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This mod adds the building of \"The Collectors Society\" Guild to the game. Eight NPCs are there with plenty of new stuff for sale (more than 500 items overall).

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Table of Contents:
Requirements | Installation | Removal
Known Issues / Compatibility
List of Fixes
Artifacts and ArmamentariumComplete 1.35
Credits | Contact | Last Words

This mod adds the building of "The Collectors Society" Guild to the game. Eight NPCs are there with plenty of new stuff for sale.

The list of goods for purchase includes:
- 19 amulets,
- 50 full sets of armors,
- 9 sets of clothes,
- 6 lights (candles and torches),
- 3 potions,
- 33 robes,
- 6 staffs,
- and more than 300 weapons.

Overall number of new usable items in this mod is around 550 and that not counting other new meshes and textures like paintings, sculptures, furniture, clutter, etc.

Weapons Stats follow a MOBS / OMOBS Balance System. Some weapons may weigh more or less than counterparts that could be found Armamentarium, Frans, OOO, etc.

Body Mod Support for EVE HGEC, Roberts Male Musclar V4 or V5, Roberts Female 1.2 or Higher,

List of Updated or Fixes for 1.1 Version by Team Arma

- Fixed Landscaping Issue with Lost Spires
- Cleaned Plugin with tes4edit,
- Removed Region Weather for Compatilblity with Enhanced Weather and All Natural
- Fixed Name of Rusty Iron to be Ancient Iron for Naming Issue with other mods
- Changed many weapons name to be same from Armamentarium Series.

Artifacts and Armamentarium Complete 1.31

Since Many of Artifacts Weapons and Armor where very similar to those in Armamentaruim Complete. And complimented those in Armamentarium Complete or filled in some gaps where there was none - Dwarven Armor was not in Armamentarium Complete, but, in Artifacts.

Artifacts Weapons and Armor are now extend into Armamentarium Complete 1.35 Leveledlist, thru the use of the Arma-CompleteAddon plugin..

All Leveledlist Distribution of Artifacts Weapons and Armor aka what lvls they show up at , etc..Is being handled through ArmametariumComplete so that is using Vanilla, Frans, OOO, FCOM users get Artifacts items Balanced has needed.

See Armamentarium Complete Once again for more details.

Known Issues / Compatibility:

This mod adds only new stuff. It doesn't overwrite or change anything thus incompatibility has been reduced to minimum. Though this mod can be somehow in conflict with other mods which change the same area where "The Collectors Guild" building is located.

Credits go to:
- Korana for checking, fixing and rewriting some of the notes in this mod (the new Black Horse Courier newspaper in particular). And especially for being a very inspiring person with plenty of not-so-easy-to-make ideas that were quite interesting and which allowed me to improve my mere modding skills a bit :]
- Pekka for few frames for some paintings.
- Vacuity for beta testing and insights that improved the mod.
- Bethesda for such moddable game.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. related to this mod just drop me some personal message (nickname Trollf) on official TESForums.

or Contact Corepc on offical Forums has well

Last Words:
This mod is being provided as modders resource for Oblivion's Community. You may use any content from this mod in your projects related to Oblivion without asking me for special and separate permission. Just have fun with it.