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Makes unused training sessions rollover into the next level, and training costs are now dependent on the trainer's disposition and skill.

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Practical Training
Oblivion Script Extender


I'll keep this one short.

This mod does two things:
  1. It makes training costs dependent on a) the level of the trainer, b) the trainer's disposition towards you.
  2. Training sessions now rollover to later levels if not used. This is also applied retroactively on existing saves.

These changes aim to make training more dynamic and accessible. It's now worthwhile to use some Speechcraft on trainers, and seek out a lower level trainer for a discount when you're boosting that neglected skill (Marksman, I'm looking at you). There's also no need to feel pressured into using your maximum training allowance every level, as you can just save them up instead.

The disposition factor in training prices is relatively small at +/- 20%, centred on 50 disposition (i.e. 50 disposition gives the base cost for a given trainer level, 100 gives a 20% discount, and 0 gives a 20% increase). This formula is actually based on the vanilla barter formula, which I recently spent many hours completely deriving from extensive testing. However, I decided not to include Mercantile as a factor in the training cost formula, as this would create an unreasonable disparity in the costs between merchant and non-merchant NPCs. The Mercantile skill of trainers is also beyond your control and trainers are limited, so it doesn't seem right that it should influence the cost.

The cost bounds per skill point for each trainer level are:
  • Basic (0-40): 5-10 gold
  • Advanced (41-70): 8-12 gold
  • Master (71-100): 10-15 gold

This means you can generally get all non-master training for less than vanilla with a reasonable trainer disposition.

Note: If you have somehow had more training sessions than should have been allowed for your current level, this mod will prevent you from training until the imbalance is sorted out, e.g. by increasing your level some more. The only way this can really happen is if you have previously installed a mod which increases the iTrainingSkills setting, which allows you to train more each level, and then later uninstalled it.


This mod requires the Oblivion Script Extender.

Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice.


This mod can be uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game.


This mod's changes are applied through a single script. It should be compatible with everything.

Mods which change the cost of training using the fTrainingCostMult setting are compatible with this mod. The base cost for basic/advanced/master training is set at 75%/100%/125% of this value. The vanilla value of 10 has been included in this mod file (it is an intentional ITM record). If you use another mod which edits the setting, it should be loaded after this.

Similarly, changes to the iTrainingSkills setting, which controls the number of sessions per level, are also compatible with the rollover feature. Load order does not matter in this case.

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