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* Add new, freely named map markers wherever you want * Add freely named tags to existing map markers to remember what\'s inside * Add new icon types for dock, castle, stable and many more * Many other features

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========= MAP MARKER OVERHAUL 3.9.3 ============

Have you ever visited a ruin and been stopped by a locked door or a too powerful enemy, forcing you to turn with a firm intention of going back later - but then completely forgot which ruin it was?
Have you ever wondered if a cave on your map is one you have already visited and fully explored, or one you just peeked inside?
Have you ever wished you could add new map markers, or notes to the existing map markers to remember such things?
Have you ever wished the Oblivion map did not function as a modern GPS, but rather as an immersive map where you could actually get lost if you misread the map?

Map Marker Overhaul does this and much more:

* Add new map markers at the player's position - freely named and four unique icons to choose between
* Click on any map marker to add a freely named tag (like [strong enemy])
* You can change state of most marker types, to add a superscript E (entered) or C (completed) to the icon
* Oblivion gate markers changes to a closed gate symbol (or disappears) when the gate is closed
* Includes eight different map marker icon designs for you to choose from
* Lets you control the distance map marker becomes visible in the HUD, or placed on the map
* Moves map markers closer to the place they mark, important if you reduce the marker visibility distances
* Adds map markers for all the game's Ayleid Wells, Magical Stones, Wayshrines, player-owned houses and Obelisks of Order, with completely new and unique icons
* Replaces more generic map marker icons with icons for docks, castles, houses, farms, stables, merchants and more
* Has several immersive map options for players who don't want the map to lead you by the hand
* Lets you control how far and how much you can use Fast Travel
* Can export changed/added map markers to backup file, and then later import them

Map Marker Overhaul has a lot of options (as described further below), but don't let that scare you. It has an easily editable ini file that comes with sensible default settings, so you can just install it and play - and maybe look into settings later. It is also omod-ready, so if you install with OBMM, it will ask you a lot of questions and set the ini file up accordingly.


Author: Ole Boe, a.k.a. TheNiceOne
Date: Oct 27, 2011

OBSE 20 (or newer) required!
Pluggy 128 or newer required to save or load map marker backup files!

========= Marker tags and states:

In the map menu, ctrl-click (configurable in ini) on any normal map marker to open a marker tag menu. From it you can add one of 8 existing tags, or ctrl-click on a tag to change its text, thus being able to write anything you want in the tags.

For most marker types you can also change its state from the marker tag menu. A state of E (entered) or C (completed) will display as a superscript E or C on the marker icon in the world map, thus easily letting you see the state of the marker. The state can either be set manually, or be linked to a tag, so that selecting the tag will also set the state.

Ex: Map Marker Overhaul comes with a predefined tag [done] that has the state C (completed) linked to it. If you select this tag for "Mingo Cave", its name will now display as "Mingo Cave [done]", and the cave icon will have a superscript C.

Tags and states can freely be changed/removed/readded from the marker tag menu.

========= Player-added markers:

When playing outside, tap "M" (configurable) to add a new map marker at your current position. You can choose between four different, unique flag icons, and the marker will be freely named. You can have maximum 100 such markers currently added to your game (and an additional 20 for Shivering Isles).

After having added such a marker, ctrl-click on it to open a menu from where you can change icon, rename or delete the marker.

========= Oblivion markers:

Oblivion gate markers are no longer static. When a gate is closed, its map marker changes to a closed gate symbol, or disappears (configurable). So now it is easy to see which gates that are still open. If you use a mod that lets Oblivion gates be open after the main quest is completed, the map markers of those gates will behave as if the gates are closed. If this is a problem, set tnoMMO.gateMode to 0 in order to have manual control of the gate markers.

========= New icons:

MMO replaces a lot of the more generic map marker icons with new, unique icons. This includes dock, castle, house, farm, stable, merchant, chapel, sewer, lost spire and lost step, both the vanilla map markers and map markers added by many different mods. The number of unique, different icon types has been increased from 11 (vanilla) to 31. MMO does this for many vanilla markers, and also for many existing mods.

