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Last updated at 16:48, 12 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 23:07, 27 Jun 2008

Better Benirus Manor v4.82

Better Benirus Manor is much brighter and more polished than the default. It features automatic lighting, clean and light decor, and many enhancements you may toggle via in-game switches in the basement to your liking. I've also added fun stuff to the lair, including an alchemy lab & training area - but access to the lair is optional, in case you'd like to just forget the whole thing. The post-quest exterior of the house features a well, small vineyard, and tasteful decor & vegetation. If you have Cobl, you will also find all the Cobl basics!

You can safely install this mod regardless of if you have completed the quest or not. In fact, I overhauled the pre-quest state of the house as well, so it's probably even better to install it before you've done the quest.

I made a fully voice-acted house servant! You can download her separately here.

  • Doors - I have the interior doors off by default, they annoy me; bring them back if you like.
  • Window Flowers - I added flowers around some windows inside the house; disable them for cleaner lines.
  • Books - I added a gorgeous library to the basement, but you might prefer empty shelves to fill up yourself, or to save FPS.
  • Windows - Board the windows if you need extra privacy or darkness.  What you do in your house is your business.
  • Portal Cover - I have the lair portal covered by default for those who want to forget the whole thing.  Also plenty of wine in the basement.
  • Automatic Lights - Daylight from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Candlelight 7 p.m.-7 a.m.
  • Lights - If you disable automatic lighting, a normal light switch will appear in the foyer, so you can have bright lights or just candlelight as you prefer.
  • Phoebe - Not a cat person?  Have a pet Land Dreugh?  Send Phoebe outside to play.
  • Call Butler - the butler will come, tidy up any messes you've made, put fresh food on the table, and hang around until dismissed.
  • Enchanting & Spellmaking - Not a switch, rather activate the Altar of Altars in the lair to enable these.
  • Braziers - you can turn the lair braziers on or off, either to save FPS or to be extra dark an' spookeh.
  • Flame Colors - The brazier flames are an evil violet/green by default, but you can switch to normal flames if you're grilling in.
  • Ed - Dismiss or recall Ed if he's in your way with the switch in the lair.
  • Lair Age/Dirt - For the neat freak in all of us, the cobwebs and bones have been cleaned up - but you may prefer the aged & dirty look.  BYO spiders.
  • Master Bed - I made a custom Benirus-logo'd master bed, but you may prefer the default bed.
  • Basement Lights - Get extra bright lights in the basement if you need them.
  • Anvil - You can make the anvil in the lair for decoration only, if you prefer.

The library shelves are stocked with at least one copy of every book. This includes skill books. So, you know, don't read everything in one sitting.

I've also included a higher-resolution Arcane Symbol (the glowy circle-star thingy that's all over the lair) replacer. I gave painting one by hand my best shot, sunk a good 30+ hours of work into it, and lost the layers to a hard drive failure, leaving me with only the outer frame. Months later I finished it quickly with heavy use of brushes just so I wouldn't totally lose the work. I'm mostly sure it's an improvement on the original. Mostly. It's, uh, optional, in any case.

Support for All Natural, Benirus Lair, and See You Sleep are included in the main download. Open Cities Classic compatibility is already enabled without a patch. "Interior Only" versions are included for users of Better Cities and Open Cities Reborn to prevent conflicts.

All meshes have been pyffi'd for best performance, all resources have unique file paths, and all plugins have been cleaned with TES4Edit for best compatibility.

New this version:
  • Replaced a couple of containers with custom versions to avoid conflicts with mods that make some containers respawn.  Your stuff should be fine, just keep a backup save until you check the jewelry boxes upstairs and the small Ayleid chest in the lair to be sure.
  • Fixed a bug in the teleport script; if you teleported while the lair portal cover was toggled on, you'd have a missing tileset piece in the lair, and couldn't access the door out.
  • Added SI support in the teleport spell in the SI versions of the mod.  You won't have the "I HAVE NO GREETING" bug after porting from SI locations if you traveled to SI using the gate or a properly-scripted teleport spell.
  • Fixed a file copy error that caused the Interior Only - No Shivering Isles version to be missing the last update.
  • Fixed a Cobl version plugin that had a regular AR chest instead of the intended Cobl Grinder.
  • Fixed the names of the optional lair tileset mesh files with default textures.
  • Added some clutter to the lair.  It feels more complete.
  • Added a functional anvil to the lair that you can use to repair your stuff without hammers.  It can be toggled off using a switch in the lair, with the other switches.
  • Added black soul gem functionality to Lorgren's altar post-quest.  Note that, like other soul gem altars, it will only work during Shade of the Revenant.  No cheaty.  It just made lore sense, since Lorgren was a necromancer.
  • Darkness now offers a teleport spell and healing.
  • Converted InsanitySorrow's dungeon retexture from my Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary for the Benirus lair.  If you don't like it, you can restore the default dungeon textures using the included optional files.
  • Minor script clean-up.
  • Those mushrooms are no longer Out Of Control.
  • Fixed a few object placement issues.
  • Too much fun with twinkle lights.

Requires the latest official Oblivion patch (
Recommended, but not required: Shivering Isles expansion, Book Jackets, Cobl, Anvil/City Morning GlorySetsuna Dummy Training Modified

Mod Installation Guide
Mod Troubleshooting Guide

Thanks to/for, in no particular order:

  • HS for the fantastic housecat resources
  • Arthmoor for working with me on making BBM and OCC compatible
  • Qarl for allowing me to package his normalmaps in this mod for my custom wall texture
  • Brumbek & the All Natural Team for allowing me to edit and distribute All Natural's house interior mesh for full All Natural support
  • Obsidian Dawn (http://www.obsidiandawn.com/), a.k.a. redheadstock @ dA for the brushes used to finish the Arcane Symbol replacer
  • InsanitySorrow for the dungeon retex we originally used for Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
  • The UOP Team for the script fix for black soul gem altars

You may re-use any of this mod's content in your own Oblivion mods, as long as you don't charge money for it, you credit me for my work, and you credit anyone I credited for their work.

You may share this mod freely, as long as you don't charge money for it, and you include my original Readme.

Please enjoy. =)