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A simple sprint function, without modifying the actual player Speed attribute. Requires OBSE.

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This mod does NOT WORK without the following:

Also be sure, that you need to hold the sprint key while moving, so assign it nearby your movement keys.

The original code came from a friend of my old mentor. Yet AltDunmer posted their script freely on the old Bethsoft forums.

As I recently installed Oblivion (even though with the awful german version as of having currently just that one as Steam backup and being too lazy to download the english language files) I thought it might be worth having a look into modding it.
I used the linked script as template, but changed a few things, so it is more dynamic and doesn't require much player changes, except some character training.
First of all the OBSE function ModPCMovementSpeed is used, which alters the speed calculation without actually changing any attributes.

The maximum modifier is 225, which gets applied to the current movement speed.
However, that modifier is calculated by the players Athletics skill and Speed attribute. Both base values (without any magical enhancements) are added together.
If Athletics is lower than 25 a bonus of 100 is added.
Lower than 50 a bonus of 75 is added.
Lower than 75 a bonus of 50 is added.
Lower than 100 a bonus of 25 is added similar as for a full level 100 skill.
In the first 4 cases, the theoretical reachable max modifier is 224 (hypotetical example of 100 Speed + 24 Athletics + 100 Bonus), only with Speed and Athletics on 100 the modifier of 225 can be reached.
As the modifier is based on your current running speed, the result is always different than on lower levels (having a 224 modifier with 100 Speed and 24 Athletics isn't the same as having a 224 modifier with 100 Speed and 99 Athletics).
The only noticeable difference is, if you reach one of the 4 skill steps. A modifier of 224 on Athletics 24 would result in a modifier of 200 on Athletics 25.
Which makes actually perfectly sense in the case that you reached a new Athletics grade and need to train further to apply a new level on speed to this grade.
Only exception is Athletics 100, where you simply get the same bonus as with Athletics 75 to 99.

As of the silly possibility to sprint backwards, I added a minor handicap.
If Athletics is lower than 25 the handicap is 25%.
Lower than 50 the handicap is 20%.
Lower than 75 the handicap is 15%.
Lower than 100 the handicap is 10% and with perfect level 100 skill the handicap is just 5%.
According to that handicap, there is a chance that your character will shortly fall down, when you sprint backwards.

  • Dynamic sprint function, that orientates on the player Athletics skill and Speed attribute.
  • Re-assignable sprint key.
  • Handicap when sprinting backwards can make the player character falling down (ON / OFF toggle).
  • A book where you can change your settings, will be automatically added to your inventory. If you don't need it anymore simply throw it away. But be aware: If you open up the book when it is on ground, you'll automatically pick it up, after you closed the menu.