If you have a mod that should use a new icon for a marker, just add it to the "Map Marker Overhaul - markers.ini" file, and that marker will be changed next time you start the game. Please report such changes to me, so that I can add them to the main ini file for all to use too :)

To use the new icons, MMO includes eight different icon designs for you to choose from:
1: Vanilla icons
2: Elven Map Redux icons
3: Adny's icons (tweaked)
4: Colored icons
5: Borderless icons
6: Vacuity's Copper Icons
7: Vacuity's Iron Icons
8: Vacuity's Gold+Silver Icons

========= New map markers:

MMO includes Landmarks with Wells by Phoenix Amon and Wrye, but uses new, unique icons for the Ayleid Wells, Magical Stones and Wayshrines! So uninstall Landmarks with Wells (or any similar mod). Each of the three are optional, so just disable the unwanted in the ini file if you think your map gets too cluttered. MMO also adds map markers with unique icons for Obelisks of Order from Shivering Isles.

MMO also adds map markers with a new single-house icon for player-owned houses, that becomes visible when you buy a house. If using OOO or Open Cities which add their own player-owned house markers, MMO uses the correct one of those instead.

========= Marker visibility distance:

In vanilla Oblivion, map markers become visible in your compass from the very long distance of 12000 (game units), and fully revealed from 1800. With MMO you can tweak those two distances, and also set a third distance - the distance that map markers get added to your map in the visbile, but no fast travel state.

Furthermore, MMO can also be set up to dynamically change those three distances depending on how high up in the terrain you are. For example, you can set that markers become visible in your compass at a distance of 3000 game units when at sea level, but increasing to 6000 game units when climbing up to Dive Rock or higher.

MMO can also move all vanilla map markers closer to the place they mark. Most map markers are 500-1000 units away from the place, something which makes it difficult to discover the marker if you have short and realistic discovery distances. With this option enabled, markers get moved much closer to the place they mark.

========= Fast travel restrictions:

Since clicking on a Map Marker is used to start Fast Travel, Map Marker Overhaul has three options for how to work in combination with Fast Travel:
0: Fast Travel is initiated with a left click as normal, while Map Marker Overhaul is activated by holding down control when clicking. This is the default option.
1: Map Marker Overhaul is initiated with a left click, while Fast Travel is activated by holding down control when clicking.
2: Map Marker Overhaul is initiated with a left click, while Fast Travel is completely disabled.
3: Fast Travel is initiated with a left click, while Map Marker Overhaul is activated with right click.

So with option 3, Fast Travel will be completely disabled in your game! But there is more: If Fast Travel is enabled, you can set up MMO to only allow Fast Travel for shorter distances, or for a limited amount/distance within a certain time. You can also set this limited fast travel to allow longer fast travel if you are on a horse or have high Endurance and Athletics stats.

========= Immersive map settings:

Map Marker Overhaul can hide the quest marker from the local map or both local and world map, and from the HUD compass. Hiding it from the local map only, is an immersive option where you get to see where you are supposed to go on the world map, but not lead by hand in the dungeons, especially when also hiding it from the compass.

MMO can also hide the player arrow and prevent the world map from opening centered on the player - it instead opens in the position you last had it. Combined, those features remove the un-immersive GPS functions of the world map, and makes it possible to actually get lost in the wilderness!

Finally, MMO has an option to not show newly found (or placed) map markers on the world map until you meet certain requirements. Without this feature, even if you get lost in the wilderness, as soon as you discover a new cave you've never seen before, its map marker gets placed on the world map, telling you exactly where you are. With this feature, the marker is shown in the compass as normal, but to see it in the world map, you must either ask a guard to place them correctly for you (for a small fee), or you must move close to a previously known marker, which means that you now know exactly where you are.

