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For Travellers at heart, lovers of exploration and discovery. THE TRAVELLER beautifies what is already present in NMS by redefining the User Experience.
See, feel the worlds of No Man's Sky with greater clarity and purposeful struggle.
For both VR and nonVR.

Installing this mod takes 1 minute! Control-F "MOD Installation".

Permissions and credits
// Learning from those who preceded us .. <3 .. ♫♫ .. Positive change requires disruption

This is a mod to facilitate adventure, journey, struggle, discovery, loneliness, determination...

Expanding on my first mod, The Traveller emphasizes immersion and world-presence through 2 core pathways:

1) high impact UI/UX change gets rid of information that reduces the worlds around you into data points and checklists. Exist in a connected player <-> world.

2) Starship launch systems overhaul makes launching/summoning your ship more challenging. This makes for purposeful journeys when separated from your ship - exploring, gathering resources, searching for buildings. Inspired by NMS at first release, when you couldn't call your ship anywhere you wanted.

Additional features like enhanced Target Sweep and Fusion-powered Rocket Boots empower the player to explore the universe with the minimalist UI.
These technologies and the organic learning curve of exploration without UI comforts develop a deeper, more fulfilling sense of progression.

This mod is 100% focused on facilitating immersion in this universe we love, making exploration more challenging, more interesting, and more fun!!

A lot of care has been put into making sure everything in this mod feels organic and consistent to the universe of No Man's Sky.
You can play the full game with this mod, no functionality is lost. Complete missions and story, play multiplayer, expedition, gather resources, etc. etc.

**All users, it is advised (optional) to dismantle rocket boots before installing this mod. You may want to dismantle Starship launch upgrades as well. I want you to work for these upgrades (the recipes are altered)!
**VR users, it is advised to disable Head Bob in the control settings, if using full body. It will not play nice with the new rocket boots.

You can play on any file or game mode, but my special recommendation is to start a new normal or expedition game with this mod!
...if you start expedition, and suddenly realize you have no idea where your ship is... welcome to the mod ;) don't fret! Find high ground and make note of where you are. Your ship won't be far!
A new normal save is a gentler start for first-timers with this mod, because you'll get a mission marker for your ship.

And remember: with this mod, your ship won't have a marker, but beacons will! Build beacons to keep track of important locations!

There are 4 variations to this mod. 
1. hilightnotes_TheTraveller --The complete experience. Recommended, and what I use.
2. hilightnotes_TheTraveller_WithMarkers --For anyone not quite ready to be rid of certain UI comforts. Keeps interaction labels, icon labels.
3. hilightnotes_TheTraveller_TrainingWheels --New/inexperienced players may want to use this. Keeps interaction labels, icon labels, and tutorial popups.
4. hilightnotes_TheTraveller_NoMarkers_WithHighlight --Alternative for VR players. Minimal UI like the full experience, but keeps the interaction highlight effect.

Go to the Files tab on NexusMods 
(this page) to download one.

There are also 5 standalone derivatives of this mod. Note that some of them have conflicting files if installed separately.
The complete vision of these components is THE TRAVELLER mod, but these are available for standalone use.

1. hilightnotes_AtlasPass --Standalone mod for the reworked AtlasPass Target Sweep upgrade
2. hilightnotes_Hungry_LivingShip --Standalone mod for fueling Living Ship launch system using food
3. hilightnotes_LaunchOverhaul --Standalone mod for Starship Launch Systems overhaul (includes Hungry_Living Ship)
4. hilightnotes_NuclearBoots --Standalone mod for new Fusion-powered Rocket Boots
5. hilightnotes_CleanHUD --Standalone mod for UI/HUD reduction

If you would like some guided tips or if you are confused, check the Strategy Guide Q&A below.


Further reading, 
table of contents:

A. Mod Installation
B. Strategy Guide Q&A
B. List of Changes
D. Compatibility

E. Credits/thanks
F. Support me!


A. MOD Installation

This mod installs the same way as any regular mod for No Man's Sky. It's very simple! Extract the mod to your mod folder. 

If this is your first time installing a mod for No Man's Sky, it takes 1 minute.
 Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your game folders. For me (Steam user), that means I go to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS
2. Delete the file DisableMods.txt
3. In that same folder (PCBANKS), create a new folder for your mods. It can be called whatever you want, I just call it "MODS".
4. Download the mod from the Files tab here on nexusmods. It will download as a zip file. Extract the .pak file contained within the .zip file (I use 7-zip) into the MODS folder you created.
5. All set! (When the game starts you will get a screen that warns you that you are using mods).

