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Simply replaces the guard uniforms for Arthmoor's Sutch Village with textures and meshes from ImpeREAL Sutch, so guards from both mods have the same uniforms. Intended for use with mhahn's Sutch Unification patch, which allows both Sutch mods to be used together without conflict.

Permissions and credits
mhahn's Sutch Unification patch is a near-perfect way of combining Arthmoor's Sutch Village and ImpeREAL Sutch so that the "lost" city of Sutch is like a real urban community. The one nitpick I had is that the uniforms of Sutch Village and Sutch City don't match. Guards inside and just outside the city gates are in bronze, while in the village outskirts they wear teal.

I could have made an esp to make the uniforms consistent, if I had any idea what I was doing. Besides, who wants even more esps? Instead, I simply repackaged uniform assets from ImpeREAL Sutch to overwrite Arthmoor's mod. Result: all guards in and around Sutch wear the same uniform, leading to greater immersion and a feeling of pride on the part of this mod's author.

Technically the only requirement is Sutch Village, but it doesn't make much sense without ImpeREAL Sutch and Sutch Unification as well. I recommend Wrye Bash for installation, so you can easily remove this mod if you decide you don't like it. Just install after Sutch Village. If you manually install this mod or use some other mod manager and decide to uninstall it, you'll likely need to reinstall Sutch Village to restore the original uniforms.

Thanks to:

Arthmoor, for the Sutch Village mod, and for giving me permission to change it a bit.
SilentResident and the ImpeREAL Sutch team, for their mod, and for creating the guard uniforms that this mod uses.
mhahn, for his Sutch Unification patch.