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Series 9 Alpha Testers Wanted!
I have been working hard on fixing the issues found in series 8.  I now have a version that I think is stable enough for people to test out.  If you want to give it a try, please go to the Bethsoft forum SDR thread and read the opening post for details.

If you aren't feeling so daring, you can download the last known stable version (7.3.1).  It's not as good as the new stuff, but it is functional.



Sneaking Detection Recalibrated (SDR)
Voted FILE OF THE MONTH on the Oblivion Nexus for April, 2012
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes (Stealth/Detection/Magic/Combat)

This mod re-calibrates the system for detection, sneaking, and nearly everything related to it.  And by "re-calibrate", I mean a complete page one rewrite of the whole freaking system

Features includes:
- A completely rewritten detection formula that replaces the default Oblivion formula, built into an efficient OBSE plug-in.
- Immersive features, such as transparent sneaking NPCs, dynamic night-eye shaders, alternate detect life shaders, and new perks.
- New NPC AI detection behavior changes including using detection magic (night-eye/detect life) and a custom version of SM Combat Hide built in.
- New spells/effects for blindness, deafness, muffling.
- Revamped sprinting / movement / fatigue options.
- Alternative ways to "skill-up" when sneaking, including points for undetected clean kills.
- Revised rules on how invisibility works when it comes to detection, torches, and light spells.
All of these features and much, much more...

Major benefits compared to other stealth overhauls:
- SDR does not modify any skills, making it compatible with all leveling mods, including Oblivion XP.
- Works out of the box with the default settings, but can be customized with a "Tweak".ini file.
- To help with tweaking, SDR comes with a massive Player's Handbook that covers all the settings and new game mechanics.

- A Modder's Resource Pack that allows 3rd parties to design mods that can interact with SDR and utilize its new features.
- A full blown website as well as a Bethsoft support forum to answer all of your questions, and then some.
- Designed to be as compatible with as many other mods as possible.  For a complete break down, see the Mod Compatibility page.

About Performance Improvements
Prior to series 8, SDR had a reputation for poor performance and dragging down FPS.  There have been many changes in Series 8 that address these issues.  During development, I made sure my load order was heavy with performance hitters, including OCR+Better Cities+UL+LOD+REVWD+Children of Cyrodiil+TIE+MOO+graphics overhaulers, etc.  Despite all of that content, I rarely drop below 20 fps, even if I'm in the center of an Open City town and there is heavy traffic. Out in the wilds, FPS is usually 20-40 FPS, sometimes higher, which reflects more on the environment changes than it does SDR. In the Imperial City I get around 20-30 FPS in the market district when it's busy, same with the Arboretum. The other districts tend to run 45 FPS +, sometimes up in the 60s. Interior cells are no problem at all now, usually running anywhere from 45 to 75 FPS.

So if performance has been an issue for you in the past, try the new SDR and let me know how it goes for you.

Included / Required / Recommended / Optional files
Included in SDR installation package:
Night-Eye Shader Switcher v5.1
Sound Commands v4.0
Although you do not need to download the above, please endorse them when you get a chance.

Oblivion/Shivering Isles Patch 
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v21+

Unofficial Oblivion Patch 

Custom Spell Icons 
SDR OBME additions
(note: Custom Spell Icons currently conflicts with SDR OBME Additions, so only pick one)
Enhanced Music and Control 2
(a more advanced alternative to Sound Commands)


If you are updating from any version prior to 8.2.2, you should completely uninstall the old version, do a clean save without SDR loaded, and then install the new version of SDR.  Otherwise bad things happen.

I highly recommend reviewing the version change log before deciding to install/update.

Installation Instructions

Future Development Plans / Other Languages

Other than bug fixes and compatibility patches, there will be no further creative development of this mod.
There are no plans to adapt SDR for Skyrim.

If you are interested in translating SDR into another language, please send me a private message.

Credits, Contact, Legal/Permissions

Special thanks to the following for donating code or granting permission to use their work:
Abo, Andalay Bay, Deathless Aphrodite, Haarvest, JRoush, Kuertee, Kyoma, Migck, Pacific Morrowind, Reneer, Scanti, Sky Captain, Strategy Master, Scruggs, and many more.
Full Extended Credits
Contact / Legal / Permissions