Deleting the .pak file fully uninstalls the mod.
You can leave the mod folder you've created.

Sometimes when the game updates, it will recreate the DisableMods.txt. Just delete it again to continue using mods.
Sometimes when the game updates (usually just major updates), the mod will be temporarily incompatible. I update the mod within 1-14 days depending on circumstances, at which point you just replace the old version with the new version to keep using the mod.


B. Strategy Guide Q&A

The minimalist UI, while refreshing, can be a bit of a shellshock! New and inexperienced players in particular may face overwhelming challenge without typical UI information. Here are some tips!

Q: Where's my health gone?
A: Audio cues inform on shield and health status. Don't worry, shield recharges, and you don't take health damage until shield depletes! Your Exosuit will inform you when you are in danger. Listen up!

Q: Uh... where's my ship?
A: No ship marker with this mod. Did you get lost? First thing is to learn to get a sense of your bearings. Utilize high ground to get a good view and establish landmarks. You can also build a beacon to mark a location, like your ship. Beacon markers are still around, and now actually serve a purpose! If you're feeling bold, you can try keeping an eye on your longitude/latitude co-ordinates.
Also, if you lose your ship without launch fuel to summon it, my philosophy is to just keep wandering! Build a signal booster to help you locate buildings. If you find a landing beacon or landing pad you can summon your ship (beacons cost 1 Nav Data, but don't worry you can get one by interacting with one of these things. Every building with a landing beacon has one!
Remember, you can pick Beacons and Signal Boosters up to carry them in your inventory (point at them in-world and hold the 'dismantle' button).

Q: Where's the Space Station?
In the same places as before! Navigate to the Space Station or Nexus using the holographic map on the ship dashboard. The Space Station appears on the map as  a yellow-orange diamond. Line it up with the 'horizon' center of the map and pulse toward it as usual.

Q: I don't know how to charge my launch thrusters. What's atmospheric gas?
A: Atmospheric gas can be found in a variety of places. On most planets, some plants have it as a secondary resource. Scan plants to find out. Other ways to acquire atmospheric gas: Destructible depots, rare floating or rolling plants. Sometimes can be purchased.

Q: Help! I'm stranded!
A: You might find planets that don't have what you need to fuel your launch thrusters. Even with this mod it's almost impossible to get truly stranded though (I think it might be possible only at the very beginning of the game, if you land on an 'impossible' planet without yet having visited a space station). Here's some ways to get yourself out of a pickle:
- Find a building with a landing beacon or landing pad (build a signal booster to help). Your ship doesn't need fuel to be summoned to, or take off from, one.
- If there's no buildings and all hope seems lost, build a base with a teleporter and whisk yourself off to another planet or space station!
- I don't expect this to happen, but if you are ever truly, irreversibly stranded, don't panic. You may be 100% immersed but as a last resort you can always remove the mod and get yourself off the planet. (And then reinstall the mod, I hope!). I am interested to know if you get irreversibly stranded, shoot me a message.

Q: I'm trying to complete this mission but it doesn't tell me the mission details in the Log. How do I find out what to do?
A: Detailed mission info is contained in your binoculars (analysis visor)!

Q: My mine beam is always overheating. Am I doing something wrong?
A: Your mining beam will start to overheat as you use it without pausing. Pausing for a brief moment will cool it quite a bit. You can see how hot your mining beam is getting by looking at the colour of the laser! Get to know the colours and you'll get to know when your mining beam is about to overheat.

Q: How do I know when my weather protection is running low?
A: When at risk of exposure, in your binoculars (analysis visor) it will show exactly how long is left before exposure. You can also listen to your Exosuit, which will speak to you to let you know of draining life support, shield, or hazard protection.

Q: What if I die? Is it scary?
A: Not really, you get to read a fun quote! If you die you can make your way back to your grave, which will be marked with an icon, allowing you to retrieve your items. (This is not medical advice).

Q: How do I find out what's on a planet?
A: Go to it! (When you're on a planet, your binocs (analysis visor) show detailed info about the planet you're on. You can also poke around your discovery menu if you've already been to the planet.

