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Just to get you started with Wrye Bash

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Just to get you started with Wrye bash

by Alt3rn1ty


NOTE : This guide is now out of date - I dont have any Bethesda games installed anymore, and Wrye Bash has changed greatly since I last had it installed.

Anyone wishes to re-do this guide on a new page bringing it up to date .. Crack on :D


After installing Wrye Bash, I recommend also installing LOOT - Wrye Bash and Load Ordering are essential.

Download the pdf files (in the files tab) to view off-line at the same time as using Wrye Bash, and flip between the two - Requires a pdf reader, an open source variety here Sumatra PDF reader - does what you need a PDF reader to do.

WBPG - Basics and Installers Intro pdf - Basics to get you up and running with Wrye Bash - The Intro to Installers section of this guide details using previously made Bain Friendly/Ready Installers

WBPG - Installers Advanced pdf - For a more in-depth look at BAINs

WBPG - Installers Creation pdf - A little more advanced; Make your own BAINs
Installers Creation also requires the
Wrye Bash INI Tweaks for DarkUI DarN Bain creation.

Wrye Bash INI Tweaks Xtras - These are just INI Edits not included with Wrye Bash which you may find useful occasionally. Its also a simple BAIN, so to install them just throw this file in Bash Installers - Simples.
Installing INI Tweaks - Using INI Tweaks

Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide Complete PNGs - This file contains All images in PNG format from all pdf's; For those who may prefer to browse the guide using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

Hopefully, this will help some of you to get past the initial information overload barrier that is the Wrye Bash.html help file, and get on with modding/playing a far more stable game setup.

Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide - Simplified Chinese - Thanks to BlueSky404 from Bethsoft forum for putting the work into this.

If you dont have 7zip for creating BAINs ... 7-zip
Also heres a few very helpful links ...
Tomlongs excellent site ... TESCOSI.
Tomlongs site is well worth having a good ramble through all the topics.
And Psymons guide and detailed instructions on ...
Wrye Bash and BAIN installers

Hopefully, this will help some of you to get past the initial information overload barrier that is the Wrye Bash.html help file, and get on with modding/playing a far more stable game setup ... Chow for now :)


Links to ready made BAIN's you can use out of the box


(See the "WBPG - Basics and Installers Intro pdf" to use these)

Heres a short list of links I know of and have used, where modders have created an additional BAIN ready/friendly archive (or coincidently they are already simple BAIN's because the author packed them that way) you can just drop in your Bash Installers folder and install with Wrye Bash.

These may also help you to get your head around creating your own - The method I used to get to know them was to download a few and just pull them apart in a working folder, and refer to the Wrye Bash Help File, and lastly but most importantly, the Mod creators instructions, in detail, so you know exactly where files are supposed to end up (also the method Psymon took to begin learning them)

The following by Wrye himself, a bit old now (and I dont use these myself) they work but are better used now as examples to get you started creating BAINs, some simple, some complex....
Wrye BAIN mods - I still use the Streamline one, but included the patch into just one streamline BAIN. Darnified UI can be used, I preferred making a new one out of DarkUI Darn (and a bash ini tweak file for setting the custom fonts settings conveniently from bash)

Simple BAIN examples

First this little set should be an essential part of anyones installation, and installed in the following order....

1a. Unofficial Oblivion Patch v3_2_0 Manual Version - No other files required, the manual version includes the updates, just drop this in Bash Installers folder - This can be adapted slightly, though not necessary - see my Installers Creation PDF for details.

1b. After 1a. above then also overwrite with Unofficial Oblivion Patch v3_4_1 Upgrade Manual Version - Again just drop this in Bash Installers folder, position it to install after UOP 3.2.0 - Karn may get round to making 3.4.1 an all-in-one instead of just an Upgrade patch to 3.2.0 ... But he's busy with Skyrim at the moment.

2. For those with any DLCs (or the GOTY version of Oblivion) Unofficial Official Mods patch v16 - Manual version,
BUT when installing as a Bain, in the ESP filter box uncheck any DLCs you do not have installed ... or - This could quite easily be converted into a complex BAIN, taking the esp's out of the data folder, place them in their own individual sub-packages for selection on installing.

