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Overhauls the lore, visuals and gameplay elements of the Nine Divines.

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1. Oblivifall Introduction
2. Requirements
3. Conflicts/Known Errors
4. Manual
5. Oblivifall modules and Community Mods


Oblivifall "Vengeance of the Classic" is a project that aims to bring many features from The Elder Scrolls 2 : Daggerfall to Oblivion. For many old fans of Elder Scrolls, Daggerfall is still the best cRPG Bethesda has ever designed or even the best cRPG ever made. I will be releasing many separate mods that will add new features and options to Oblivion. To know which modules have been released or are in the works, refer to section 7.

First, check out the technical details.
The Manual follows after.


- Oblivion version 1.2.0416
- Shivering Isles Expansion
- Oblivifall Master File Version 1.1 or higher (Included in the package)

Recommended (For silent dialogues)
- OBSE V.0012 or above ( http://obse.silverlock.org/ )
- Elys Universal Silent Voice V0.93 or above (Download Link)


Better Cities/All Natural
Please use the patch found in the respective mod's download.

If you run one of the following mods, you can find compatibility patches in the Optional files of the Download tab:

Animated Window Lighting System (AWLS)
DC Sutch Reborn
Knights of the Nine Official DLC
Kvatch Rebuilt
Blood & Mud
Heart of the Dead
Open Cities Classic & Reborn
West Roads

Instructions on how to install the patches are included in the archives.

Losing My Religion conflicts with the following mods:

- Cathedral Improver
- Nine Divines Robes


4.1 Welcome to Losing My Religion

Losing My Religion overhauls the religious aspects of Oblivion. In the original game, religion has very low significant importance for the player other than receiving quick healing. The chapels' interiors are uninteresting and most of the lore established in Daggerfall is gone. Welcome to Losing My Religion, where the Nine Divines get changed for the better.

I advise you to read through the manual to know about the features and changes this Oblivifall modules does, since some of the original in-game mechanics have been changed or deleted.

Have fun!

4.2 Name Changes

The name of each chapel's institution has been changed for its Daggerfall equivalent. The new names have also been changed in the books in which they were talked about, such as the city guides. The new names are as follows:

- Akatosh Chantry
- Order of Arkay
- House of Dibella
- School of Julianos
- Temple of Kynareth
- Benevolence of Mara
- Temple of Stendarr
- Resolution of Zenithar
- Order of Talos

4.3 De-Unified Nine Divines

The Nine Divines faction no longer exists. Each god/goddess has its own faction and each priest has been associated to his god/goddess.

Each god faction has different reputations with the other gods or other factions. Since each god views things differently, some might not be in good terms with each other or, on the opposite, might be allies.

Although no religion is enemy with each other, if you encounter a conversation between two members of rival religions, it might be more hostile than before.

Inside chapels, all stained glass showing other gods than the one worshipped have been replaced with clear stained glass windows.

Every altar dedicated to gods that are not worshipped has been removed as well.
Gottlefront Priory and its priests are associated with Kynareth, Weynon Priory to Talos and Cadlew Chapel to Arkay.

4.4 Chapel Interiors Overhaul

Each chapel has been decorated according to the god worshipped there. Wander inside the School of Julianos' Great Library, witness the beauty of the House of Dibella or pay homage to the Empire's heroes in the Order of Talos. Or even walk inside the Order of Arkay's Great Undercroft, where the dead lie. There are many new areas for you to explore inside the chapels.

The bodies found in the undercrofts have been named and epitaphed by Oblivion players. Have fun checking up who died, why and what was written on their tomb.

4.5 Chapel Services & NPCs

Each religion offers a variety of services to both the player and the general population. Most of them offer the basic services which include alchemists, trainers, spell sellers, healers and donation collectors.

But each offers one or more unique services, whether it's usable by the player or a town's population. I will let you discover what they are. Let's not spoil the fun eh?