Q: I researched the AtlasPass 1 but I can't build it. How do I use it?
A: AtlasPass 1 and 2 aren't items to be built. They are signal databases that you can sync to your Exosuit Target Sweep functionality to locate certain objects. To sync the AtlasPass to your Exosuit, open the game menu and navigate to the "Catalogue" tab. Go to "Constructed Technology" and select AtlasPass 1 or 2. This will 'pin' it, syncing it to your Exosuit. Whenever it locks onto an object, if you open your binoculars it will open straight to the Target Sweep page. So no need to guess whether it's found something! If it opens up to your regular analysis visor then it hasn't picked anything up.

Q: Why are rocket boots so hard to build? I can't make any of these parts!?
A: Rocket boots are the pinnacle upgrade technology, few Travellers even know what they do let alone experienced it for themselves. You can unlock blueprints for the required parts at secure Manufacturing Facilities. Keep on your journey Traveller, you'll get there!

Q: I heard something about different ships having different launch requirements. Is that true?
A: Different types of ships use different amounts of fuel to take off. Haulers (the big ones) use the most, then fighters. Explorers and shuttles are more lightweight and efficient. Launching an Exotic ship is smooth as butter. Living Ships... that's a whole other story!

Q: Why can't I use fuel canisters to fuel my ship anymore?
A: The Galactic Federation calculated universe-wide ecological collapse some billion years into the future and thoughtfully took proactive action (yeah, I'm jealous too), banning all disposable fuel canisters. What do you think happens to those things once they're empty? You keep making new ones, don't you? It is for this reason that the new launch thrusters were developed. The compressed gas sits directly in a permanent chamber that converts it into fuel. No need for any disposable canisters!
If you're feeling especially bold, pop a thermic condensate into the chamber for peak efficiency.

Q: I found a Ruin but there's nothing there except some half-buried structures. What's going on? Someone told me I'd score a valuable artifact.
A: Without a signal database that can locate subterranean objects, your only shot is to dig, dig, dig. I'd look into researching those AtlasPasses!

Q: How do I find buildings? I don't see many building icons while exploring..?
A: "Unknown building" markers have been removed, so you won't see them off in the distance as you wander. Sometimes you'll still be bumping into buildings at every twist and turn, while other times you might wander for ages with no sign of permanent shelter. To find buildings more reliably, you can build a signal booster, exchange Nav Data for planetary charts, or go the old fashioned route and seek out high ground for an effective lookout.

Q: I'm staring at this building icon. Staring. Staring... it's not telling me how far away it is anymore?
A: Marker labels are removed in the recommended version of The Traveller! It is up to you to ascertain how far the marker is and make your own judgements. While this may feel difficult or frustrating at first, like anything it is a skill/judgement that can be developed, with its own rewarding learning curve. That said, if you find it demoralizing or unfun, try out TheTraveller_WithMarkers instead!

Q: Why can't I interact with anything anymore?
A: You can! But the labels telling you that you can are removed. You may have grown accustomed to 'instructed interaction', after years of being taught to see the universe through data points and checklists. Some things you might not even know you can interact with, but you can. There's no rush to adjust or learn everything, most important is that you have a drive to keep going. If that's no longer the case and you're feeling paralyzed or depressed, sounds like its time for some serious change... if possible under whatever circumstances you face. 
What were we talking about again? Oh right, you can always change to TheTraveller_WithMarkers, which will bring interaction labels and other in-world labels back.


B. List of Changes:

"Discovery is fun, yes?" - Specialist Polo
Consider skipping the patch notes and jumping right in! :) Or watch the overview video, which... gives an overview! Without nitty gritty details.

Patch Notes, v1.0 
(It is likely that a few changes are missing from this list, but it is pretty comprehensive!)
Great care has been taken to incorporate all changes into the NMS universe in an organic, world-cohesive manner.


