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This mod combines four parts of Armamentarium Series and tools from Farmers Strike Back mod as well. It distributes over 1000 of new items between NPCs through the leveled lists.

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Trollf's Armamentarium Complete v1.35

Modified by Team Arma - Corepc, Lilith, Vacuity, Dev_Akm - Dec 22 2009
Created by Trollf (16th of October, 2007 - 30th of July, 2008)

Required Download:

TesNexus ArmaComplete135.7zip - Main ESM/ESP Required for GamePlay !!


Required Download:

ArmaCompleteResources.7z - or


Table of Contents:

Installation | Removal | Load Order
Plugins Explained
Enchanted Arma | Compatibility
Credits | Contact | Last Words


This mod combines four parts of Armamentarium Series - Armamentarium, Armamentarium - Katanas, Armamentarium - Armor and Weapons, Armamentarium - Staffs, and tools from Farmers Strike Back mod as well. It distributes over 1000 of new items between NPCs through the leveled lists.

This version of Armamentarium Complete was designed for vanilla (unmodded, base) Oblivion and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul mod. All Normal weapons and armors in this mod have been balanced for OMOBS (the system which OOO mod uses). In some cases Mobs Stats.

ArmamentariumComplete also adds Magicial Arma Weapons and Armor has well.

Over 636 New Magic Arma Armors
Over 946 New Magic Arma Weapons
Over 200 New Magic Defensive Weapons
And 54 New Magic Arrow Types

All these are added into leveledlist and balanced has needed has well.


Armor - Armor Pics

Weapons - Weapons Pics

Defensive Weapons and Shields - Defensive Weapons and Shields Pics

Staffs - Staffs Pics

Artifacts II Weapons and Armor


Armor 1

Armor 2


Requirements for Armamentarium Complete:

Official Patch v1.2.0416 for Oblivion -

- ArmaComplete 1.35 and ArmaCompleteResources - Contains all the Armamentarium Mod Resources, with PYFII optimization performed on them has well. Required!!

Artifacts II Mod required for Artifacts-ArmaCompleteAddon.esp


Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul v1.34 beta 5 or FCOM: Convergence

(OPTIONAL, use the ArmamentariumLL4OOO and LLMagicOOO.esp file designed for OOO here, its thread at Official TES Forums for any possibile FCOM plugins that have been especially designed to work with Armamentarium)

Francesco's leveled creatures/items mod

(OPTIONAL, not supported by Armamentarium Complete at this time - : I Corepc do have version that I am working on built from the Armamentarium for Francesco's - and has it is no longer updated, it does not contain all the new fixes etc that have been updated with Arma Complete, aka magic items, armor, etc)

Bash is Recommended for Leveledlist Compatiblity and Merging Abilities


Make sure you have the latest patch for Oblivion installed (see "Requirements" section).

extract ArmaCompleteResources.7zip (links in "Requirements" section) to location on desktop and then open that folder and copy the meshes and textures folder to Oblivoin\Data Folder. Overwrite when asked.

Extract ArmaComplete135.7zip to location on desktop, then open it folder and follow these rules.
Copy 'Armamentarium.esm', to 'Oblivion\Data' folder.

If you have vanilla Oblivion (without any overhaul mods installed) then copy 'ArmamentariumLL.esp and ArmamentariumLLMagic.esp ' file to Oblivion\Data folder.

If you have Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul or FCOM installed just copy 'ArmamentariumLL4OOO.esp and ArmamentariumLLMagicOOO.esp ' file to that folder instead.

If you want the merchants to sell up to wooden/iron/steel items only and are using a Overhaul (OOO/FCOM) then copy the 'ArmamentariumLLVendors.esp' to oblivion\data folder.

Else If you want the merchant to sell weapons and armor up to elven/orcish and are not using a Overhaul then use 'ArmamentariumLLArmaVendors.esp' instead, do not use LLVendors from above.

If you want to do the Armamentarium "quest and special items, and artifacts." The Copy ArmamentariumArtifacts.esp to Oblivion Data Folder.

If you want Weapons, Armor from Artifacts II has well. You must install the Artifacts mod. (bsa, esm/esp) and use Artifacts-ArmaCompleteAddon.esp

Follow the load order guideline Listed Below

Run the game and load your any save. And rest x amount of days for changes to be active. From now on NPCs should wear and use items from Armamentarium.



Just delete all Armamentarium files from Oblivion\Data\ folder
and delete these folders:

Load Order Guide

For Vanilla




Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esm

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esp



Plugins Explained:

Armamentarium.esm - core file of Armamentarium Complete. Don't try to run any other plugins of Armamentarium without this one - the game will crash before it loads. This file stores properties of all items. Weapons and armors are balanced to match those from Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul mod. Vanilla users will find armors more costly and weapons more potent.

ArmamentariumArtifacts.esp - this file deals with quest and special items, and artifacts. All information about all these items you can obtain/buy from the new smith, Mercator Saccus, and his "Chest of Requests" in The Fightning Chance shop in the Merchant District of The Imperial City.