3. For those with Shivering Isles installed - If not skip this one - Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch v1_5_0 Manual Install 7z - Again the Manual Version is the file you want, drop in Bash Installers

UOPS (Unofficial Oblivion Patch Supplementals) is no longer needed - All changes the UOPS did have been included in all UOP, UOMP and USIP as required.

Reclaiming Sancre Tor - 4 Years in the making, the most anticipated mod ever imho - All files required are simple BAINs

A simple Bain which is a marvellous addition to anyones installation, and will not make a difference to performance of your machine .....
Bomerets Detailled Normal Maps
Even using with vanilla textures the difference is remarkable (Check the user uploaded images, I placed a couple there for comparison - Not even using Large texture setting in-game, just medium).

OR - A new set of normal maps has walked into town - Really Textured Normal Maps - BAINs
Original author Jarod created these >> here << - I just re-packaged them as BAINs.

Gruftikus has developed a utility to produce Landscape LOD Meshes. The meshes this generates are more detailled and solve a few problems with Oblivion and Shivering Isles landscapes. Aswell as the utility, Gruftikus has generated file sets for immediate use .. the Optional files here. Choose the ones suitable for the performance of your machine, each is a simple BAIN.

Brittainy's Lush and Gaudy Landscape and Grass and Tree Mod - In the Main files Brittainy has included a complex BAIN, which includes all the other optional files. Version 1.3 now includes a Wizard installer.

Phitts Falling Stars mod. Make a wish :). Simple BAIN.

Phitts Artifacts - Another little gem from Phitt, simple BAIN.

Phitt's Sneak Penalties, drop it in Bash Installers folder, install via Wrye Bash ... easy Sneak Penalties
Once installed it has an ini file which can be tweaked to customise your experience.

OR - Saebel's Sneaking Detection Recalibrated - A new alternate choice to Phitt's Sneak Penalties (choose either one or the other - They conflict, so only run one of them); As with Phitt's, grab the zip version and drop it in Bash Installers folder, and again once installed it has an ini file which can be tweaked to customize it.
If you are wondering what this does differently to Phitt's, check out the Development thread in particular this post

Oblivifall - Ambient Dungeon SFX By Cliffworms, the new version 3.0 is now a BAIN friendly archive (previous version needed a bit of re-packing). Very nice immersion enhancer.

OR - Sounds of Cyrodiil Also by Cliffworms, use instead of Ambient Dungeon SFX above - Greatly expands on the same idea providing more random sound ambience everywhere, Taverns etc.

If you are looking for a challenging overhaul Tamriel Immersion Experience (T.I.E), by Veritas_Secreto, and now being managed by Arthmoor since Veritas left the scene. This overhaul uses only vanilla game resources so is pretty much compatible with anything except other major overhauls, and includes Tamriel Travellers/NPCs to populate your world.

For those of you who dont need the T.I.E overhaul, and just want all the NPCs to populate Oblivion...
Tamriel NPCs Revamped, also by Veritas_Secreto, now in a BAIN.

Pretty much anything by Arthmoor, a few of his are complex New Roads and Bridges for example....





Frostcrag Village

Cyrodiil Travel Services



Sutch Village

A Brotherhood Renewed

And to compliment that last one, Khettienna's files for a few additional refinements to life in the Dark Brotherhood ;) - Though they fall into the Complex category .....

A Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

A Better Abandoned House

A Better Benirus Manor

And to compliment Better Benirus Manor Better Benirus Manor Helping Hands

Display Stats by TheNiceOne, Complex BAIN, and OMOD ready (the OMOD data in this will be ignored by Wrye Bash)...
Display Stats

Also by TheNiceOne SoulGem Magic - The one file here is already BAIN Ready to drop in installers folder.

Oblivion XP update - Originally by SirFrederik, Andalaybay has taken over development - its a levelling system replacement, the new main file is now a BAIN/OMOD ready Complex installer.

 MaleBodyReplacerV5 Robert has at last got around to updating the v5 Beta into its Final version. Robert Male V52 BAIN is a Complex BAIN with Wizard installer.