- HUD removal:
- Hazard (found in binoculars)
- Jetpack/stamina/scan status (jetpack and scan status added to binoculars)
- Mission info (reconfigured for binoculars)
- Multi-tool status
- Health/shield status
- Wanted level status
- Arrow markers (navigation arrows, danger arrows)
- 'On-your-face' fullscreen hazard effects
- VR compass (nonVR compass remains)
- Icon/label/popup removal (Most in-world icons/labels/popups that aren't truly vital to playing the full breadth of No Man's Sky are removed):
- Interaction labels (info about fauna/flora can still be seen through binoculars!) //kept in TrainingWheels and WithMarkers
- Icon labels that showed POI name/distance (use your own judgement!) //kept in TrainingWheels and WithMarkers
- Pop-up labels (the ones that usual give tutorial info) //kept in TrainingWheels
- If using TrainingWheels or WithMarkers, labels are repositioned to keep aesthetic cohesion even when the icon for the labelled object is removed.
- Ship and base icons (only applies to your bases. Other players' bases will still have icons!)
- Space Station, Nexus, Atlas Station icons (navigate to them using the holographic map in your Starship)
- Planet labels (planet name/discoverer can be seen on your left ship screen)
- Creature icons (unscanned creatures will still have a minimalist pulsating circle)
- Creature mood icons
- Pet icon (view pet mood/info through binoculars)
- Trade-lines and lines that go from the ground to an icon (shelter-searching planetary maps can locate trading posts)
(- Galaxy map lines are removed as an unideal side effect, you'll have to look around the galaxy map to find any mission markers)
- Rare resource icons (rare resources have increased selling value)
- Harvestable plant icons (you can now pin them to find with Target Sweep)
- Cargo drop icons
- Sentinel icons
- Hazardous plant icons
- Unknown building icons (buildings will receive an icon when you see them through binocs, or as usual through signal boosters/maps/missions)
- Various buried treasure icons (discoverable with AtlasPass v1 Target Sweep enhancement)
- Crashed freighter cargo icons (discoverable with AtlasPass v1 Target Sweep enhancement)
- Icons that are still present are smaller
- Buried objects that are not located by AtlasPass v1 or v2 have icons still, but they only appear when very close-by
- Journey Milestone messages stay on screen for less time
- Text chat messages stay on screen for less time
- Take-off fuel message (keep track of fuel use in inventory/quickmenu)
- Ship weapons overheat message is present but less intrusive
- Icons situate directly above the objects they represent
- Possibly more things I can't remember right now..!
- Pulsing inventory slot hint visual significantly reduced in situations when an item is pinned
- Binocular visuals cleaned up a little
- Removes ground decal indicating blast zone for meteors
- Brighter light flashes in spaceship when taking damage, firing, or receiving comms
- Removes 'space metric lines', the ruler-like lines that appear when pulsing (mod credit: Lo2k)
- In VR, hand menu positions have been moved, and the hologram now fully hides when not looking at it
- In VR, hand menus no longer have solid background, improving holographic aesthetic
- In VR, the loading screen galaxy labels aren't clipped.
- In VR, removes highlight effect when approaching an object (mod credit: Mijstral) //kept in NoMarkers_WithHighlights
- In VR, removes out of play area warning
- In VR, 'unknown input' icon has been changed from a big yellow exclamation mark to a more aesthetically pleasing icon

- Starship Launch Systems are overhauled:
- Fuel with Radon, Nitrogen, Sulphurine. Or fuel with Thermic condensate to fully charge with one item
- Different class starships use different amounts of fuel. Exotics < Shuttles, Explorers < Fighters < Haulers
- Living Ships can still be charged with Oxygen, but with much less efficiency. Feed Living Ships to efficiently fuel them
- Feed Living Ships Larval Core, Hypnotic Eyes, or any Abyssal/Stellar/Anomalous foods
- Fuel Canisters are no longer functional, with appropriately changed name/description
- Launch Efficiency Upgrade tech is rarer, S class, more costly to build, higher value, adjusted stats
- Launch Solar Charging Upgrade tech is rarer, S class, more costly to build, higher value, adjusted stats
- Target Sweep enhanced with AtlasPass overhaul:
- AtlasPass v1 and v2 are now specialised signal databases that sync to your Target Sweep
- Pin AtlasPass v1 to locate nearby subterranean objects
- Pin AtlasPass v2 to locate nearby phenomena
- AtlasPass v1 and v2 can no longer be crafted (use them by pinning from the Catalogue under Constructed Technology)
- AtlasPass v1 and v2 descriptions are appropriately changed
- Locked barrels now require AtlasPass v3 instead of AtlasPass v1 (AtlasPass v3 can still be crafted, retains original functionality)
- Target sweep now 'sweeps' in a full radius around the player
- Target Sweep continues displaying distance from object up to 30u instead of 50u
- Harvestable plants can now be pinned to locate them with Target Sweep
- Rocket Boots are overhauled:
- New functionality
- New stat bonuses
- New recipe cost
- Appropriately labelled as S class
- No longer trigger automatically when 'climbing' or holding down jetpack button as you touch the ground from air
- Fixed stat name for a previously unused stat that was mislabelled in game files
- Significantly increased fall speed potential
- Mid-air refill very slightly increased (when mid-air refill tech is installed)
- Jetpack is faster and more responsive, drains faster
- Walking and sprinting are a little slower, uses less stamina and stamina recharges faster
- Increased damage taken from high impact falls
- Increased damage taken from creatures
- Large creatures have a little more health
- Creatures will be more in your face and knock you back when they attack you
- Creatures can sleep
- Sandworms stay active much longer and up to a greater distance from player. Track and chase sandworms if you have the means..!
- Selling value of some rare items have been rebalanced to reward their discovery without the help of icons
- Rewards from freighter cargo have been rebalanced to reward the increased effort of finding them with Target Sweep
- Removed advanced mining laser requirement from rolling plant life
- Minor changes to new game 'known technology', to provide basic tools for planet exploration like Beacons and Signal Boosters that are important without icons present, and to minimize/prevent situations of becoming impossibly stranded in the very early game
- Ships can roll a little faster

