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  1. Sexyowl
    • premium
    • 538 posts
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    Anybody using this in 2022? I have some issues with the mod and would like to see if anyone else is experiencing similar problems.
    1. javic666
      • premium
      • 131 posts
      • 2 kudos
      ?FWIW I'm using it along with Oblivion Comprehensive Modding Guide which I just finished going through. This mod works as advertised for me except for the "detailed crosshair" bit. If I enable that, I get no weapon crosshair at all. The default crosshair works fine, though.
  2. lucifer1978
    • member
    • 461 posts
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    time display option on screen where or how ????
  3. dstansberry
    • premium
    • 266 posts
    • 8 kudos
    Update: Reinstalling Oblivion from scratch solved the problem.

    Hello! Thank you for this mod. I've used it (and loved it) for some time now. Today, I noticed that, while there are "spots" for icons for Alyied Wells and Runestones (among others), there weren't any actual icons for those items. I read the description and noted that reference was made to Map Marker Overhaul, which I then downloaded and installed. I chose the Vanilla map icons (all I wanted to do was get icons on the map for those items that didn't have any, without using Landmarks w Wells' generic approach). It seemed ideal! Until I went back into the game.

    Somehow, when I'm on the map screen of the interface, all the tabs at the bottom (Local Map, World Map, Active Quests, Completed Quests, etc) are now completely blank. Mind you, only on the map page. The tabs are all present and normal on Inventory or Magic menues. Also, when I open the world map and click on the icon to show the markers, there is no background behind them, which makes it difficult to read. Likewise, when I click on the Quest tabs (or, rather, where the Quest tabs would be if they weren't blank) the Quest info comes up with a transparent background as well.

    Uninstalling Map Marker Overhaul did not fix the problem. Uninstalling both MMO and DarnUI, and then reinstalling DarnUI fixes the problem until I add the map portion of THIS mod, at which time it all goes to pieces again.

    But there was no problem at all with the interface using this mod before I installed MMO. *sigh* I just wanted a complete complement of map markers. Any ideas of how to fix this without completely reinstalling the game?

    And if so, any ideas on how to make MMO and DarnUI Additions play nicely together?
    1. Luinithil
      • member
      • 474 posts
      • 5 kudos
      dstansberry, would you kindly share how reinstalling Oblivion from scratch solved the issue? I had this mod installed first before Map Marker Overhaul, and now I'm trying to get both playing together they won't and I crash immediately on startup after the launcher. If you could help I'd be obliged.
  4. gabba
    • premium
    • 137 posts
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    Thanks for this mod. It would be useful if the download had a version number in it, makes it easier to check if an update is available. Also, it would be nice to mention in your changelog which version of Quest Log Manager you make it compatible with, as "with the latest" doesn't help much once QLM is updated again.
  5. barryco
    • member
    • 122 posts
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    nevermind. it was a fault in my part, sorry
  6. barryco
    • member
    • 122 posts
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    this is a nice mod! but upon installing this it showed all the available markers inthe map even those ihave not explored yet. any workaround with this? i don't want to spoil my game. thanks
  7. pingouyn
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    First of all great work!
    Would it be possible to have a compatibility patch between these 2 addons and versions?
    - DarNifiedUI Additions 2.3.3; and
    - Quest Log Manager 1.3.2

    That would really add a lot to the addon!
    Thank you!
  8. Klaus83
    • member
    • 76 posts
    • 15 kudos
    Hi KyoParadox

    DarNified UI Additions got updated to 2.3.3 and Quest Log Manager too: 1.3.2 is the current version. Does the simple line setting below (<_enableQLM> 1 </_enableQLM> still work?

    Greetings Klaus

    P.S. I asked the same question TNO. Here:

  9. ysjeed
    • member
    • 130 posts
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    can you make the map zoomable this would do us a very big favor thanks
  10. Vae Victus Dominus
    Vae Victus Dominus
    • member
    • 297 posts
    • 12 kudos
    Any news on the compass?