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Housemod. The shack at the Imperial City Waterfront finally looks cozy. Includes automatic ingredient storage (vanilla ingredients, and optionally also Shivering Isles ingredients)

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Housemod. The shack at the Imperial City Waterfront finally looks cozy. Includes automatic ingredient storage (vanilla ingredients, and optionally also Shivering Isles ingredients).

The names and descriptions of the upgrades have changed compared to vanilla, but the prices remain the same.

  • Dining: does not include any containers for storage
  • Sleeping (previously Wall Hangings): has only a sack for a container
  • Kitchen: includes some containers, as well as the automatic ingredient storage. Simply activate the drawer on the right and pick "store ingredients"
  • Shelves (previously Sitting Area): includes a few containers
  • Storage: includes containers, and the ability to move and climb the ladder to reach more storage containers. To move the ladder, activate the small crate (see screenshot). To climb the ladder, activate the ladder itself. If you fall off the ladder, activate the ladder again. To put the ladder back in its place, activate the crate again.

There are 2 files, pick one. The file with SI has Shivering Isles ingredients included in the script. The other file only includes vanilla ingredients. If you don't have SI installed and activated, but you do use the SI version of this mod, then the automatic ingredient storage script won't work.

It's a simple esp. So drop it in Data folder, and activate it in Wrye Bash (recommended) or Oblivion Mod Manager. Some comments mention problems with activating it in the vanilla Oblivion Launcher, so don't use that.

Activating the mod before buying the house or its upgrades is the best situation.
Activating after buying the house but before buying the upgrades is probably fine as well. If not, see below.
Activating the mod after buying one or several upgrades, requires the solution posted by Omeletter in the comments. You could probably use it to get the upgrades for free as well, but I don't think it would complete the quest. First, in the game, open the console with the ~ key (tilde key). Then:
´╗┐type in "prid xxxxx" (from vanilla master so no need to prefix by number of mod in load order) --


32f62 = storage area
32f99 = kitchen area
330ee = dining area
32f96 = fireplace area
3c69f = tapestries

Load Order: Somewhere after the Unofficial Oblivion Patches if you have them, but I don't think this mod has anything that is changed by the patches. Otherwise it shouldn't matter where you put it in the load order.

Conflicts: Anything that changes the interior of the IC Waterfront House. The scripts for buying the house and its upgrades are not changed in this mod, but if another mod changes those scripts, maybe it will cause conflicts?

Don't use it to make money or something that can be converted into money. However, using it in a YouTube video is fine. Otherwise, use as you see fit, as long as you give credit and a link to this page. No need to ask permission in advance.

Scripting Tutorial
Tes4Edit for cleaning the mod

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