The Eyecandy Variants Expansion (EVE) (Again Adult content) HGEC Body Selector and Stock Equipment Replacer

TGND Female body by Luchaire and Kalia (BAIN by yours truly) - An alternative female body mesh set (with Stock Clothing and Armour, and a selection of popular armours made for this body) - Still requires an Exnem or HGEC compatible body texture (EVE above, Ozmo's or F-Inev for instance)
This links to adult content - The Girl Next Door

MiniBloomers HGEC & TGND by ziitch - Complex installer.

Emma's Companion Vilja - The main esp and bsa file required are Simple Bains'.
If also you want to customize Vilja - In the optional files there the Vilja Customisation Pack is a complex installer, select sub package required (if using XTudo or 4VGN Custom Vilja, dont forget the teeth sub-package), and also ensure you have the race specific files required for some of these from the original author.

Emma's Red Rose Manor - Simple BAIN; House and Quest mod from a very talented author and will more than likely be the most accommodating house mod for companions we have ever seen. Beautiful work.

Ithlia and Hickory's Mushroom Manor also comes in a few flavours (Cobl, Non Cobl) all wrapped up in a BAIN

AWLS - Also has a wizard installer (See further note below) - Just the main file required.
Animated Windows Lighting System

All Natural by Chong Li, Arthmoor, Brumbek, & WrinklyNinja
All Natural
Though not immediately obvious, is also a complex BAIN
(Some additional configuration post installation may be needed in the installed .ini file - Read the manual)

OR - If you just want closer fog .. RedBags Fog - Dont use this if you use All Natural, theres no need because All Natural has settings which achieve the same.

Another Immersion enhancer Cava Obscura by WrinklyNinja - If you want your lighting in caves and ruins lowered by 10% this is marvellous - Simple BAIN, the omod data will just be ignored by Wrye Bash.

Metallicow Cursor Mod
This one only does a tiny thing - But its so nice, fed up of the in-game mouse cursor? - Lots to choose from, Complex BAIN, wizard installation with screenshots (see note below on wizards).

Elven Map Compilation 1
The in-game world map here has a lot of choices - Recently a new file has been added (go to the bottom of the files listed in Optional Files) Which is another complex BAIN and OMOD ready
Elven Map Compilation

Phinix Better Names For Wrye Bash - This is a replacement/further development of the old Rational Names.csv (under Import Names when re-building the bashed patch) supporting major overhauls. Simple BAIN.

Arthmoors RAEVWD, and RAEVWD SI Edition
RAEVWD - Both of the main files now include a wizard which Malonn put together for easier scripted installation.

One further note; Brittainy's Lush and Gaudy textures, AWLS, All Natural, Cursor Mod, Elven Map Compilation, RAEVWD and RAEVWD SI Edition, are pretty unique at the moment - They use a new feature of Wrye bash called Installer
Wizards. If you right click the Installer, before you install, choose Wizard instead. This will guide you through choices to make in the sub-packages (just like an OBMM script), typically things like "Do you use QTP3?" if not the wizard will ensure you dont select any of the related sub-packages... It selects all sub-packages appropriately for you. Then you just right click the installer and choose Install... simples ;)

If you select 'Auto-Anneal/Install Wizards' in the main Installers menu, it will automatically install upon wizard completion.

If an Installer does not have a Wizard, the option will be ghosted un-available.

Another 'Watch this space' - Metallicow has started a page for WizBAINs, BAIN Wizards and folder structures for mods that do not have them - more to follow.

Metallicows new Wizard Demo - For Wrye Bash v292 - He's been busy again; This is just a demo of the capabilities of Wrye Bash Wizards (Written for Wrye Bash v292). If you are interested in learning how to do them yourself this demo is heap of ingenuity.


BethSoft Thread - << - Now closed.

I understand Wrye Bash has been awkward to setup in the past but most problems are now resolved.

The new Wrye Bash Installer, can install just the Standalone version of Wrye Bash, or Python and Python Wrye Bash.

As for Mod installations - Read the mods readme/description, and approach them one at a time.


olympusgames, GMOD or ModDrop sites do not have permission, to upload or redistribute any of my files, images or descriptive content, past, present or future.

Of course there is nothing stopping anyone making their own guides :)
Paint.NET, G.I.M.P, and LibreOffice to export the PDF's with bookmarks (Use Impress to do this part of the creation). 7zip comes in handy too.
For LibreOffice Impress, I have uploaded a resources file to get anyone started making PDF's. These resource files are to be used as a template only.