========= Player-specific ini file

If you make a copy of "Map Marker Overhaul.ini" and name it "Map Marker Overhaul - <name of character>.ini", this player-specific ini file will be read instead of the standard ini file. This lets you easily have different ini file setup for different characters you play. If there is no file matching the name of the character, the standard ini is used.<br><br><br><strong>========= Map marker backup </strong><br><br>With Pluggy 128 or newer installed, Map Marker Overhaul can save all your changed/added/found map markers to a backup file. 9 backup files are kept, the newest always being #1 etc. The first time a backup file is saved during a gaming session (restarting Oblivion) a new backup file is created. Thereafter, additional saves during the same gaming session will overwrite the newest file. You can make backup automatic or manual. If automatic, marker backup is saved after each time you add/change a marker. If manual, marker backup is only saved when initiated manually.<br><br>If backup is enabled, pressing "M" in gamemode will not automatically add a new marker, but let you choose between adding a marker, saving a marker backup file or loading a marker backup file. If you select to load one, you will see the file's save date/time before committing the load. If you do, all existing added/changed markers will be reset, and the ones found in the backup file will be used instead.<br><br>The marker backup files are stored in "Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Pluggy\Map Marker Overhaul\", so if you want to copy marker changes from one computer to another, you can copy this folder.<br><br><br><strong>========= COMPATIBILITY:</strong><br><br>Avoid other mods that add the same markers as MMO, as that will give you duplicate markers, with the exception of OOO or Open Cities that MMO handles. Map Marker Overhaul is incompatible with Oblivion Gate Map Marker Remover, since it contains similar functionality.<br><br>Some of Map Marker Overhaul's features are incompatible with Thieves Arsenal unless you also install Thieves Arsenal Compatibility patch (found on the TA site at TESNexus).<br><br>This mod is (as far as I know) compatible with all other existing mods.<br><br><br><strong>========= New Map Marker Types</strong><br><br>The mod currently defines the following new map marker types:<br>13: Ayleid Well<br>14: Wayshrine<br>15: Magical Stone<br>16: Spire<br>17: Obelisk of Order<br>18: House<br>19: Player marker (flag)<br>20: Player marker (Q flag)<br>21: Player marker (i flag)<br>22: Player marker (? flag)<br>23: Harbor/dock<br>24: Stable<br>25: Castle<br>26: Farm<br>27: Chapel<br>28: Merchant<br>29: Ayleid Step (old Ayleid ruin icon)<br>30: Shivering Isles gate<br>31: Sewer<br>40: Entered Cave<br>41: Completed Cave<br>42: Entered Ruin<br>43: Completed Ruin<br>44: Entered Fort<br>45: Completed Fort<br>46: Entered Mine<br>47: Completed Mine<br>48: Closed Oblivion Gate<br>49: Cleared Camp<br>50: Closed Obelisk<br>51: Entered Sewer<br>52: Completed Sewer<br><br><br><strong>========= KNOWN ISSUES:</strong><br><br>Player-added markers should NOT be added to special worldspaces, like the Oblivion realm, Henantier's dream world or the Painted World. Those markers will either not show up, or show up, but lead to problems if you try to use them for fast travel. Normal, mod-added worldspaces like Windfall is fine for player-added markers, but if adding a new player-marker to any other worldspace than Tamriel or Shivering Isles, the marker may not show up in your compass until after a save/reload (but is correctly shown on your map).<br><br>Some players have noticed a stutter each time MMO scans the nearby cells for map markers. This part of MMO has been optimized in version 3.9 - it now only scans nearby cells if your effective addDistance is larger than the effective revealDistance or if you have hideNewMarkers and oldMarkerDistance enabled and there are markers currently found, but not placed on the map. Furthermore, if the addDistance and oldMarkerDistance are both 4000 or less, only the adjacent 9 cells are scanned, not the outer ring of 16 cells, so this is a good reason to keep addDistance to 4000 or less. Finally, the worldCheckInterval controls how often this scan is done, a slow setting means less work, but also that you may need to be close to a map marker for some seconds before the intended effect happens.