Quality of Life
- Loading star field moves slowly
- Hold to confirm is 1.2 seconds instead of 1.6 seconds
- Items can now be pinned from the Catalogue before completing the tutorial
- Melee range reduced (relevant to VR, where it is overpowered and also easy to accidentally kill creatures you want to feed)
- Jetpack no longer pollutes! Smoke effect removed (better for VR. And I think nonVR players will not miss it, or even prefer its removal)
- In VR, reset position is instant
- In VR, you can still holster/unholster your weapon even if you walk around your play space
- In VR, the point at which full body transitions to hands only (when moving outside play space) is tightened for a more seamless transition
- In VR, if you use teleportation movement you will be recentered around your current position in your play space each time you teleport
- In VR, you can drag-scroll through the quickmenu
- In VR, minor changes to quickmenu sensitivity
- In VR, leaning is enabled (character model will follow your physical body if you lean, to a limited degree)
- In VR, using the reload button on your multi-tool will reload your weapon faster than reloading automatically with an empty clip
- In VR, galactic map usability is improved

Known issues/bugs
- Pinning objects like harvestable plants results in a mission that checks inventory and autocompletes if you have one already.
- While AtlasPasses are pinned, there will be a gently highlighted slot in the inventory
- If you ever get COMPLETELY stranded (I think it may be possible at the very beginning of the game before you've gone to a space station), you can always remove the mod as a last resort. See Q: Help! I'm stranded! in the Strategy Guide below for tips on getting off a planet with no fuel.

Remember this mod is non-destructive, and can be removed at any time with no consequence. I don't expect issues/bugs but please let me know if you encounter any.


D. Compatibility

When you have multiple mods editing the same files, they will conflict. You can run a compatibility check against any other mods you're using by downloading AMUMSS, following the setup, and running the BUILDMOD WindowsBatchFile. Just press 'y' on your keyboard when it prompts to check for any conflicts in your mods folder.

If you're feeling brave you can also learn how to merge mods.

This mod edits a lot of files. Listed below are most, but not all, the edited files. I will clean this up/improve this list over the next week.


This mod should work smoothly! Please let me know if you run into any issues.
Please feel free to let me know if there is something about the mod you would like changed or improved.

This is a list of mods I currently use, none of which conflict:
Asteroid Fields
No DOF Blur
No Flying Pollens
No Glowing Plants
No Red Landing Arrows
No Ship Speed Effect - Almost
No Space Dust, No Space Plasma

Much love to Lo2k who made every one of those mods.


E. Credits/thanks

Big thanks to the NMS modding community for the tools they've created to make modding more accessible. Thanks also to the "No Man's Sky Modding" Discord community, where I was able to ask questions to help me figure some things out.

Special thanks:

Lo2k. I adapted their mod,, to remove a few space icons, as well as using their blank texture to help me remove other textures. I also included their "No Space Metric Lines" mod in my UltramersionPLUS mod variation.
Mijstral. I included their wonderful mod that removes the 'VR highlight' effect when looking at objects.
Devilin Pixy. Provided big help removing the HUD arrow icons that track buildings outside of your vision.


F. Support me!

If you like this mod and feel like being awesome, send a little my way!
Venmo: @Noam-Bergman

Also supports my ongoing creative work at