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Attention all SDR fans,
I *might* take another look at the whole mod to see if there is a way of bringing down the fps hit, which, to the best of my knowledge, is the only consistent complaint.

Not everyone experiences it though, so rather than doing an overhaul of the whole system, I'm thinking of dong an alternate SDR "light" that has fewer features when it comes to the detection calculations.  All the files would have the same name, it would be just a different download package.

Before I take that plunge, I'd like to know in general how folks feel about the mod.  What works, what doesn't.  Are there features you think aren't worth keeping, don't use, etc. etc.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or alternately you can send me a private message.

- saebel
Sneaking Detection Recalibrated (SDR)
Voted FILE OF THE MONTH on the Oblivion Nexus for April, 2012
This mod recalibrates the system for detection, sneaking, and sneak attacks. It takes into account Sound, Light, Movement, Gear, Spells, Distance, Location, Combat, Sleeping, etc.

If you are updating from any version prior to 7.2.0, I recommend using a clean save technique. See SDR web-site installation instructions for details.

Author: saebel
Current Version: 7.3.2
Version Date: Feb 25, 2014
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes (Stealth/Detection/Magic/Combat)
Official SDR Website
Bethsoft Forum (best place to ask for help/advice)

NOTE: I had to remove the omod version because it had the incorrect .dll. I am super busy at the moment, but will rectify this when I have some down time.

Oblivion/Shivering Isles Patch
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v20+, v21 recommended
Add Actor Values v1.0 +

The following OBSE plug-ins are required, but already bundled in with SDR (with permission)
Night-Eye Shader Switcher v5.0
Sound Commands v4.0
Please drop by and endorse them when you get a chance.

Unofficial Oblivion Patch

Custom Spell Icons
SDR OBME additions

(note: Custom Spell Icons currently conflicts with Oblivion Magic Extender, so only pick one)

Don't forget to ENDORSE this mod if you think it deserves it!

This mod recalibrates the system for detection, sneaking, and sneak attacks. And by "recalibrate", I mean a complete page one rewrite of the whole freaking system. It includes:
- A completely rewritten detection formula that replaces the default Oblivion formula.
- Immersive features, such as transparent sneaking NPCs, sprinting, dynamic night-eye shaders, and new perks.
- New NPC AI detection behavior changes, including using detection magic and a custom version of SM Combat Hide built in.
- An updated more efficient patch for Reneer's Guard Overhaul that is SDR friendly.
- Designed to be as compatible as possible with as many mods as possible, including Nerhim, overhauls, Duke Patrick's mods, leveling mods, etc.
- All of these features and much, much more, fully customizable to taste with .ini file settings, and ridiculously detailed in a .pdf .ini User Guide manual, as well as a full blown web-site and forum support to answer all of your questions, and then some.

Installation Instructions


Important Links
Version Change Log
.ini Settings User Guide
Mod Compatibility Questions

Performance Issues
The one weak point of SDR is that performance can slow significantly in heavily populated areas. There are .ini settings that can help alleviate that, details of which are in the .ini Settings User Guide. In addition, some users have had improved performance just by uninstalling SDR, making a clean save, and reinstalling it.

Future Development Plans
Other than bug fixes and compatibility patches, there will be no further creative development of this mod. There are no plans to adapt SDR for Skyrim.

SDR In Other Languages
If you are interested in translating SDR into another language, please send me a private message.

Credits, Contact, Legal/Permissions
Special thanks to the following for donating code or granting permission to use their work:
Abo, Deathless Aphrodite, Haarvest, JRoush, Kuertee, Kyoma, Migck, Pacific Morrowind, Reneer, Scanti, Sky Captain, Strategy Master, Scruggs, and many more.
Full Extended Credits
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