<br><br><br><strong>========= INSTALL:</strong><br><br>The archive is OMOD-ready and BAIN-ready, so installing with OBMM or BAIN is preferred, where you can use omod installation script or BAIN wizard. For manual install, copy the content of "00 Core" and the content of one "01 <name> Icons" folder to your data\ folder. If you have SI, also copy "02 SI additions\Map Marker Overhaul - SI additions.esp" to your data folder.<br><br><br><strong>========= CREDITS:</strong><br><br>* The mod is created by TheNiceOne, but would be impossible to make without the OBSE team who kindly added several new OBSE functions (and modified one existing function) on my request.<br>* Thanks to kyoma for help with icons as menu buttons, and for lots of xml help<br>* Thanks to shadeMe for his excellent ConScribe tool, which helps soo much during debug<br>* Thanks to Phoenix Amon and Wrye for Landmarks with Wells<br>* Thanks to xythen for Elven Map Redux Icons and for Borderless Map Icons<br>* Thanks to Adny for Adny's Map Icons<br>* Thanks to Brumbek for Colored Icons<br>* Thanks to Vacuity for Copper, Iron and Gold+Silver Icons<br>* Thanks to LazMonk for his Obelisks of Order Map Markers which helped me locate them all when I created the SI plugin<br>* Thanks to xbluedragonx for his Map Markers for Explorers and Adventurers which helped me relocate vanilla map markers<br>* Also thanks to Elys for her excellent Map Markers Be Done mod, which was the initial inspiration for Map Marker Overhaul<br><br><br><strong>========= CHANGELOG:</strong><br><br>3.9.3<br>* Rewrote initialization script, to bypass the 5 second delay after first savegame load<br>* Changing hideMapMarkers from 0 to 2 in an ongoing game no longer hides all map markers<br>* Mods that add map markers just after MMO has been initialized will now be hidden if hideMapMarkers is enabled<br>* The script for the hideNewMarkers setting has been rewritten, to not hide markers from the worldmap, if the marker was shown by another script.<br>* Added Reclaiming Sancre Tor compatibility by disabling a Stone marker when RST is active<br>* Ensured that the compass UI distance settings are only applied with HUD Status Bars custom compasses<br>* Changed Fast Travel settings for the Realism settings ini, to allow restricted fast travel with ctrl-left click.<br>* Added BAIN Wizard, written by Metallicow<br><br>3.9.2<br>* Fixed compass UI distance settings when Map Marker Overhaul controls visibility distances<br><br>3.9.1<br>* Added ini setting for max visibility distance (markers in compass) inside the IC with Better Cities<br>* Added a Realism Settings optional ini file, that has all my recommended immersion settings enabled.<br>* Changed default "Add marker" key from "M" to "Insert"<br>* Added some mods' markers to "Map Marker Overhaul - markers.ini"<br><br>3.9<br>* OBSEv20 required!<br>* Added option for player-specific ini files<br>* Rewrote script for detection of map markers, to remove one bug and improve speed<br>* Updated map markers for Open Cities Reborn/Classic<br>* Moves some Doom stone markers (Mage and Dragon) when Unique Landscape mods move them<br>* Added option for default settings in omod installation script<br><br>3.8<br>* Added option to hide quest marker from HUD compass<br>* Enhanced the option for hiding all map markers when starting a new game, to also automatically work for all alternate start mods<br>* Added a feature to read changed map markers for other mods from an ini file, and added this ini file: "Map Marker Overhaul - markers.ini"<br>* Added support for Open Cities Reborn Chorrol castle to the "Map Marker Overhaul - markers.ini" ini file<br>* Tweaked positions of some map markers<br><br>3.7.1<br>* Fixed one instance where Map Marker Overhaul would bloat the savegame with strings<br><br>3.7<br>* Added option to relocate vanilla map markers to be much closer to what they mark<br>* Fixed problem with trying to show unnamed map markers<br>* Improved detection of fast travel used for the fast travel options.<br><br>3.6<br>* Added new immersive marker detection feature<br>* Fixed problem with unreadable text in player marker icon choice menu for colored icons</name></name>