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Fixes the off coloring with male animated werewolf tails for Curse of Hircine Resurrected.

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Heya all! Got a mod here I've been meaning to post for awhile now and finally got to it.

It's not big, but I noticed when playing a male werewolf in Curse of Hircine, using the animated tails addon, the tail color is off! It's weirdly washed out and flat compared to the rest of the body. This bothered me and I did some digging, figuring out what the issue is.

The fix was simple, just some coloring settings on the mesh of the tails themselves. So to preface:

This mod doesn't alter or overwrite any textures! Nor does it mess with the heads or bodies of werewolves. The only thing this mod includes is edited meshes of the animated tails themselves, which are a separate mesh from the body and heads.

What does this mean? Well it means it should be capable with everything related to CoH as long as you have Animated Tails installed. This means any retexture, animated CoH heads and more should all be capable.

Females don't seem to have this issue so I didn't do them, it only seems to be the males. So this mod should not touch female werewolves whatsoever.

Obviously this mod requires Curse of Hircine Resurrected and CoH Animated Tails addon. Otherwise it should be simply plug and play! Can install with MO2 for sure and what other mod manager you have should also work.

LogicDragon aka WolfClaw for the Curse of Hircine mod.