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New adventures and mysteries for Elsweyr Anequina: Dune and Orcrest.

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This mod will grow as time goes on, it is an add-on for Elsweyr Anequina.

Lena Wolf is travelling with her friend Hauk, and as such she is finding it very disappointing that caravanserai would only rent you a single bed (who takes the floor tonight?). She complains to the owners and they usually add an extra bed into the room, at no extra cost.

In each city she visits, she finds mysteries. Why is this building locked up or that area abandoned? Who is this strange character sneaking about? What's behind the door that leads nowhere? She is curious, pokes her nose everywhere, and Hauk has his hands full saving her hide all the time. This mod presents you with the changes making it easier to travel with a companion, and offers you a few mysteries to delve into along the way.

NOTE: you will find prayer pads at various shrines, you recognise them by their subscript - "Say your prayers". Activating a pad like that starts a praying animation on the player. Activate the pad again to stop it. But note that the animation does not start immediately - I cannot help it! Give it 10 seconds, and it will start. You have to activate one of those pads again to make it stop!

Volume 1: Dune.

The first mystery is that of the abandoned Mages Guild. Why is it locked? Who's got the key? What happened? As a Warlock of the Mages Guild, Lena naturally wants to know. She asks about town... Well. See for yourself.

The second large addition - although not necessarily a mystery - is Dune catacombs. The first space is a typical sewer with three exits into town, some facilities inside and several access points to the actual catacomb dungeons. The dungeons are made up of 47 cells divided into several sections. Each section is in turn made up of 9-11 dynamically linked dungeon cells. Some sections are also linked to each other here and there to add to the confusion and fun. These dungeons will never be the same each time you enter, and some doors may even get reassigned dynamically... trust nothing. To avoid suicidal reloads, each dungeon cell has a fixed exit back to the sewers. All you have to do is find it...

To entice you to visit the sewers, there's a series of mostly fetch quests (20 in total) of which 10 are repeatable (keep looking for that wine! or daedra hearts! or whatever!). Among the non-repeatable jobs there are some that are not just fetch quests (you'll see). The jobs appear in a random sequence, so there's no way of telling when you'll get what. Just go to the local skooma den Under the Influence and look around.

Volume 2: Orcrest

Agorak's gambling den is now open for business! Come in for a game of dice, win big, lose big, lose everything... Perhaps you should have prayed to the Lucky Lady first, then.

Rumour has it that there's an old Dark Brotherhood crypt somewhere under the city, but can you find it? Which creed do you follow?

At this point there's just the crypt, there's nothing going on there, yet. Well, there's a certain shrine, but nothing else. To be continued and expanded later.

Other changes

Other changes include the following:
  • Added an extra bed to the Mages Guild in Riverhold so it now sleeps two, and updated the schedules of the resident mages so that they would sleep in their own beds rather than in those meant for the visitors.
  • Modified bridge ends in Riverhold so that the elephants would no longer get a bar through their skulls (see screenshot).
  • Updated path grids around Fort Seaplace so that NPCs would not walk into rocks.
  • Updated path grids in Dune for better navigation. Moved a few baskets and crates out of the way.
  • Added two runs of the rooftops in the lower town in Dune. The ladders are also accessible to followers and other NPCs.
  • Put up shop signs in Dune.
  • Filled in the Mages Guild (it was unfinished). Added stuff... You'll see.
  • Added an extra bed to the rental hut of the caravanserai in Dune, and updated the publican's script so that you now get two beds for the price of one. Well, you still just get the same hut, but it's got two beds in it owned by the PlayerFaction, so also suitable for followers.
  • Fixed a few bugs (see change log).
  • Fixed internal doors in Cherim Hall and Bahmarra's Blades.
  • The Broken Jaw Inn in Orcrest now sleeps two.
  • Fixed some doors throughout Elsweyr that weren't working for me, notably window doors and ladders.


Unpack the archive in your Oblivion/Data directory. It contains two files: the ESP and the BSA. Load somewhere after Elsweyr Anequina.

Silent voice files are included, so you don't need Ely's Silent Voice or anything else.

Compatibility with Elsweyr Pelletine

Please use the patch provided to fix the conflicts in Dune and Orcrest.

Note: the patch is now included in the main archive to make sure you get the right version.

Load order is important:
  • Elsweyr Anequina
  • Elsweyr Pelletine
  • Elsweyr Mysteries
  • Pelletine-Mysteries patch

This mod is compatible with the Dune Alchemist (note: Dune Alchemist requires also Elsweyr Pelletine).