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Unofficial update to Curse of Hircine. Adds werewolves to Oblivion. Requires OBSE 20 or newer.

Permissions and credits
Curse of Hircine Resurrected
Version: 4.2.1

Obse 20 (final) or newer
A script effect silencer mod (included)

Curse of Hircine Resurrected is a mod that adds werewolves to Oblivion. This is an unofficial update to the original Curse of Hircine beta 3.5 mod with new features and bugfixes.

Main features:
- The ability to become a good/evil werewolf and gain additional powers.
- An ini file to configure the various settings.
- New werewolf skeleton and animations that makes them look similar to Morrowind's werewolves.
- Werewolf form levels up with the player increasing claw damage, armor rating, and health regen, as the player levels up.
- Improvements to infected npc companions. They have a new "Werewolf Config" dialogue topic, and they can be ordered to follow you if they like you enough.
- New werewolf items including the fully powered version of Hircine's Ring that allows you to transform at will.
- New npc in a cave NW of Azura's Shrine to sell werewolf items and can create the werewolf cure/infect potions.
- New female werewolf model.
- New werewolf sound effects.

French Translation (4.1.3 + unofficial addons) by Naeda & Roi liche
Russian Translation (4.1.2) by alea

Unofficial Addons:
Curse of Hircine - Werewolf Hunters by GIVEMETHEDAMNFILE
Curse of Hircine Resurrected main menu replacer by Redbulldog98
Curse of Hircine Resurrected - Symphony of Night by coolster
Curse of Hircine Resurrected - Longer Transformation Warning Time by THEMAS
CoH Animated Werewolf Heads by T3alrose
CoH Addon - Revert to human upon death by T3alrose
CoH Better Dog Collar and Moonstone by T3alrose
Prettier werewolf eyes by T3alrose

Alternative Mods:
Werewolf The Awakening by ARLADRIS and LogicDragon

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does this mod require the CoH beta 3.5?
No, you do not need CoH beta 3.5 to run this mod.

2) I can't find any werewolves.
Try Fort Nikel (west of Imperial City). It has 4 spawn points:
- There is a spawn point is in the field between Fort Nikel and Weye.
- One spawns near the entrance to the fort.
- There is a spawn point near the lake, west of the fort.
- The last spawn point is in the woods west of the lake past the dead trees.

3) Is there a console command to infect myself and check if the mod is working?
You can enable the debug menu either by editing the ini file or using the
"set cidwwsettings.enabledebug to 1" console command. Then you can use the
debug menu to infect yourself and add the moonstone. Equipping the moonstone
causes you to immediately transform to wolf.

4) After waiting 3 days, I receive a message about a "gut-wrenching spasm" but don't transform.
This is normal. The message just indicates that you've become fully infected,
you have to wait until the next night that has the correct moon phase to transform.

5) The game keeps saying I've been infected but I don't get the disease.
Make sure you don't have god mode on. It prevents contracting diseases.

6) The game crashes when loading Oblivion before the main menu.
This usually indicates that a plugin is missing a master file. If you
have any optional addons, check that all their master files are also loaded.

7) The game crashes when transforming/when near transformed werewolves. These are the possible reasons:
- Check if you have the obse 19b final or newer.
- Try reinstalling the mod, some files may not be installed correctly.

8) After installing the animated tails addon, I have two tails
This is caused by the animated tails not being properly installed.
Make sure you say yes when it asks you if you want to overwrite files.

Known Conflicts:
Universal Silent Voice and Certain Race Mods
When using certain race mod that have their own voice files and USV, the power attack and wounding sounds only play once every 8 seconds. However, I included a fix for most of the popular race mods.

Blood Is Everything
If you are both a vampire and werewolf, the transformation knockout effect causes a conflicts with the vampire fatigue regen. This can be fixed by setting enableplayerknockout to 0 in the ini file.