ArmamentariumLL.esp and LLMagic.esp - leveled lists for vanilla Oblivion. Add Normal and Enchanted Weapons and Armor If not using a Overhaul use this

ArmamentariumLL4OOO.esp and LLMagicOOO.esp - leveled lists for Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul mod. Includes OMOBS Rebalance for Arma Items and If you have FCOM installed use these file.

ArmamentariumLLVendors.esp - leveled lists for merchants, use this file if you want to have some chance to buy wooden/iron/steel weapons and armors from merchants in game. for Overhauls

ArmamentariumLLArmaVendors.esp - use this file if you want more types up to elven and oricish armor and weapons from vendors in games, not for overhauls..

Artifacts-ArmaCompleteAddon.esp - requires Artifacts mod to be installed itself, adds nearly all weapons and armor from this mod into Armamentarium Leveledlist , considered a addon for ArmaComplete Once again. works with OOO/FCOM plugins listed above has well.



1.35 Fixes and Details

Added Magic Armamentarium Armor Variants, , all 636+ added to leveledlist so that can be found via npc, loot, or bought through some mods. See Enchanted Section for Details

LLMagic.esp - updated with enchanted armor and defensive weapons. Added a few enchanted weapons to some more vanilla leveledlist used by Dremora and Adventurers.

LLMagicOOO.esp - finished adding enchanted weapons (katanas, battestave's, arrows) and addition of enchanted armor and defensive weapons has well. Leveledlist Balanced has well for OOO/FCOM.

TES4Edit Cleanup done has reported on es forum

Artifacts-ArmaCompleteAddon.esp - updated to include a few missing weapons.

1.3 Fixes and Details

New Plugin..

Artifacts for ArmaComplete.esp (0.20) - this requires

Download Artifacts mods to be installed itself


This Add Support for Trollf Wonderful New Addtion the Artifacts Mod itself. Which could only be bought at the Guild Store Itself.\

- You can now earn them by finding them via loot or on Npcs or Creatures. Which make gameplay even more fun now.
- Artifacts Add 50 New Sets of Armor from Iron up to Daedric, Fur to Glass,
- Over 300 New Weapons from Rusty and Copper Iron, Bronze, and even some new Deadly Halbred has well.
- All Added to Armamentarium master leveledlist so that they will show up on Npc and Creatures In Game.
- Using either ArmamentariumLL.esp or ArmamentariumLLOOO.esp the Artifacts Weapons and Armor will show up in game via these plugin. and these plugin will address Item Scaling has well.
- No enchanted types yet or armor. Or Clothing or Misc Items have been added. Or Rebalance for MOBS or OMOBS Stats either. This is first release and will be expanded to include thos items above that have not been added.

ArmamentariumLL.esp (1.3)

- Rebuilt to use Master Leveledlist instead.
- rebalances how weapons and armor where being dealt out. Armor has been much more diverse thanks to Artifacts plugin has well.
- Weapons are much more balanced has to what types you will find.
- Clutter Weapons are less dominate
- Creatures Weapons leveledlist where redone. To provide Greater Diversity has well on what they used.
- High Level Dremora can now utilized more weapons types has well.
- Gobling carry less clutter weapons and more regular types,
- and various other leveledlist fixes.
- Loot List Updated has well.

ArmamentariumLLOOO.esp (Version 2.0) - Dev_Akm rebalance

- all Armamentarium weapon stats to be more OMOBS Like and Fixes Some Stats has well.
- Many of Arma Weapons will be more durable, or less durable, weigh more or less, or do more damage or less damage.
- Nothing Else has changed with this plugin at this time. Enchanted Items are scheduled for a Later Release.
- Supports Artifacts for ArmaCompleteAddon.esp has well.

ArmamentariumLLVendors (1.3) - Updated Vendor Ammo to Use Master Leveledlist Instead.

ArmamentariumLLArmaVendors (1.3) - Rebuilt to use Master Leveledlist Instead. Items to be bought are still the same. Read 1.2.2 Notes below.

ArmamentariumLLMagic - (1.3) - No Changes have been made to this version other than updating the version numbers. Changes are planned to happen like Armor Additions with future release..

ArmamentariumArtifacts.esp (1.3)

Trollf Updated Artifacts Script to resolves this issue. Where some artifact spells would be removed if you had nature staves unequppied/equipped at same time.
Fixes 1.2.2 and Details..

Armamentarium.Esm and all files have been updated if needed and bash tags and version numbers added has needed.

ArmamentariumLLArmaVendors.esp is a new plugin that is designed for those that want more item to be found in town merchant's..up to orcish armor and elven weapons can be bought..Versus LLVendors.esp in which only up to steel armor, and weapons can be bought. Do not use with LLVendors.esp..

New Armamentarium Enchanted Weapons by Corepc, Vacuity, Lilith - All Weapons now have enchanted version that can be found now. From Arrows to Daedric BattleStaves..more than 940+ in all. Wide variety of enchantments etc..Designed for Low to High Lvl Characters.

