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This mod consists of an upscale of almost every texture belonging to Oblivifall - Losing My Religion.

Permissions and credits

This is my first attempt at upscaling textures through ESRGAN. It's not going to be perfect, so please forgive me if something does not meet your tastes, but I think it's an improvement nonetheless.

Since I thought that the original ones looked pretty much outdated, I have decided to give ESRGAN a try. As many of you already know, this powerful tool gives its best when it comes to upscaling textures pertaining to clothing pieces and armor sets, but results are most of the time acceptable also with other kinds of textures. Most of them are now 4 times the resolution when compared to the original ones, some might even be too big for what they are supposed to cover.

As models I have used "1x_BC1-smooth2" to smoothen things a bit and then "4x_Manga109Attempt" in order to actually upscale the textures. What I didn't modify was:

- The folder Textures\Oblivifall\Losing My Religion\Armor\DivineShields, because they looked good already. Besides, the mod Weather - All Natural overwrites its content;

- The folder Textures\Oblivifall\Losing My Religion\Architecture\Cathedrals, because mods like Weather - All Natural and AWLS overwrite the files inside of it in order to work properly;

- Some of the normal maps belonging to the folder Textures\Oblivifall\Losing My Religion\Architecture\BarabusCrypt, which therefore maintain the original resolution, because I haven't been able to prevent them from becoming super shiny after the treatment. Sorry for that. Actually, if anybody knows how to fix that I will update the pack with the upscaled normal maps. Version 1.1 solves this problem.


Now let's talk about performance. On my PC, which is the following

- i7 [email protected] GHz
-16 GB [email protected]
-GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
-Win 10

I haven't had neither performance problems, nor out of memory related crashes. Please keep in mind that the mod, once unpacked, takes about 4 GB, the original one instead about 500. I am also using OR, OSR and ENBoost, which are "helping" the game to use enough VRAM and RAM and avoid unpleasant surprises, aka CTDs.


This pack comes EXCLUSIVELY with the textures folder, so you will have to download the original mod first, and then overwrite the aforementioned folder with this one.

Thank you to:

- Cliffworms, for making this beautiful mod and allowing me to re-upload the textures;
- Kartoffel, for her tutorials on Youtube which brought me to use ESRGAN;
- The community, for being always very helpful and nice!
- Oh, yes, let's thank Bethesda too. Thank you Bethesda!