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LittleBaron has already fixed the dull vanilla flowerpots to something much better. This mod fixes the bottom of the vases, and (optionally) gives alternative textures to some of them

Permissions and credits
LittleBaron has already fixed the dull vanilla flowerpots to something much better. However, the underside of most vases had the wrong texture, or if you're not using SI, some vases had missing textures.

This mod changes the texture at the underside to something that matches the rest of the vase. So when the vases fall, you can admire the matching underside, and not be shocked out of immersion by the wrong/pink missing-texture texture.

Optionally, I also changed the texture of some of the vases completely (including the bottom), to match other pottery in the game.

Although 1 flowerpot was unchanged, I did add it to the download, for convenience's sake. Please do leave an endorsement at the original mod:

Little Baron Flower Pot Makeover at https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33447.

Download 1 of the 2 files
Extract file to Data folder
Do some sort of Archive Invalidation. Wrye Bash does that automatically when you open/close it. Oblivion Mod Manager can do it as well. If not all files are detected during archive Invalidation, maybe the OBSE plugin SkyBSA can help.
Play the game!

Permissions from LittleBaron in their ReadMe
Please feel free to use this however you see fit, it is a very, very small part of what I am working on. Please give me credit as is appropriate.

Permissions from me
Do whatever you want. No need to ask permission. I did most of it for myself, and thought you might be interested as well.
Most credit goes to LittleBaron, I barely did anything. If you use this mod, do give credit and endorsement to him.

All credit goes to LittleBaron. They came up with the idea, and have really improved the environment in-game. I just wanted to tweak it a bit more to my tastes. Endorse their mod!

Used mods in screenshot:
HiRes Pewter
HiRes Silver and Gold Clutter