Armamentarium Weapons and Armor stats adjusted from Armamentarium Fixes on official elder scrolls forum has been merged in 1.2.1 version.

Fixes 1.2.2 Xmas Edition

Corrected weight of Normal Glass staves and enchanted glass staves to be 55..There where quite a few that weighed 75 instead of 55.
Fixed Names on Many items Following Suggestion by Dev_Akm, thanks to Lilith for doing this. New Naming system for some of Arma Weapons are like so.
Akaviri, AkaviriJade, Katanas Weapons
Akaviri Shortswords now named Akaviri Kodachi
Akaviri Longswords now named Akaviri Odachi
Akaviri 2h Shortsword now Akaviri Daito
Akaviri 2H Longsword now Akaviri Dai-Katanas
AkaviriJade same has Akaviri above
All 2handed Katanas (all varaition's) are now named correctly also to Dai-Katana

Fixes 1.2.1

- Removed enchanted LL1Npc and Loot leveledlist from arma.esm
- fixed name on armamentariumLLArmaVendor.esp (was armamantarium)
- Fixed Misc issue with Enchanted Arrow leveledlist

Fixes 1.1.2b

- Few more Fixes - Iron sword - speed adjusted , Iron Black sword, reach and health value adjusted.
- Steel Claymore and Fine Steel Claymore and Brown Variants all weigh 30 now (slighty higher than vanilla, mobs, but less than omobs) good balance..
- Name Fixes for Fine Brown Warhammer now Fine Steel Brown Warhammer

Fixes version 1.1.2a

-Fixes everything that I missed that Vacuity pointed out.
-Name Fixes for Daedric Gold Longsword and Daedric Silver Longsword - Now named Daedric Gold Sword & Daedric Silver Sword

Fixes 1.1.2

-Reduced Price of Ranger Armor, and Camaflouge armor
-Adjusted All Fine Weapons (Warhammer, Sword, BattleStaff, Axes, Both Steel and Brown Variants, - value, health, price by 20, damage by 1)

Fixes version 1.1.1

-adjusted all the durablity, damage, weight, price, speed, reach, for all Iron and Black Iron weapons
-Durablity Tweaks on Akaviri Black Weapons & Jade Shortswords has needed

Fixes Version 1.01

- fixed bug with messed Hawkhaven in TestWorld area
- corrected mispelled "daedric" word in the names of few staves.

- added the message that gives some clue to player when he can't take Staff of Spider Queen from the altar.

- new file added which distributes wooden/iron/steel weapons and armors between merchants via leveled lists.


Magic Armamentairum Weapons and Armor ( Enchanted)

Armamentarium Enchanted Weapons by Corepc, Vacuity, Lilith - All Weapons now have enchanted version that can be found now. From Arrows to Daedric BattleStaves..more than 940+ in all. Wide variety of enchantments etc..Designed for Low to High Lvl Characters. All Magicial Weapons use custom enchantments has we wanted to keep them different than vanilla after all.

Magic Weapons Variants that you can find

54 Magic Arrow
58 Akaviri
22 Claw
28 Cutlass
57 Daedric
28 Dwarven
60 Ebony
96 Elven
127 Glass
52 Iron
127 Katana
28 MolagBal
13 Silver
131 Steel
8 VolenDrung
62 Wakizashi

Armamentarium Enchanted Armor by Corepc, Lilith - All Armor how have at least 2-3 Magiclal Variants has well that can be found via npc, loot, or bought. We used Vanilla Enchantments to keep balance with mod that change those enchantment. But we tried to keep them has different than vanilla ones would be has well.

There are a total of 636 Magicial Armamentarium Variants that you can find all added to leveledlist much like the weapons where. Boss Types, Vampire, Black Bow, Adventurers, all these types of npcs have chances of carrying magic arma items.


This mod is compatible with vanilla Oblivion and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul mod (thus FCOM). It is not compatible with Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod at this time fully. You can use the Vanilla Files in Franscesco but it will be unbalanced

This mod has been checked against many mods with tes4edit and only mods that affect item leveledlist and loot leveledlist or overhaul conflict with this and bash should be used to resolve these minor leveledlist conflicts once again.


Credits given to:

Yorkmaster for his MOBS compatible version of the first part of Armamentarium and Corepc for his Armamentarium4NPCs version. The spirit of their work flows through the files of Armamentarium Complete ;]
amazingmrdonut for Armamentarium version compatible with Francesco's mod (the only alternative for people who have both these mods installed).
Elder Scrolls Community at official forums for knowledge and inspiration :]
Bethesda for such moddable game.
Creators of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic game. Mainly for inspiraion :] I used screenshot with one of the spider symbols from this game as reference to create some magical staves from it.
If you have any questions, comments, etc. related to this mod just drop al message on official TESForums.

Last Words:
This mod is being provided as freeware. Please feel free to change its content to suit your personal desires. All I ask is that you don't claim/release it as your own and if you want to use part of it give me some credits for what I have done.
Enjoy it and keep smile!
Trollf & Corepc & Team Arma