Fallout New Vegas
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Attaches Pip-Boy light to the... Pip-Boy making it able to move alongside with player animations.

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In vanilla, Pip-Boy light is statically attached to player's root node - it moves with the player, but not with their animations.
This mod changes that - the light is now mounted to the Pip-Boy, making it animatable.
There's one small quirk when unholstering/holstering the weapon in 1st person due to how animations are handled - player "Naruto runs" when holstered, so I had to work around that by reattaching the light to the 3rd person arm in that case - otherwise the light would be behind you. Because of that, there's a slight jump when the light switches places.

Could be incompatible with some Pip-Boy mods or mods using its light spell somehow. Idk, haven't checked, I don't use any.

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