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An add-on for Curse of Hircine - Resurrected. Gives the dog collar a more immersive look, just for your good werewolf toons. Now also changes the look of the Moonstone amulet.

Permissions and credits
I thought the Dog Collar item from CoHR needed a more realistic mesh, it didn't make sense how tame werewolf players would carry around a generic amulet made of silver, risking to burn their fur. So what I did was to rip the belt part from one of the vanilla robe meshes, re-rig/texture it and change the collar's mesh in the Construction Set. The collar automatically changes it's shape upon transforming. The collar also comes with other colour options.
New in version 2.0:
Improved the quest script and now this mod changes the Moonstone amulet as well, it no longer looks like the Amulet of Kings.
For non-cheaters, you can read the readme from CoHR where to find the vendor. (In the Gloomy Cave, north-west of Azura's shrine.)

Known issues:
When transforming while wearing one of the necklaces, the player will appear to ragdoll a second time. To prevent this, you may want to disable player knockout in the CurseOfHircine ini.

Check out my other CoH mod - Animated Werewolf Heads

Future plans:
-Make a separate plugin where you can buy all the different coloured collars in the Imperial City.

Credit goes to the amazing chakaru11 for the beautiful moonstone amulet!