions rollover into the next level, and training costs are now dependent on the trainer's disposition and skill
Pickpocket sleeping npcs
Attribute Progression Redesign - The simplest and safest leveling mod so you no longer have to worry about min/maxing but still maintains the vanilla experience.

### Fixes
Creature Spawn Chance Fix - Fix leveled lists so each list is calculated separately to other lists in the cell.
Mercantile Experience Fix - Fix skill usage gains when buying and selling from shops
Leveled List Fixes - Gets rid of glass and deadric item from bandits and fixes some bugs in the leveled lists.
And all the stability mods which I will not repeat here.