Each service is offered by a new NPC, except for the services that were already provided in-game, such as trainers and spells. Don't be shy to ask questions to the priests to know who offers what. They'll always give you an answer, though they don't like to be bothered during their prayers.

Healers offer three types of cures. Cure disease, restore health and full restoration. Each cure has a price and you can no longer get these cures by praying at the central altar of the chapels.

Donating to a religion will boost your disposition with its members and, if you donate a large amount, you will receive a blessing. The higher the amount, the better the blessing.

4.6 Shrine of Kynareth

Kynareth now has a shrine worthy of her fame and name. Located in the West Weald, south-west of Chorrol's Great Forest, lays a shrine of tranquility and peace where worshippers live in harmony with nature.

Close to the shrine is the Kynaran Order, Kynareth's knightly order.

4.7 Knightly Orders

Each religion has a knightly order. Their members' duty is the protection of their god's holy place and crusading against its enemies. They are the military arm of their god and the protectors of the worshippers.

The knightly orders share the same reputation with other factions as their god's and will be happy to see you donate to their religion as well.

While visiting the chapels, you'll see armed guards proudly wearing their knightly order's outfit and keeping watch for those who would dare defile their god's holy place.

As of version 1.0, two knightly orders have their headquarters established in Cyrodiil, which you can visit.

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the Kynaran Order has its headquarters close to Kynareth's shrine.

The Order of the Hour, Akatosh's protectors, has its keep west of Kvatch. It is said that a small army have been seen marching from the keep to the city of Kvatch for reasons unknown.

4.8 New Dialogue

There is a lot of new dialogue, filled with lore. Ask about a religion's services, background and knightly order. You can also engage in conversation with some of the special services NPCs, which can lead to an interesting discussion.

Be polite or not, it is your choice. So do not be shy, talk with every worshipper/knight you see!

4.9 Joinable Factions

As of version 1.4, the 9 god factions and 2 Knightly Orders can be joined. Joining a faction requires you to have basic knowledge about one of the faction's required skills, and you must perform a pilgrimage to the god's wayshrine. Ask the priests to know where you may find a wayshrine.

You can join only ONE god faction OR one Knightly Order. You cannot join both a Knightly Order and its associated god.

The benefits of joining a faction are that you have reduced prices for the healing service, lodgings in the temple/HQ, access to privileged services (For some religions) and the god/Knightly Order's outfit. The friends of the god you worship are your friends. His enemies are your enemies.

Ghosts in your faction's Undercroft will not attack you. Killing a member of your faction or stealing will result in being expelled. Once expelled, you cannot join again and you cannot switch to another god.

For now, there are no quests or possibility of advancements. These *may* be included in the future, but I doubt it.

5. Oblivifall modules and Daggerfall-related mods by the Community[

The following modules have been released for Oblivifall. They are made to work together to bring a better gaming experience, Daggerfall-wise:

-Ambient Dungeon SFX (Download Page)
This module brings audio atmospheres to dungeons with 60+ sound effects. Depending on the dungeon type and its inhabitants, a different sound set is played.

-Closing Time (Download Page)
Changes the closing and opening times of every shop to match those of Daggerfall, providing a more dynamic shopping experience.

-Races & Classes Description (Download Page)
Adds two new classes and changes the class and race descriptions for those of Daggerfall that were much more detailed.

-Something's Not Right (Download Page)
Adds 47 random informative messages that show up when getting close to a dungeon, informing you how your character feels or what he notices.

-Let Us Talk (Download Page)
Adds Daggerfall's conversation features. Ask for directions at anyone for any building or regional locations. Ask about the various guilds and organizations of Tamriel, use scout services to pinpoint interesting locations. Also adds 34 new rumors.

To know which Oblivifall modules are in the works, visit the project's official thread at this link:


If you want to extend furthermore your Daggerfallesque experience, I recommend you to take a look at the Daggerfallesque Mod List in this link: