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A package with several additions to both DarNifiedUI and DarkUI\'d DarN. Including more stuff for your Map Menu, crosshair, sneak icon and more.

Permissions and credits
DarNifiedUI Additions
Version 2.3.3

1. Description
- Sneak and Crosshair
- Lockpick Auto Attempt
- Map Additions
2. Install
3. Compatibility
4. Version History
5. Contact and Feedback
6. Credits

1. Description

This Additon package has multiple parts that can be used independant from one another. If you have other (small) suggestions on things I should add then let me know!

- ReticleMenu: Sneak and Crosshair -

You can put a limit on how transparent your sneak icon will/can be. If you don't want to know when you are detected or if you want to make it less obvious this Addition is just the thing for you. You can configure the exact limit by opening up "menus\prefabs\darn\hudreticle_config.xml" and adjust the "_sneakicon_limit" value. The recommended value is 100 and it should be close to how transparent the icon is under normal non-detected circumstances, if you still notice a bit of difference try adjusting the value. Setting it to 255 means it will be ignored.

The detailed crosshair can be configured in the same file, look near the bottom for the "_t_crosshair" value.

- MapMenu: Map Marker Filters -

Do you always hate it that when you are looking for Fort XYZ you need to hover over each map marker to find it? Well no more, this component expands the already existing features for the Map Menu from DarNifiedUI. It consists of two parts which expand the filtering feature for the Map Menu.

A new filter to toggle the names of all the visible map markers. So instead of hovering over each fort marker, you toggle the names on and look it up. It is recommended you first hide all the other mapmarker types else your map will be cluttered with names you aren't interested at that moment. For those that do not know this yet, go to the map menu and click the small button in the lower right corner of the map. Then a menu pops up where you can toggle the names (along with all the other possible filters from DarNifiedUI or DarkUI'd DarN). See screenshots for more info if needed.

When you toggle the map marker names on, some may overlap. You can mouseover a name that is behind something to put it on top. The position of the names (left or right of the map marker icon) depends on the position of the map marker on the screen. So you can also try moving the map a bit.

A second component of the Map Additions is the ability to expand or create new map marker filters. After playing with the Map Marker Overhaul mod for a while I noticed that the awesome new icons were unaffected by any of the existing filters. Thus I set out to explore my options and with good results. By default the filters are the same as in standard DarNifiedUI with the additions of the new mapmarkers for Ayleid Wells, Wayshrines and Magic Stones added by Map Marker Overhaul. To configure things further open up "menus\prefabs\darn\map_config.xml" and scroll a bit down. Further documentation can be found there.

=Important Update=
Version 2.0.0 had a huge lag problem when opening the map with alot of map markers. To indicate what kind of numbers we're talking about and how much better it is in v2.1.0. I tested it with all map markers visible (almost 400!) and just opening the map menu.

In the standard DarNifiedUI the lag was a little below 2 seconds. Compared to the lag with the vanilla UI, which is a little above 1 second, it's not so bad considering ALL map markers were shown.

In v2.0.0 the lag was close to 10 seconds. A very big problem as you can understand and it made the mod unplayable for users that have explored alot of the map.

In v2.1.0 the lag went back to the original value of a little below 2 seconds. Which is acceptable in my book.

In v2.2.0 the lag stayed approx. the same.

2. Install

Choose which components you want to install
* Copy the "\menus" folder to your Oblivion\Data folder, overwrite when asked.
* All components require either the latest DarNifiedUI or the latest DarkUI'd DarN.
* If there isn't a specific versions for a component then that component can be used with both.

3. Compatibility

All components should be as compatible as DarNifiedUI itself. An exception is for QLM (Quest Log Manager) which has had its UI components integrated to avoid conflict, but it needs to be enabled by opening "menus\main\map_menu.xml" and change <_enableQLM> to 1. In the future this step may no longer be required.

4. Version History

* Updated QLM compatibility for latest version.
* This time I really, really fixed the QLM compatibility and DarkUI'd version. Really. No seriously, really. (I hope)
* Fix for me breaking the DarkUI'd version.
* Updated the internal QLM components to the latest version (I forgot to add the sorting button).
* Added an alternative crosshair that is more detailed than the default one.
* Added a new component that lets you hide the auto attempt button in the lockpick menu.
* Rewrote parts of the map marker filters and updated it to support the latest version of Map Marker Overhaul.
* Added the option to toggle the door icons on and off in the local map.
* Removed the map marker filters from the controls menu when viewing the local map.
* Added support for Quest Log Manager.
* Rewrote the mapmarker filtering system again to make it fully customizable.
* Added the option to make a specific filter SI-only (or nonSI-only) and expanded the amount of (possible) filters to 40.
* Rewrote the entire mapmarker filtering system to reduce any potential lag when opening the map to almost zero.
* Renamed this mod to DarNifiedUI Additions to reflect the new (non-map) additions
* Added a Sneak-Icon-Limiter, use it to limit the transparency of your sneak icon.
* Expanded the Map Menu filters to allow more types (for use with Map Marker Overhaul)
* Added an 'All' filter for the Map Markers to quickly hide all map marker types. Beats the heck out of going through all the filters one by one.
* Now comes in a BAIN-ready archieve
* Added a DarkUI'd DarN version. No other changes
* No actual changes except for the name.
* Initial release.

5. Contact and Feedback

Should you have any questions or comments you can PM me (kyoma) at the Elder Scrolls Forum or post in the forum thread (see top of readme). Any other form of contact or feedback will most likely be ignored.

6. Credits

* DarN for making DarNifiedUI. This mod is only a small extension of the already awesomeness that DarNifiedUI adds to the map. :)
* Gothic251 for making DarkUI'd DarN
* Compass for the original question of displaying the names of all visible map markers. Although it wasn't a request, that question did lead me to investigate the possibility.
* revolucion09 for his crosshair texture and allowing me to include it in this mod.